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Spray It, Don’t Say It: We’ll Paint the Moon

A weekend of Netflix and Chinese takeout leaves Shiro with a new roommate, Allura with no regrets, Lance with blackmail material, and Keith with the biggest revelation since his gender.

At least Pidge, Hunk, and Shay had a good time.

Takes place after “Banksy-Ass Wannabe.”

Yes, hello, I have returned! And with a full length fic, no less. I hope you’re ready for a copious amount of fluff and plotless rambling…

Special thanks to @cubanbisexuallance (and the rest of the Lancecord), @7imothysucks, @lightoflunaris, and @screwitanddoitanyway!

Songs that helped inspire this fic:
“Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time” by Panic! At the Disco
“Seal It With a Kiss” by Prince Royce
“Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by The Beach Boys

Rest of the fic:
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Keith didn’t think too hard when Shiro said he’d be out of town for the weekend. He just invited Lance and his friends over and ordered takeout.

“Did he tell you why he’s skipping town?” Hunk asks, scooping another serving of General Tso’s chicken on his plate.

Keith shakes his head. There’s a beer in his hand and his boyfriend’s feet in his lap. “Nah, but he’s a cop. Something might have happened  in another town and they needed his help.”

“I wouldn’t worried too much, honey. If Keith’s calm, it’s probably fine,” Shay says. Behind her, Pidge sets down her eggroll to gag.

Lance swallows the last of his dumpling and raises his bottle. “I agree with Shay. Keith isn’t freaking, and he freaks out over everything.”

“I do not!”

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In the best way.

Authors Notes: I was requested to write Lucas “walking in on Riley” after writing him walking in on her. [x] This one is set during her freshman year of college. Used the song ‘Starving’ by Hailee Steinfeld for inspiration [x] It’s a lot longer than the Lucas one and doesn’t really have the same feel to it but I hope you guys like it anyway! 
Pairing: Riley x Lucas (Rucas)
Rating: M (not smut, but does mention/revolve around sex)
Word Count: 2,275


The summer before you start your first semester of college is a lot of different things for a lot of different people. For some it’s the beginning of your new found freedom, it’s getting to spend a little more time with your friends until you all go your separate ways, it’s essentially how you spend that time that really sets the tone for the next four plus years of college.

For Riley, it was the summer she finally grew into her skin. While her friends were off traveling with family, interning or taking up summer jobs, she spent the majority of her time just relaxing. It wasn’t a feeling she was used to. She was always wound up, always forcing herself to be upbeat and apparently that was really exhausting. She didn’t want to waste her summer working a part time job where she would have to put on that same always smiley face she walked around with. She just wanted to enjoy her last bit of free time before college started and she’d be bombarded with assignments and sleepless nights studying.

While her best friend Maya is “shadowing” some Banksy wannabe in an art studio in SoHo and her other friends are traveling and working she gets to spend most of her time with her boyfriend, Lucas - which surprisingly enough was a new thing for them. With how close knit their group of friends were and how demanding her best friend was of her time, she rarely got to spend a whole weekend with him let alone a whole summer. The six of them usually all hung out together.

For most couples the end of senior year meant the end of their relationship, mainly because they were more than likely going to two separate schools. Unfortunately for Riley and Lucas, that was the case for them. He was going to be attending A&M University in Texas and she got into Columbia. They knew the long distance would be hard but considering how long it took them to actually make things official they had no plans to breakup, especially now just as their relationship started to flourish.

Having an abundance of free time and an empty bank account meant they spent the majority of their time together soaking up the sun at the beach, hanging out in the park or, Riley’s personal favorite, lounging around in the AC at Lucas’ parents apartment. More specifically, his room.

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To the wannabe Banksy

who chalked some choice words about yours truly in the middle of the street - yes, I saw that post on Instagram, and please, try harder next time. It’s embarrassing to be associated with such a lackluster attempt at shaming me for something you clearly invented in order to cover up a dangerous case of envy. Put some creativity in that misogyny of yours.