Look, allow me to clarify one thing: the International Paralympic Committee just banned Russia from the 2016 Paralympic Games for repeated doping violations. It was most definitely NOT because we tried to put rockets on the wheelchairs of our Paralympic wheelchair racing athletes.


We’ve got white-collar people trying to grab our style
Saying we’re too nasty and we’re 2 Live
Corrupted politicians playing games
Bringing us down to boost their fame
They must be joking thinking we will fall
But they’re like flies movin’ the wall
We stand tall from beginning to end
With the help from fans and all our friends
Freedom of speech will never die
For us to help, our ancestors died
Don’t keep thinking that we will quit
We’ll always stand and never sit
We’re 2 live, 2 black, 2 strong
Doing the right thing, and not the wrong
So listen up, y'all, to what we say
We won’t be banned in the U.S.A.!

The First Amendment gave us freedom of speech
So what you sayin’? It didn’t include me?
I like to party and have a good time
There’s nothin’ but pleasure written in our rhyme
I know you don’t think we’ll ever quit
We’ve got some people on our side who won’t take your lip
We’re gonna do all the things we wanna do
You can’t stand to see a brother get as rich as you
This is the 90s and we’re conin’ on strong
Sayin’ things and doin’ things that you’re sayin’s wrong
Wisen up, ‘cause on Election Day,
We’ll see who’s banned in the U.S.A.!
Hogy van pofájuk ennyiért idejönni ezeknek a világsztároknak? - 444
Mi, magyarok meg nyugodtan dögöljünk éhen, mi? Hát köszönöm szépen, én ebből nem kérek.
By Herczeg Márk

Vannak néha ezek az írások a 444-en, amelyek őszintén olyan elszomorítóak és bosszantóak, hogy szavaim sincsenek rá. 

Nyilván @szarazene​ részben épít is az ilyen “újkommerek” felháborodására, mint aki én is vagyok - de annyi minden mással is lehetne bosszantani az újkommereket, sőt kifigurázni másokat, miért hát, hogy mindig az anyagi depriváltság a nevetség tárgya? Miért?

Nyilván sokféle derpegés volt a Rihanna kapcsán, ami röhejes, meg álszent, meg magában ki is nevetheti az ember az ilyen megnyilvánulásokat, de hé: azon kiakadni, hogy valaki 1 millió dollárt keres egy este alatt, ráadásul még azt a minimál színvonalat sem képes biztosítani, amit egyébként nyilvánvalóan bárhol az USA-ban hozna, mert nem tehetné meg, hogy ne hozzon - szóval ezen felháborodni, kiakadni, tök jogos. 

Felesleges dolog, meg nyilván megváltoztatni sem lehet, de attól én még örülök annak, ha az ilyen elképesztő mihasznaságok kapcsán van aki még képes felháborodni - mert ez egy őrület, na. 

Röhögjünk a VIP jegyet elváró, a PRESS jegyeket járandóságnak tekintő “eliten”, akik számonkérően képesek emiatt még a Sziget FB oldalára is beírni - na, az valóban szánalmas, az valóban ciki! 

De havi nettó 100 környéki (vagy jóval azalatti) fizuval keserűnek lenni amiatt, hogy vannak olyan kulturális szolgáltatások, amelyeket soha nem fognak tudni ezek az emberek elérni, sőt méginkább amiatt felidegesedni, hogy igen, vannak akiknek megfeszülniük sem kell és egyetlen óra alatt keresnek annyit, amennyiből egész települések tudnak elműködni, nos, az tök oké. 

Dear Tumblr

@staff 1. There is a lot of blogs out there dedicated to spreading lies (anti kink crowd) and/or promoting dangerous (possibly lethal) behavior (pro Ana and pro Mia community). I know you go off of a user reported community, but there should be some sort of “mod approval” or mandatory wait time for black listed tags or something of the sort. Before you scream “freedom of speech” at me, that only applies if you’re not intentionally causing other people harm.
1b. Since yahoo bought you, you’re under the jurisdiction of the USA. meaning, you should totally ban flat out illegal things like beastiality blogs, necrophilia, etc. Facebook has (to an extent) photo recognition software. Tumblr NEEDS something similar.
1c. If a photo is graphic in nature (sex, violence, depicting suicidal images, etc.) uploaders should have the option to toggle an option “warning image is graphic in nature” so unsuspecting folks don’t suddenly see full blown porn style sex on their wall.
1d. Minors (federal usa states a minor is 17 and under) should not be able to view NSFW tagged blogs (where blog owners toggle adult blog in their options) or their uploaded content under any circumstances. Tumblr, you’re risking legal trouble with the way this is set up now.
1e. Punish users, even if it’s only a soft ban (aka can’t post for X hours/days) who put graphic adult themed photos (nudity, sex, etc.) in tags considered “safe for work”.
2. Your “block” system is fucking awful. If I block someone (or they block me), we should turn totally invisible to the person. This does NOT happen.
3. Tumblr savior is nice, but it’s a 3rd party app modifying tumblr. We should already have the option to blacklist tags or posts containing certain phrases. Why this isn’t a feature already I haven’t a clue.
4. Please make the app fully functional without the need to bring up a browser version. I want to be able to tick on SSL , asks, submissions, flag my of as an adult blog, etc. From the app and app alone. I shouldn’t have to open up a browser tab for this.
5. You need to make it explicitly clear what you consider adult content for the sex workers and adult industry workers here on tumblr. Vague terms of service in this area makes working as an adult industry person a nightmare when navigating through the legality issues of their services being hosted on different websites.
6. You need to find a way to fix cross tagging issue. You need to find a way to stop unrelated tags to images (like the term kitten play and someone posts a photo of a cat to that tag even though it’s a bdsm term).

Azealia Banks Calls Out Institutionalized Racism

Problematic rapper Azealia Banks can be a mess. However, sometimes she has moments of clarity and actually says something that’s true.

Recently, she posed a photo on Instagram of a quote from another user. The photo said: “Azealia Banks can call a white skinned boy sand n***er and get banned from events and off Twitter. Miss Teen USA can call a bunch of of dark skinned/melanated people ni***rs and still keep her crown and her Twitter. This is a system against dark people.”

She’s referencing the recent scandal that struck Miss Teen USA, Karlie Hay after an old Twitter account of hers surfaced where she used the n-word profusely.

Is there a double standard against black people?

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Yes I'm commenting on what Ryan Lochte did

I’m not extending myself but I can say what he did was outrageous and disgusting. He doesn’t even know Brazil and just because of the stereotype that Rio is a violent city (yes it is I’m not denying that) just for personal purposes. I really think he should be banned from the USA Olympic committee because that’s just a really really really unethical thing to do besides being a crime here (I don’t know the criminal code on the US but I really think reporting a crime that never took place isn’t something that passes through as “just a mistake” and unpunished).
Just because he’s an Olympic athlete and a straight white rich male that comes from a first world country it doesn’t mean he can “use” of the sociopolitical condition of another country to his own personal purposes. That’s a really shitty thing to do.

anonymous asked:

china has banned kpop (atleast for now) from the mainland because of some agreements usa and sk did that's why they're being blurred and cut out from everything

Oh yeah, I’ve heard about that usa/sk agreements. I see. Thanks for the information! So bad, I wanted to see iKON performing GD’s song :( 

The whole idea of respect the rules of the country when it comes to religion baffles me . Bc for example when u go to Saudi u must cover from head to toe bc that’s their rules and u have to respect them right? But if tmrw USA decided to make a rule banning hijab would those rules have to be respected too? I know damn well we’d be the first to cry islamaphobia .

Here's how music can give athletes a competitive edge

(REUTERS/Damir Sagolj)
It’s no shock that everyone gets hyped up when music starts blasting out of the speakers at a major athletic event. The crowd goes wild, energy flows across the venue, and athletes feel an extra surge of preparedness when the sound hits them. 

This became so noticeable that in 2007, USA Track and Field banned athletes from using headphones during competition in order “to prevent runners from having a competitive edge." 

But, exactly how does music help athletes get psyched up for their event?

Researchers from Georgia Southern University set out to answer this question. First, they looked at previous studies, noting that music has been shown to divert attention away from feelings of fatigue, stimulate enhanced performance, lower feelings of anger and depression, and quicken movements (when there’s a speedy beat). Athletes who competed in sports like figure skating, meanwhile, could reach optimal performance by listening to music with a slower tempo. 

The researchers measured how music affected seven Division I collegiate athletes participating in soccer, football, and tennis. They watched the athletes perform with and without music, and noticed that music controlled arousal levels before and after competition and helped athletes mentally prepare before competing. It also seemed to helped them control their moods and create a sense of camaraderie during athletic competition.

These observations were based on just seven athletes, but other studies have come to similar conclusions.

One small study by researchers at Brunel University revealed that music can enhance endurance by 15%. When competing at any level, but especially at the pinnacle of a sport, even a 15% increase in performance can be the difference between victory and loss. 

So it turns out that what just seems like a fun crowd-pleaser can actually make a difference in how the athletes competing at an event perform.

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