Ivory hilted Moro Philippine Sword Barong or Bankung

Very rare and unusual form of Moro sword from the Southern Philippines. Clearly related to the typical barong sword, but with a much extended double-edged blade, and a most atypical pommel carved as a monsters head from a solid block of ivory, the upper jaw ending with carved leaves and flowers.

The grip with a ring of horn above a collar of silver with turned decoration to the ends, and a single bound ring of rattan/cane. The blade long and slender, of good quality steel and interestingly with both edges sharpened, a feature not common on Moro swords.

Complete with its original scabbard of rich coloured hardwood, with carved upper and lower section and bound with cane at intervals. 25 ½ inches overall length, the blade just under 18 inches long.

Source & Copyright: Ashoka Arts