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Kpop Boy GROUPS in 10 Years

BTS: After giving two years worth of paychecks to Namjoon, Taehyung gets a slot on Cypher pt.14. It becomes their lowest selling single, but BTS doesn’t notice as they are too busy trying to cover up the fact that Suga’s soul departed 8 years ago and they’ve been using his corpse as a puppet to still milk Army dry. 

Exo: Kyungsoo quit to become an actor after getting tired of grinding canes. Suho left to go “find himself” in the Bahamas, and Baekhyun currently leads the remaining members as they perform the Chinese version of “Wolf” at Norwegian birthday parties for pay.

Got7: Currently only has 6 members. BamBam was kicked out in 2017 after pulling down his pants and playing “helicopter” at a fan meet. Currently tours with Jay Park while Got6 has 23 reality shows and 14 movies under their belts.

NCT: Johnny resigns to become a DJ after debuting only once. Haechan is jailed after it was discovered he had been slowly poisoning Mark for years. WinWin tries to leave SM, but is offered a solo career under Yixing’s company. Cracks immediately under the pressure of singing more than 2 words.

Day6: After pleading with JYP for years, finally get to have all of their social media accounts back. Jae immediately begins posting pics of Chihuahuas in taco costumes while Sungjin and Young K start a new petition to stop including the word “day” in all of their album titles.

Infinite: Sunggyu never came back from the war. Woohyun is pretty sure he’s actually just hiding in the basement. The fairies came to reclaim Sungjong to their magical kingdom, and Dongwoo asked them to give him a ride to Africa on their way.

Big Bang: Somehow GD has 5 kids by 6 different women. Taeyang opened a gym. Top moved into a museum. Seungri is a happily married soccer dad, and Daesung disappeared in Japan with 3 geishas and a bottle of soju 4 years ago.

Super Junior: Henry and Kyuhyun perform at Karaoke Taco Tuesdays every week, while Leeteuk and Siwon try to get everyone to come together for one last concert that Heechul refuses to attend, because that’s his dogs special grooming day.

Block B: Will leave Seven Seasons and start their own company with Zico as CEO. P.O. has been revealed to have had a secret wife and child in Brazil for the last 8 years and Taeil will have to resort to tattooing his eyeballs from lack of skin space.

Vixx: 4 of the members married fans while Hyuk and Hongbin enjoy the crazy bachelor life. Still continues to do deep concepts and just wrapped up their video where they portray vulnerable, voodoo veterans from Vermont.

Monsta X: banned from Korea after performing naked in hopes of a number 1. Comes back with cute concept through Youtube and gets an all kill. not allowed in Korea to accept award. Award goes to Seventeen instead.

Ikon: hasn’t made a comeback in 9 years. Everyone has had 4 solo projects. Bobby and B.I. moved into Seungri’s abandoned man cave and are refusing to come out until they get a clothing line and matching miniature poodles.

Astro: After a dramatic image change after all becoming adults, Rocky is now modeling for Calvin Klein, Sanha has his own line of hair products, and they all just released a sensual love album called “Baby Let Me Rocket All Night”.

Seventeen: After teasing Carats for 10 years, finally does a dark concept but 11 of the 13 members are in the military so it’s just Jun and Minghao tap dancing in leather jackets while whistling “Mansae” in a warehouse.

B.A.P: Jongup and Yongguk and Himchan promoting together as a hip-hop group called BangHimUp, while Daehyun and Youngjae make a living off of soundtrack singles. All decide on a whim to dye their hair straight blonde again and all of Zelo’s falls out in the first 5 minutes.

Knk: First male group to be the spokesperson for a stiletto company. Has 3 albums devoted to the best of their ballads. No longer allowed on ASC ever since the “incident” and Seungjun and Jihun being forced to live in separate cities after the rumors become far too great.

SHINee: Everyone has split up for their own solo careers, but still come together for dinner every night. Minho is currently homeless after betting his house in an intense Monopoly battle with Key. Planning a reunion tour where the truth will finally be revealed about Jongtae.

Up10tion: Rebel after their 53rd comeback in 10 years. Tie Andy up and hold him for ransom until he agrees to let them rest and never perm their poor hair again.

Romeo: Decided to change their name to something that would bring them up on Google. Now debuting as “Hamlet” they continue to do cute concepts even though they’re almost over the hill and have mortgages and light bills.

24K: Has found global fame after creating the world’s first rational storyline….realizes most of the fame came because everyone was googling Bruno Mars. Accepts fame anyway.

Winner: Reunites again with Namtae. Quits YG after leaving a steaming pile of dog poop on his desk. Produces music that heals and restores all of our broken souls.

My favorite thing about Jongups solo stages that are coming upis the thought of all the new fans that are going to come in here for mister Put Your Body On Mine and think he’s some sexy B.A.P Ravi but then realize he’s actually 

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And you know what…. bless

011 / 101 kisses

011; sensual not sexual
♡ optional bias (second person)
xwhen you moan into a kiss and he can’t help but smirk 

“where are the others?” you asked as you slipped your hand out of his after you both entered the empty practice room.

“i haven’t showed them yet. i was just so excited to show you first.”

“i just finished mixing the final track this morning,” you laughed, “how do you already have the choreo for it already?”

“i only have the first bridge and chorus down. i wanted to show you before you got wrapped up with recordings for the rest of the afternoon and night.”

“okay, okay. show me what you’ve got.”

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Comedian Harmonists - In der Bar zum Krokodil

The Comedian Harmonists were a vocal sextet from Berlin, who were very popular in the final years of the Weimar Republic. Their precise singing and cheeky lyrics perfectly hit the taste of the time. Many of their songs still enjoy a certain popularity such as “Mein kleiner, grüner Kaktus” (“My little green cactus”), and some of the lines have become standing expressions, for instance “Veronika, der Lenz ist da” (”Veronica, spring is here").

After the Nazis took power, the group was allowed to continue performing due to their great success although three of the members were Jewish. In 1934, however, they were banned from performing in Germany. They went on a world tour and enjoyed success in the USA, where they performed on an aircraft carrier in New York, had 30 appearances in radio shows, and joined with Paul Whiteman and the Boswell Singers. Other stations were Denmark, Norway, and Italy.

Upon their return in February 1935, the three Jewish members of the group were prohibited to perform and record together with the “Aryan” members, essentially splitting the ensemble. The non-Jewish members continued with three more singers in Germany as the Meistersextett. The Jewish members went into exile and formed the Comedy Harmonists in Vienna. Both groups never achieved the quality of the original, never enjoyed comparable popularity, and split in 1941.

After the war, a new Comedian Harmonists was founded by former Jewish members in the USA, but split after a few unsuccessful years. Likewise, a Comedian Quartett did not flourish in West Germany. The singers, who all survived the war, never performed together again. All that remains are their recordings and their legendary reputation.

Pauline Winston for @blurrypxls‘s Perry Goth MMBC

Pauline was born to be a star, and she has no problem letting everyone around her know it. Some may say she’s arrogant, but she prefers the term confident. After a couple hit singles (she can sing a few lines from ‘Pretty Plumbbob’ if you don’t remember) and quite a few scandals along the way (she’s banned from ever performing in Bridgeport, but who even cares about that town right?), Pauline has found herself alone without anyone to turn to. Maybe a special someone will come along and open up that heart of gold inside her?

  • Only CC is hair, skin, eyes, and makeup (lips & eyeliner).
  • Traits are Star Quality, Dramatic, Virtuoso, Perfectionist, & Diva. Feel free to change any of these if you need to!
  • Hope you enjoy her! ^o^ Thanks again for letting me join. if you need anything else just let me know!

Private download (until she gets murdered or reaches the end of the MMBC)

Let me tell you why I love Billy Idol as much as I do, and why he has become the personal symbol of All That Is Good & Will Be Good - and also the personal Ass Kicker when I need good kicking.

When Idol was a child, he knew he wanted to be a singer and play guitar. He wanted to be a rock star - it was clear as a day! However, his parents were against the idea of their son playing a guitar. “If you want to play something, you’re going to play a violin and that’s final,” they said. So, he had to go to the violin lessons.

Around age 8-9 he managed to get 5£’s acoustic guitar, which he hid from his parents, and started to make his own songs. He loved to write and be creative, but at school things didn’t go that well. He was a smart kid and school felt boring - he rather wanted to read, create, write, sing and play than do math (which he was lousy at).  

In his teenager years punk movement was born in London. Idol heard punk bands and thought “This is it! I love this! This is the music I want to do, this has the freedom and attitude that speaks to my soul!” But punk was hated in London. Oh hated so very much. It wasn’t good idea at all to go to punk scene if you wanted to be a successful artist, but Idol didn’t care. He loved punk and knew what he wanted. 

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When he finally managed to form his first own band in his teenager years, dislike for punk had grown more. His father stopped talking to him for years, because he was so disappointed with his son. When his band performed, audience threw all kind of shit on him. But Idol stood there and performed without blinking an eye. He was “I love to perform, I love this, I love my music and I don’t care a shit if you dislike it. I’m not moving anywhere from this stage and I’ll quit only when I’m finished with my performance.”

Later he got to university to study music. The uni was full of higher class’s jazzy kids, completely different from Idol. He had no friends as everyone just stared him down; “Ugh, there goes that freak again, did you know he listens to those shitty bands… Look at his style, so gross, what does he even do here?” But Idol kept listening his fave bands, dressing as he liked and continued his studies, despite he told later it hurt his feelings when people left him out and he didn’t fit in at all.

By the time his first band was doing fine, hate for punk had gotten so bad all places forbid punk bands from performing in their facilities. There was literally no place for Idol to perform anymore and to continue his path towards the dream of being a performing artist. He said “Fuck it” and arranged with his punk friend a place for punk bands to perform. 

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Soon after that Idol started to feel that he should go for a solo career, because the band was restricting him from expressing himself as freely as he wanted to. He wanted to make HIS kind of a music, create FREELY what inspired him. People were very against this idea; “You aren’t a solo artist, you can write music, you can’t make it on your own. Just forget it, you can’t do it, you aren’t good enough.”

But he didn’t listen to that. He left the band and made his first solo album in early 20′s, and created the alter ego Billy Idol for himself. 

When the first album was doing pretty fine, Idol thought how London and Europe were too small. “I want to go to USA, I want to become a successful solo artist there with my music, with my punk sound and personality.” AGAIN everyone was against it, all odds were against it. The Europe’s most successful punk bands had gone to USA and came back completely failed - what could this just brand new almost never-heard solo artist Billy Idol do? “You’ll be wasting your time, USA isn’t ready for punk, you will come back home crying, don’t waste your breath, don’t even dream about it because you can achieve it,” the odds told him.

Nevertheless, the took his back bag and left to USA. There everyone said the same thing; “Listen kid, your music is shit. No one likes punk here. No radio station will ever play any of your songs. No record studio will ever take you in. You are a Britt and you sing with wrong accent - you will not make it. And your personal style is hideous, you dress like a bag of shit and your white, messy hair is revolting. No one will ever come to see artist as ugly as you.”

Idol thought only “Okay, if learning to sing with American accent will help my career, I’ll do it - but I won’t change my music or my style. I am who I am, I do what I love and that’s it. I will be successful as my own self.”

And he did it. He did become successful. His white ugly hair became his brand trademark - 40′s later he still has it! He became one of the male sex symbols of the 1980′s. He never double guessed could he make it or not. He refused to sell his soul, his voice, his inner being - his heart’s true calling - under any pressure, under any odds. He knew what he wanted and did it. 

Idol at age of 8  = “I want to play guitar and become a singer”
World = “We are your parents and we say you can’t. Here’s violin for you.”
Idol = Gets the guitar anyway behind his parents’ backs and starts making music.

Idol at early teenager years = “I want to create, sing and write. I have an electric guitar now.”
World = “You are bad at school, forget your stupid dream of singing, you will not make it.”
Idol = Continues making music and playing guitar.

Idol at teenager years = “I love punk! I want to do punk music. It has everything that I hold important to myself.”
World = “Whole London hates punk bands, we will literally throw shit on you when you perform with your band, all punk bands will be banned from performing, punk is a bad choice”.
Idol = Continues to love punk and get inspired by it, aspiring to be a punk artist.

Idol at university = “I’m studying music so I can become a performing artist.”
World = “Pretty much everyone at this uni hates you, you are a freak, you don’t fit in because you like wrong bands, wrong music styles and you dress in a wrong way. Your white hair is horrible.”
Idol = Continues his music studies, keeps listening his fave bands and dressing as he likes. Keeps the white hair. 

Idol with his own band = “This is nice, but I want to make my kind of a music. I need more freedom. I’m going to solo career.”
World = “You aren’t and will never be a solo artist, you can’t write or compose, you can’t make your own songs, forget this stupid nonsense and stay in the band.”
Idol = Goes after a solo career.

Idol, after becoming a solo artist known as Billy Idol = “I want to go to America and become successful there!”
World = “Everyone in USA hates punk, you are no one, the Europe’s most successful punk bands have failed miserably in USA, you are nothing.”
Idol = Goes to USA.

Idol, after landing to USA = “I will go to show my album to different music moguls, because here I am!”
World = “No radio station will ever play your songs, no record label will ever take you in. Your music is utter punk shit, we hate punk. You have a wrong accent, you should sing in American accent. You look hideous, your style is ugly, your white messy hair is so horrible you better get rid of it. No one will come to such ugly shit’s gigs, ever.”
Idol = Learns to sing with American accent, but keeps his music style and looks as they are. 

Idol later = Still being his own self, hasn’t changed his music style or physical appearance at all, still has the white hair which is his trademark now, has become super star and a sex symbol, released multiple albums, is cast to multiple movies like Terminator 2 (he had to drop out only due his motorcycle accident, otherwise he would have been the famous T-1000), is known all around the world, and continues doing what he loves and being who he is. 

Symphony No.5, I. Trauermarsch. In gemessenem Schritt. Streng Wie Ein Kondukt
Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, Eliahu Inbal
Symphony No.5, I. Trauermarsch. In gemessenem Schritt. Streng Wie Ein Kondukt

Gustav Mahler (1860-1911).

As a composer, Mahler acted as a bridge between the 19th-century Austro-German tradition and the modernism of the early 20th century. While in his lifetime his status as a conductor was established beyond question, his own music gained wide popularity only after periods of relative neglect which included a ban on its performance in much of Europe during the Nazi era.

The Symphony No. 5 by Gustav Mahler was composed in 1901 and 1902, mostly during the summer months at Mahler’s cottage at Maiernigg. Among its most distinctive features are the trumpet solo that opens the work; The musical canvas and emotional scope of the work, which lasts over an hour, are huge.

After 1945 Mahler’s music was rediscovered and championed by a new generation of listeners; He then became a frequently performed and recorded composer, a position he has sustained into the 21st century.

tinyglowingsharks  asked:

Can you recommend a game which has innovative/unusual character creation mechanics, please? (e.g. one game with the character creation i really enjoy involves making puppets and basing character skills on what the finished puppet is like). Preferably not too dark or combat heavy but also with a bit of substance. Thanks!

If you’re cool with quirky, you could give Annie Rush’s Run Robot Red a spin. It’s a game about funny little robots in a hidden world where individuality is banned and performing your job too well is punishable by deactivation. Your stats are also your components: processor, movement, utility, and so forth. While you always end up with the same sorts of characters at the end, the game includes no less than five different character creation methods, depending on what factory your robot was built in. You might pick from standard templates, barter for loose parts (represented by a pile of paper cut-outs), or just roll up everything at random.

The author has unfortunately left the RPG biz, and the publisher’s site no longer exists, but you can still grab the PDF version at the preceding link, or the paperback version here.

anonymous asked:

Did you hear that KBS banned WINNER from performing "Island" because the lyrics refer to same sex relations between men/women 🙄 obviously it angers me because of the blatant homophobia but at the same time i can't help but laugh. I wonder if their shoulders are hurting from that long ass reach 😂


I mean they ban most sexual lyrics tbh but I know this one is probably even more scrutinized because of homophobia but jesus christ. The reach….hey HAD to dislocate some shoulders over there.

A Geiko as Princess Yaegaki 1880s

“In the Kabuki dance “Kitsune-bi” (Fox-fires), Princess Yaegaki saves her lover by following magical fox-fires across a frozen lake to deliver a treasured battle helmet. Here she holds the fantastic horned helmet with its mane of flowing white hair. Her obi (sash) is decorated with Gunbai Uchiwa (Japanese War Fans) as a reference to an earlier scene in the play where Takeda Shingen uses a Gunbai to defend himself.

The dance comes from the final scene of Act IV of the Kabuki play, “Honchō Nijūshikō” (Twenty-four examples of filial piety), one of the Confucian classics, although it is frequently performed as an independent item.

Women were banned from performing in public for over two hundred and fifty years and Kabuki theatre remained the exclusive domain of male actors and dancers. However, in the closed and secretive worlds of the pleasure quarters and the flower towns, Geisha continued to perform dances in the Kabuki tradition, including all of the major solos from the most famous Kabuki plays.”

  • babyy: m-m-m-m
  • mom: mama!?
  • baby: m-m-m-m-m-m-m
  • mom: oh my gosh your first word is going to be mama!!!
  • baby: Marilyn Manson is an American rock band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Formed in 1989 by frontman Marilyn Manson and Daisy Berkowitz, the group was originally named Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids with their theatrical performances gathering a local cult following in the early 1990s. The band's lineup has changed between many of their album releases; the current members of Marilyn Manson are the eponymous lead singer (the only remaining original member), bassist Twiggy Ramirez, guitarist Tyler Bates, drummer Gil Sharone and touring keyboardist Spencer Rollins.
  • Until 1996, the name of each member was originally created by combining the first name of an iconic female sex symbol and the last name of an iconic serial killer (e.g. Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson).The members of the band dress in outlandish makeup and costumes, and have engaged in intentionally shocking behavior both onstage and off. In the past, their lyrics often received criticism for their anti-religious sentiment and references to sex, violence and drugs. Their performances have frequently been called offensive and obscene, and, on several occasions, protests and petitions have led to the group being banned from performing.
  • As this controversy began to wane throughout the 2000s, so did the band's mainstream popularity. Despite this, Jon Wiederhorn of, in June 2003, referred to Marilyn Manson as "the only true artist today". Marilyn Manson has garnered much success: four of the band's albums have been multi-platinum, and 2 more have been gold, and the band has seen seven of its releases debut in the top ten, including two number-one albums. VH1 has ranked Marilyn Manson as the seventy-eighth best rock band on their 100 Great Artists of Hard Rock. Aggregate site lists Marilyn Manson number 723 in their artist rank for greatest of all time.Marilyn Manson has sold over 50 million records.
We’ve seen this in the fuckboy species time and time again. They compliment their prey, and make them feel special and included. Then, once the prey is on a fuckboy high, they denounce their worth, talent, or moment, and end the cycle with yet another compliment and wishes for continued well-being. This man is trained.

He’s trained because back in the day, when he was dating a then-more-famous-than-he-was Rita Ora, Calvin tried to ruin her too. After their breakup, which he announced publicly via Twitter with no warning, this young man legally banned her from performing their song “I Will Never Let You Down.” This little fuckboy has gone so far as to take legal action against someone he clearly deems a professional threat. Someone call up the Disney Channel and Imagineer that one for ya girl!!
The Path Less Travelled  (Tony Stark x reader)

Request:  Heyy! I wanted to request one where the reader is Tony’s daughter and she’s a performer but Tony doesn’t think it’s a good career path and so bans her from performing, and so when she graduates she runs off to New York and after 5 years with no contact, Tony shows up to her opening night on Broadway? Thank you lovely!:)

Here you go, doll!  I hope it’s what you wanted!  

Graduation was finally coming in a week, and you couldn’t be more excited.  Not only would you be free of high school, but your 18th birthday was just days away.  It meant that you could finally make your own decisions about your future, make decisions that actually meant something to you, and right now the entire world was open. Despite the freedom of choice, you knew what your path would be; your dream of becoming a Broadway performer had been a lifelong one.  Living in Malibu made it incredibly difficult to pursue, but your plan was to move to New York once graduation and the following festivities had been completed.  

It would be far easier to move across the country than it was going to be telling your father about the plan.  Your father was Tony Stark.  He was against your career path from the first mention of it several years ago. Your wit and intelligence matched his, and he had aspirations that you would work for Stark Enterprises and one day, takeover the company as successor.  It was true, you had an interest and natural ability in physics, and once he had introduced you to Dr. Banner, bio-organics had caught your attention. But they weren’t your passion. You didn’t feel them in your soul like you did when you performed for a crowd and heard their applause resonate thru you.

Today was going to be the day you finally told him.  As you drove from your mother’s house to his, you tried to formulate a speech that would grab his heart and allow you to go your own way.  Your efforts failed and all you could do was hope that you could form any coherent sentence thru the anxiety raging inside you.  Intelligence wasn’t the only trait you had inherited from him.

You hadn’t even reached the doorway when JARVIS greeted you.

“Hello, Miss (Y/N). It is a pleasure to see you again. Your father is in the garage, and is anticipating your arrival.”

“Thanks, J.”

You opened the front door to a barrage of rock music and sounds of drilling, and smiled at the familiarity of your childhood memories of watching your father work.  Living with your mother had left you with weekends and holidays with him, but he was always sure to overload your times together with fun, learning and adventure.  The suits were off-limits, of course, but you never gave up hope of getting your own, even now as you admired his growing collection.

“Hey, pops.  Whatcha working on?”

Tony looked up from his current project as you entered, dropping his tools and bouncing up to grab you in a tight hug.  “It’s about time you showed up!  What, did you forget the way?”

“We said two o’clock, remember?”  You smirked as you pulled back from the embrace, “you know, they say that hearing is one of the first things to go when you get old.”

“Watch it, punk.  I’ve got one more week to ground you if you cross me.”

“Empty threats don’t scare me.”  You took a deep breath and sat next to his workstation, grabbing a small tool to keep your hands occupied as you tried to quiet your nerves.  “So, dad, I came over here to talk to you about something.”

“Yep, I remember.”  He sat back down and began to work again, but kept his primary focus on you.  “JARVIS, cut the soundtrack.”  The music went silent, and the sounds of your breathing and your rapidly increasing heartbeat grew deafening in your ears.  

“Ok, so as you know, graduation is on Friday.”  You could feel pangs of nausea growing in your stomach.  “I’ve already talked to mom, and…and…”

Tony had continued to work as you spoke, but now as you faltered his attention was fully on you. “And?”

“And…I’m moving to New York on Saturday.”

“Like hell.”  He dismissed you quickly, returning his focus to his project, not taking what you had said seriously.

“Excuse me?  I’ll be an adult, and I think this is my decision.”

“Wait a damn minute. Is this about Broadway again?  Is that what this is?”  You jumped as he threw his tools down angrily on the table and stood to tower above you with as much authority as he could.  “You are too smart and too talented to waste yourself on a path that has almost no likelihood for success.  People who try to make it fail in droves.  You have a future here, one that you know will get you to the top faster than anyone your age.  What the hell are you thinking, (Y/N)?”

Now furious, you stood and pushed him back with both hands against his chest.  “I guess I thought that I had a father who loved and trusted me.”

“I do love you, and I do trust you, but this idea of yours is just plain stupid.”

He had never spoken to you like that, much less called you stupid.  You had no more words for him; he didn’t deserve them anyway.  You stormed out, not looking back, and not caring if you never saw that man again.


“Oh, sweetheart, you look gorgeous.  Are you nervous?”

“Thanks, mom.”  She was standing behind you as you finished your makeup and looked at her in the mirror.  “I’m a little nervous, but that’s to be expected on opening night, right?”

She bent down to place a kiss on your cheek, careful to not leave a lipstick mark behind.  “I’m so proud of you.”  Her expression shifted to a cautious one as she asked the question you had been waiting for all night.  “Have you called him?”

With a sigh, you closed your eyes and remembered how things were left with your father.  “I think I’ve started about a hundred texts and avoided calling more times than I can count.  I just can’t do it.  I haven’t contacted him at all since the day I stormed out on him.  He probably doesn’t even want to talk to me anyway.”

“No, it broke him when you left, (Y/N).  He actually asked me for advice, if that tells you anything.”  She paused as she put the final pin in your hair.  “He lives here in New York now, you know?”

“Yeah, I know.”

A loud knock on the door alerted you that it was almost show time.  “Ok, that’s five minutes, mom.  You better go get into your seat.”  

“Okay!”  She said excitedly, clapping her hands together. “I’ll wave!”

“Mom, I can’t wave back,” you laughed as you rolled your eyes at her.  “Just go.”

She opened the door to leave but was stopped in her tracks.  You heard a small gasp and turned to see what happened, only to find your father standing in front of her.  They exchanged a few words that were too quiet for you to hear, then he pulled her into a brief hug and kissed her cheek as she left.  You hadn’t seen them make contact in any way since you were a child, and it brought tears to your eyes.

“Hey, baby.”  As he stepped closer, slowly, he pulled a dozen red roses from behind his back.  “These are for you.  Um…I just thought that…I mean…it’s opening night so  I thought…flowers would be…”

His attempt at making any sense was cut off as you jumped forward, throwing your arms around him. The roses fell to the floor as he tightly held you, lifting you off the ground.  You hadn’t realized just how much you missed him until this moment. All the anger and resentment that you had held onto for the past five years was gone.  

“Oh my god, you’re really here.”

He gently set you back down, standing back to admire you.  “I wouldn’t miss this for anything.  You look amazing, honey.  I’m just so proud of you.”  Tony leaned forward to kiss your forehead, pausing there for a moment.  “I was so wrong, (Y/N).  I’m sorry.  I love you and I just want you to do what makes you happy.”

Another loud knock on the door meant it was time to go.  “I love you too, dad.  It’s time to go though, so you better go get into your seat.”

“Ok, I’ll wave!”

You paused, shocked that both of your parents were treating this like a kindergarten play. “Seriously, I can’t wave back, you know!”

“Yeah, okay,”  He rushed out the door, mumbling under his breath, “but try telling that to the ten obnoxious superheroes sitting in the back row.”  

Part 2

#250 Because of women in technology - part 2.

Kieran Snyder analysed 248 performance reviews of generally high-performing men and women working in 28 different tech companies, including large corporations, mid-size, and smaller companies. This is what she found: 

1. In general, women were more likely than men to receive critical feedback.

2. When men received  critical feedback, it was mainly constructive suggestions on how to improve their work.

3. Women also received constructive feedback ,alongside complaints about their personalities. 

Here are a few examples of how different the criticism was:

For the male employees:

“Hone your strategies for guiding your team and developing their skills. It is important to set proper guidance around priorities and to help as needed in designs and product decisions.”

“There were a few cases where it would have been extremely helpful if you had gone deeper into the details to help move an area forward.”

“Take time to slow down and listen. You would achieve even more.”

Female employees:

“You can come across as abrasive sometimes. I know you don’t mean to, but you need to pay attention to your tone.”

“Your peers sometimes feel that you don’t leave them enough room. Sometimes you need to step back to let others shine.”

“The presentation ultimately went well. But along the way, we discovered many areas for improvement. You would have had an easier time if you had been less judgmental about R—‘s contributions from the beginning.”

According to Snyder, this kind of negative personality criticism, which is essentially asking the employee to take a step back and shut up, showed up twice in the 83 critical reviews received by men. It showed up in 71 of the 94 critical reviews received by women.

“There’s a common perception that women in technology endure personality feedback that their male peers just don’t receive. Words like bossy, abrasive, strident, and aggressive are used to describe women’s behaviors when they lead; words like emotional and irrational describe their behaviors when they object. All of these words show up at least twice in the women’s review text I reviewed, some much more often. Abrasive alone is used 17 times to describe 13 different women. Among these words, only aggressive shows up in men’s reviews at all. It shows up three times, twice with an exhortation to be more of it.”.

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Seventeen as Drama Club actors

S.Coups: trips over a prop and breaks it

Jeonghan: steals all the attention from the female lead with his godly hair

Joshua: starts quoting the bible whenever a villain does something

Jun: flawless, perfect 10/10 acting like the true actor he is

Hoshi: jumps around the stage, being a hyperactive 5 year old

Wonwoo: speaks in monotone (but still kills everyone with that voice)

Woozi: cringes whenever he says something cheesy

DK: is banned from smiling while performing cause it blinds the other actors

Mingyu: sneezes while saying a line

Minghao: shocks everyone with perfect villain acting (thughao)

Seungkwan: dramatically falls to his knees while sobbing

Vernon: that awkward background character who stutters saying one line

Dino: incorporates michael jackson’s dance moves into his actions