Confession:  Me and my best friend used to spend our lunch break in the foyer of the school library laughing over videos of Dragon Age: Origins. Don’t get me wrong, I bloody love that game but I will never unsee or unhear Loghain saying “Forgive me if I think of my dead wife while we do this.” and then the ‘Loghain pose’ that he does shortly after in the cutscene. I cry tears of laughter over that cutscene with Morrigan.
Not only that. We used to watch this one video from YT on a loop called ‘No one busts a move like Bann Teagan’ and there were tears down our face and our cheeks hurt from laughing so much. People going into the library thought we were mad! But we still did it every single school day for about 2 weeks and whenever we see each other we greet with Bann Teagan jazz hands. Good times…

All the Titles of The Warden

Applied to all Origins:

  • Hero of Ferelden
  • Champion of Redcliffe
  • Warden Commander of Ferelden/ Commander of the Grey
  • Arl(essa) of Amaranthine 
  • Grey Warden
  • Veteran of the Fifth Blight (If survived)

Dwarf Commoner Origin:

  • Paragon 
  • Champion of the Dwarven Proving (disqualified from Origin, but if reinstated if won as a warden)

Dwarf Noble Origin:

  • Champion of the Dwarven Proving (both as Origin, and as a Warden)
  • Lord/Lady Auducan of Orzammar
  • Kinslayer (For killing your brother)
  • Commander of Orzammars Army (Origin/ Up until Bhelen came along and framed them)
  • Paragon

Human Noble Origin:

  • Possible: (Male) Prince Consort
  • Possible: (Female) Queen of Ferelden
  • Lord/Lady Cousland, Daughter to the Late Teryn Bryce Cousland and Teryna Elenor Cousland.

Mage Origin:

  • Archmage of The Kinloch Hold’s Circle (After helping the circle/ siding with mages, or reaching level 20 mage)
  • Court Mage of Ferelden (Potential boon after the Archdemons defeat)

City Elf:

  • Bann to Denerims Alienage

Dalish Elf:

  • Lead Hunter to Clan Sabrae

Quest/ Choice Specific

  • Darkwolf (If you completed Slims Crime Waves, this is your thieving title)
  • Possible: Chancellor to the king/queen of Ferelden
  • Possible: Arl(essa) of Denerim 
  • Possible: Teryn(a) of Gwaren
  • Vanquisher of the Old God Urthemiel
  • Mistress to the King of Ferelden
  • Savior of Kal'Hirol 
  • Dragon slayer
  • Eamon: *Abuses his former brother in law's AND KING's kid he was supposed to take care of*
  • Teagan: *Becomes a surrogate uncle for said kid*
  • Eamon: *Marries a snooty Orlesian Noblewoman who also abuses said kid*
  • Teagan: *Marries a Fereldan commoner woman.*
  • Eamon: *Is barely Fereldan and probably kicks puppies*
  • Teagan: *Is so Fereldan nine whole Mabaris probably imprinted on him*

Alistair as King, and romanced, would be the cutest thing ever for this reason:

He can sense when other Wardens are nearby. Not great distances, but within Denerim, for sure. And he’s just going about his business, listening to complaints from a lesser Bann and making a judgment on it when he feels the prickling on his skin and that sensation just at the edge of his consciousness.

She’s back.

Suddenly, it’s like someone lit a fire in his belly. He’s excited and giddy as a child. She’ll surely find her way to the palace. She always finds her way to the palace.

It grows as she draws nearer to the palace. As does his anticipation. He wants to run out into the streets of Denerim and scoop her into his arms and lavish her with kisses. Eamon advised against that. He’s a King. He needs to consider his own safety.

When she finally arrives at the palace, she doesn’t even have chance enough to make it into the building. Alistair comes charging through the doors at full speed. The biggest, goofiest grin spreads across his face as he intercepts her tenderly, his speech muddled by the kisses he plants all over her face.

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becauseanders  asked:

Send me a fandom: Dragon Age :)

the character i least understand
Probably Vivienne? I think there are things about her upbringing like the racism that I can empathise with her on, but will never truly grasp, because I’m white and have never and will never experience that or how it can affect a viewpoint. Also our views on mages are so vastly different, and as much as I value her PoV on the subject and I can see where she is coming from on that, I don’t think we can ever fully agree on what is “right”. I’m not sure this is entirely what the question is asking bc I can kind of understand where she is coming from on all these points, but I think as open minded as I want to be I won’t actually Get It, I just have to listen and accept what she has to say.

interactions i enjoyed the most
Blackwall and Sera, probably!They make me laugh. My go-to DAI team is Blackwall, Sera and Dorian. Those three are perfect for a laugh. Also Alistair and Wynne have some sweet and funny and touching moments in Origins.

the character who scares me the most
I legit screamed when I first saw the Broodmother but then I fell about crying with laughter for ten minutes bc I’m a child.Other than that… probably Elthina. Because she does the most damage, and I can say for sure I’ve know Elthinas in real life.

the character who is mostly like me
Dorian in all honesty, but I share a lot of similarities with Sera (especially facially) and Anders I guess.

hottest looks character

one thing i dislike about my fave character
Anders can be an ignorant and arrogant ass at times. To the point that he is really dismissive and.. racist, let’s be honest. And that really rubs me the wrong way. It’s most apparent in the way he talks down to Merrill and I hate that a lot.

one thing i like about my hated character
Hmm. Loghain is super grumpy and I’m normally all about that in a character, lol.

a quote or scene that haunts me
I can’t think of any.It’s been so long since I played the games or was invested in them in any way emotionally.Perhaps the hut in Redcliffe in DAI, where you discover the ocularums are made from the skulls of the tranquil.TBH, any interaction with the tranquil and the ableist skew the narrative has.

a death that left me indifferent
The Archdemon’s. Just because it was an incredibly easy boss battle and I expected more. I had a worse time against Kolgrim.

a character i wish died but didn’t
I’m not sure I can think of one.Maybe Bann Teagan before he decided to do whatever he did to his face. Talk about a downgrade.IDK how you can look like Sean Bean and go to a plastic surgeon with a picture of Nigel Thornberry and say “yes this is who I want to look like”

my ship that never sailed
In canon???? Or else myself that then fizzled out??? IDK. I’m not really an ardent shipper. Kanders possibly. Though that obviously did sail and then got burned down brutally. Huh. How about Josiebela, I wrote a fic about them last year and fell in love with them as a couple.