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Finally, I want to highlight a story that many people haven’t noticed. On Wednesday, Reuters reported (in great detail) how 19.5% of Rosneft, Russia’s state oil company, has been sold to parties unknown. This was done through a dizzying array of shell companies, so that the most that can be said with certainty now is that the money “paying” for it was originally loaned out to the shell layers by VTB (the government’s official bank), even though it’s highly unclear who, if anyone, would be paying that loan back; and the recipients have been traced as far as some Cayman Islands shell companies.

Why is this interesting? Because the much-maligned Steele Dossier (the one with the golden showers in it) included the statement that Putin had offered Trump 19% of Rosneft if he became president and removed sanctions. The reason this is so interesting is that the dossier said this in July, and the sale didn’t happen until early December. And 19.5% sounds an awful lot like “19% plus a brokerage commission.”


Conclusive? No. But it raises some very interesting questions for journalists to investigate.


To get it you have to go to the eShop and find Pokemon Bank, then there should be an option to update. It’ll redownload and then you can begin using it to bring Pokemon from X, Y, Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby, and the Red/Blue/Yellow VC games (for which you’ll need Poke Transporter to also be updated) to Sun and Moon!

yo ok I just had a thought and I hate myself for it already but… the reason why victor buys so much brand clothes and accessories, isn’t it bc he has nothing/no one to spend the money on? we literally don’t know anything about his family, yakov is the only father figure victor mentions, and even around his apartment there are no pictures of his life/family, just some landscapes and stuff that doesn’t even feel personal

so is it actually possible that victor splurges on his shopping just to make himself feel a bit better about being alone bc he has no one to share his earnings with…? 


[VIDEO] 161223 Mamamoo (with the band The East Light) - #1 Songs Medley @ Music Bank | [ kbs official youtube link ]

Songs : Lim Chang Jung’s The Love I Comitted - Wonder Girls’ Why So Lonely - Beast’s Ribbon - Infinite’s The Eye - SHINee’s 1of1 - GFriend’s Navillera - Taeyeon’s Starlight - Twice’s TT - EXO’s Monster & Louder - GOT7′s Hard Carry - BTS’ Blood Sweat Tears - I.O.I’s Whatta Man

looking at official bank statements is so weird because you realize dan and phil are a multimillion dollar corporation and actually manage and budget a large business but they’re also the same people who sit on ikea furniture and eat cheap cereal

St. Andrew’s Day Aesthetic

St. Andrew’s Day is Scotland’s official national day. In 2006, the Scottish Parliament designated St Andrew’s Day as an official bank holiday. It is also a national holiday in Romania (since 2015). The celebration of St Andrew as a national festival is thought to originate from the reign of Malcolm III (1034–1093). It was thought that ritual slaughter of animals associated with Samhain was moved to this date, so as to assure enough animals were kept alive for winter. But it is only in more recent times that the 30 November has been given national holiday status.

In Scotland, and many countries with Scottish connections, St Andrew’s Day is marked with a celebration of Scottish culture with traditional Scottish food, music and dance. In Scotland the day is also seen as the start of a season of Scottish winter festivals encompassing St Andrew’s Day, Hogmanay and Burns Night. There are week-long celebrations in the town of St Andrews and in some other Scottish cities.

It is said that when Saint Andrew was crucified he requested it to be on a soltire, or X shaped cross, because he deemed himself unworthy of using Christ’s cross. This is why the Scottish flag has an X on it.

The Senate Intelligence Committee wants to question Jared Kushner over Russian ties.

There’s a pattern developing in the Trump administration.  First, someone is accused of having shady contact with Russian banks, officials, or hackers.  They deny it.  The White House denies it.  The truth finally comes out.  Then the White House downplays that person’s role in the campaign.


Michael Flynn was Trump’s national security adviser.  Sean Spicer has now tried to characterize him as a “volunteer of the campaign.”

Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, now only played a “limited role” in the campaign.

Carter Page was Trump’s foreign policy adviser but according to Sean Spicer, Trump “does not know” him.

According to Jason Miller, Trump’s transition team communications director, when he heard JD Gordon’s name in connection with Russia, he had to “look the guy up on Wikipedia” even though Gordon was Trump’s national security adviser at one point.

And Roger Stone, one of the people who has been Trump’s friend and pushing the idea of Trump as President for three decades, is now said to have “ended his role in the campaign in 2015.”

Now Jared Kushner is going to be questioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee so I guess he’ll go from “son-in-law and policy adviser” to “wait, when did Ivanka get married?”

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Facebook Official (7)

Chapter 7 (also posted on AO3 here!)

He wakes up with a crick in his neck and a pounding headache. He also wakes up without a pillow… which fucking sucks. To put it simply, he’s uncomfortable as hell, and it only takes a second of looking around before he realizes why.

He’s not in his fucking bed.

Head pounding and his tongue heavy, dry and disgusting behind his teeth, he closes his eyes against the morning light and recaps over everything that happened the night before.

He remembers the guy that Dex had been dancing on, and everything after that is just… fuzzy. There was a fight, or something, and then Derek went on literal nurse autopilot… taking care of Dex, making sure he got home safe… the fucking kiss.

The whole thing feels like a dream, except he’s here in Dex’s bed (super fucking uncomfortable, no wonder Dex gets so grouchy), and he’s alone.

Dex… is nowhere to be found. He’s not in the room, and when Derek gets up to take a piss, he’s not in the bathroom or the hallway either.

There’s no note on the desk, and when he finally manages to fish his phone from where it had fallen into the well between the mattress and the frame, he can see that Dex hadn’t texted him either.

Which… is a pretty fucking big sign. Because, like, if Dex can’t stand the idea of Derek being here to the point where he’d flee the fucking scene?

It doesn’t sit well in Derek’s stomach when he bends down to pull on his shoes, and the feeling only gets worse as he crosses the quad. Like, usually it’s not a long walk between their dorms, but today it feels like the walk goes on forever, and he feels like he’s gonna be sick.

So, he does.

Get sick, that is.

Luckily he can hold it til he gets back to his floor, but then it’s a mad dash to the bathrooms and everything sucks.

It sucks, and it’s horrible, and not for the first time, Derek swears that he’ll never drink again (even if he knows that he will - even if he looks forward to the way that it numbs him - even if there are days when he lives for it), until finally his stomach stops quaking.

It doesn’t make him feel better, to have thrown everything up, but it does clear his head a little. It clears his head enough where he doesn’t want to die when he bends over for his toiletry kit, and it helps him stay steady when he heads back into the bathroom to take a shower, letting the hot water stream over his shoulders and down his back until he can get the energy to wash his hair.

He’s in the shower for longer than he’d usually allow, but it feels good to have the water pounding down on him. When he closes his eyes, he can almost pretend that the water is rinsing away his regrets - like, if regret was sticky and smelled like tub juice, it would totally be a thing.

It just… it feels good, and considering last night, and considering this morning, Derek can’t help but think that he deserves to feel a little good.

By the time he’s washed and dried and changed into fresh clothes that don’t smell like a frat party, there’s still not a text from Dex, but there is a post-party brunch invite from Bitty that’s almost as good (if you’re in denial, but whatever). So he pulls his shoes back on, and he heads to the haus, and he wonders if Dex will be there.

He’s not.

And, apparently, he’s not the only one that notices.

Bitty’s got a crease between his eyebrow that doesn’t smooth out when everyone compliments his pancakes, and Chowder’s a little quieter than usual, eyes darting back and forth from Derek to the empty plate beside him (’Just in case,’ Bitty had said, before turning away to tend to the bacon). Ransom and Holster are reenacting the fight between Dex and the dude he had been dancing with, and Lardo stepped out halfway through her first stack, phone to her ear and a nod to Bitty before heading up the stairs to her room.

Everyone’s a little off, and Derek is tired. And confused. And more than a little nauseous, but he eats all the same before rinsing his plate and grabbing a trash bag to start clearing up.

He works for what feels like five minutes, but by the time Bitty comes over with a glass of water and a concerned smile, he’s ready to crash.

Y'know, you’re not the only one that has to be cleanin’ right now,” Bitty drawls before handing the water over. Derek can feel his eyes on him as he takes a long drink, those big, southern eyes taking him apart even as he smiles. “You’ve been workin’ for long enough, Nursey, why don’t you head on out?”

He’d resist, but one look at his watch shows that what had felt like minutes had really been hours, and even though the food had helped settle his stomach, he’s still feeling like shit.

Handing the glass back, Derek shrugs before turning to grab his sweatshirt.

“It’s chill, Bits. If you guys don’t need me, I’ll just head back to the dorms.”

Mhmm, you do that. And, y'know, why don’t you do me a little favor and bring some of these mini pies back for Dex?” Derek turns around at that, only to find Bitty holding two brown paper bags of what can only be said mini pies. “You’ll get a bag all to yourself for your efforts.”

Gritting his teeth, Derek nods in agreement and takes the bags, heavy and fragrant with the scent of cinnamon and maple, before heading out the door. Of course, because fuck his life, Bitty’s not done with him. He’s only about halfway through the doorway when Bitty’s hand comes falling down on his shoulder.

“I know this is none of my business, but you should talk to your boy. I heard some of what was said last night, before he started brawlin’, and I think Dex would really appreciate you bein’ there for him. You’re a good boy, Derek. A good friend.”

With that, Bitty’s hand lifts, and Derek can hear his footsteps as he walks deeper into the haus. And, like, Bitty’s words sound good, but as Derek thinks back to last night - the way that Dex had broken down - and Derek knows that he’s not that great a friend after all. Because even as he pushed Dex away, Derek can clearly remember wanting more.

And that’s not really what Dex needs in a friend.

Despite his heavy thoughts, Derek starts the long walk back to the dorms. He only stops long enough to check on his ducks, and even then he doesn’t linger too long.

After all, he’s got pies to deliver.