banned ones

im putting together a couple of scottish folk mixes bc that’s what i do and im honestly curious if anyone in my country has ever been unequivocally happy about anything ever

Opened Tumblr for the first time today to see lots of people reacting to the trans ban in the military. Most folk are saying something along the lines of “why bother spending energy on this? boohoo, can’t get drafted into the imperialist aggression machine? don’t think so.”

The military is the largest employer of trans folks in the United States.

And fuck you if you think it’s a good thing to take away people’s right to choose that as an option for themselves. I just…

Yeah. Been unfollowing a lot of assholes today.

tumblr: plays video games with graphic violence and murder

tumblr: this fic you wrote is going to make people do bad things

October 5th: Banned Potions

Day Five of the Drarry Halloween Fest @drarry-halloween-fest

Warnings: Includes Sexual Content

Meet me in the Room of Requirement tonight after curfew x

Harry didn’t need a signature to know who wrote the note. It was always like this; A note would be written and delivered with a meeting time and place and they both always showed up. 

“Hi Harry, what are you reading?” Luna’s dreamy voice said beside him. Hurriedly, he stowed the parchment away into the pockets of his robes. Luna observed the action with her usual far-away look. 

“Nothing Luna. Just some notes from Defense,” Harry mumbled. 

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