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The Beat Poetry Museum in San Francisco, California.

I fell in love with this place on my trip to California in May, and talked to some of the most interesting and amazing people. Can’t wait to go back one day.

day 1: encounter

One time an Orianna added me after a bad ranked game to rub salt in the wound and berate me more . So I let her. I left LoL up and went AFK, let her unload all her bile against me and the bad match until she had said every offensive thing possible. Then I screenshotted it and sent it to Riot. I think they’re permanently banned now.

Artwork by @mimi-loves-foxes

Fans of Budding, Talented Artist Hoping He Doesn’t Become Popular Enough to Justify Paywall

Fans of the furry artist Xanterfly are praying that his popularity doesn’t grow to the point where he might justifiably institute a paywall. His fans are increasingly concerned about the level of recognition the shining talent is getting, and fear that if he should ever understand the value of his work, or gain confidence in himself, that not only will his slave wage prices go up, he might make his work accessible only by an affordable yearly subscription.

“I know Xanter follows me on Tumblr. I’ve been trying to reblog the highest quality art I can find to try and keep his confidence in check,” Xanter fan Irondog told us, “but I think it’s just inspiring him. And finding art that is markedly higher in quality than Xanter’s is getting harder and harder. Don’t get me wrong though, Xanter deserves all the success in the world, I just don’t want to have to pay for what he obviously deserves to get paid for.”

Another fan has a different approach to keeping Xanter from valuing his own time. “I take every opportunity possible to mention how little teachers and EMTs are paid. I’m not sure the intended message is getting through though; I’m pretty sure he thinks one of those is my job and that I’m just bitching about being underpaid, which is really what he should be doing.”

Fans knew things were getting bad when Xanter had his first successful “Your Character Here” auction, in which the winning bid was much higher than his usual price. His core of fans had all spammed the auction with lowball bids, incrementing the bids by pennies at a time. But it was no use.

At press time, XanterFly’s fans had taken to spreading rumors that Patreon had banned furry artwork, but had little hope of preventing their favorite artist’s inevitable prosperity.

dannykat  asked:

Holy mackerel. I just discovered Ted Nasmith's art, and it is amazing! Thank you for introducing me to the works of this fantastic artist! By the by, what's your favorite painting of his?

Yay! Always happy to see a new Ted Nasmith fan :) I’m particularly fond of his Silmarillion artwork, and (right now at least) my absolute favorite painting of his is The Eagles of Manwe, showing the last few days of Numenor as Manwe is getting increasingly fed up with the Numenoreans pushing the ban. The artwork itself is gorgeous, but it also shows this amazing combination of awe and foreboding.

one of my favorite things about facebook is that it has successfully recreated the state of the internet circa 1995, when there were two distinct classes of internet users: those on AOL, and everyone else.  those on AOL (now Facebook) believed firmly that AOL “was the internet” and used the terms interchangeably. everyone else was exasperated by this, but also grateful that grammy and pep-pep couldn’t escape the confines of AOL News frontpage, AIM, AOL chatrooms, and the spam-infested email servers.

so many of my acquaintances over the age of about 35, give or take, even people I have known for years and in some cases was, or am, relatively close to, regularly ask me “what i;m doing” and “where i am” because it is inconceivable that anyone see internet that isnt curated by the Facebook entity.  that even storied, experienced tech industry people have been suckered into occupying a walled garden with everyone’s racist uncles is an astonishing thing to contemplate in this year of our lord 2014AD.