banner aves


Please do not repost or use as avs/banners/fanfic art/ whatever those two images from above

First one because only Kabuki Akuma may use it, and everyone else can’t XP
Second because only I use it, thus no one else can XP Feel free to reblog both as many times as you wish, but do not repost.

Please do not repost images hidden under preview/‘read more’ too, especially on instagram or fb, just any other websites as well. Those are no big deal, child’s play even not nsfw, but I can assure you that my agent would recognise the style from 1000 miles. Those images are reblogable, but please keep them on tumblr only.

Also, my instagram account is @candyfoxrocks, pls credit the ig account if you’re reposting smth on Instagram (xcept the above mentioned pics), or better share from the original account