banned from tumblr for tag spamming

So clexa fans were spamming MTV telling them olicity fans were cheating days now, then some olicity fans exposed their hypocrisy by posting actual receipts of clexa fans admitting cheating and clexa fans call us drama queens? Why, because you can’t whine on MTV anymore and convince them to ban olicity from winning? And if that’s not enough, you come into our tags here on Tumblr and post ugly things just cause you are mad you lost? This is supposed to be fun. You take it too far with the hypocrisy. You all keep acting like olicity is not a popular ship when last year you lost and barely made 500K in the same poll and now you suddenly jumped to 7 million. When you couldn’t win shit last year and now suddenly you win many polls. Yes I can accept that your ship became popular only if you accept that you were up against a big Fandom that has been relevant years now and has won much more awards and polls than you ever did. Stop acting like we are irrelevant cause truth is your ship is what was irrelevant just a year ago.