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180119 Twitter Update @Official_IFNT / “Tell Me” 3rd Win ♡

[#INFINITE] 우리 #인피니트 가 쇼챔, 엠카에 이어서 #뮤직뱅크 에서도 1위🏆를 차지했습니다👍 언제나 #인스피릿 덕분인 거 알죠? 오늘 1위가 더 기쁜 이유는 홍돌이도 함께한 완전체로 받은 1위이기 때문이 아닌가 싶은데요😉 #이번_주_1위_싹쓸이_가즈아😆 #TellMe3rdWin

MUSIC BANK: Live Stages (1.19.18)

MUSIC BANK has released their official videos for the various live stages from their 1.19.18 episode.

GIRLKIND - Fanci [Debut Stage]

Kassy - I Want Love [Comeback Stage]
Chung Ha - Offset [Comeback Stage]
Chung Ha - Roller Coaster [Comeback Stage]
JBJ - My Flower [Comeback Stage]
Jang Wooyoung - Don’t Act [Comeback Stage]
Jang Wooyoung - Quit [Comeback Stage]
TheEastLight - Two of Us [Comeback Stage]
TheEastLight - Real Man [Comeback Stage]
Sunmi - Heroine [Comeback Stage]

PARADISE - Again [Live Stage]
VOISPER - Missing U [Live Stage]
Kriesha Chu - Like Paradise [Live Stage]
TRCNG - Wolf Baby [Live Stage]
MXM - Diamond Girl [Live Stage]
MOMOLAND - BBoom BBoom [Live Stage]
N.Flying - Hot Potato [Live Stage]
Block B - Don’t Leave [Live Stage]
Oh My Girl - Secret Garden [Live Stage]
Jo Kwon - Lonely [Live Stage]
INFINITE - Tell Me [Live Stage]

Hoonam (The Uni+B - Handsome Boys) - All Day [Special Stage]

For Pisces it’s official in their mind, a few moments after “love at first sight”.

For Aquarius it’s official once they can’t stop talking about their partner.

For Capricorn it’s official once they and their partner have planned out most of their lives together.

For Sagittarius it’s official once they have their partner’s phone number on speed-dial/favorite.

For Scorpio it’s official once they have a beautiful ring, joint finances, in their partner’s will, can read their partner’s mind, has discovered everything there is to know about them, is buried next to their lover.

For Libra it’s official once they get that ring.

For Virgo it’s official once Virgo allows them PDA.

For Leo it’s official when there’s more photos of their adventures and life together than anyone can count.

For Cancer it’s official when they move in with their partner.

For Gemini it’s official when they have their partner’s phone password.

For Taurus it’s official when they get joint bank accounts.

For Aries it’s official when he/she knows how to make their favorite drink and is good at it.


21 Savage - Bank Account (Official Video)


EXO - 170908 KBS Music Bank - Power

Credit: Official SMTown Youtube. (KBS 뮤직뱅크)

Studio Ghibli is Releasing a No-Face Coin Bank!

The official name of this why-hasn’t-this-been-done-sooner contraption is the ‘Spirited Away Kaonashi Musha-Musha Coin Bank’, and it’s modeled after No-Face from Spirited Away!

Similar to the way that great Itazura Kitty Coin Bank worked, it’s activated when you place coins on the sake saucer. No-Face’s arms then raise that saucer to its mouth and your coins fall into the depths of its stomach. It even makes that “Ah” sound when it’s activated, and then burps once the movement is complete.

It’s set to go on sale online and at Donguri Kyowakoku shops, the official retailer for Studio Ghibli goods, on May 20, 2017 and will retail for 4800 yen – or appr. $42 US.

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I am doing commissions, taking donations (my email is i will do ANYTHING commissions wise I just need money so badly..i dont care the amount really as long as I can get money fast i would do invoice but invoices stay in limbo until I can afford to pay off debt to get an official bank or credit card. So payment would have to be gifted.

I dont know what to do anymore please help me. Sculpture eise they are all for sale but you have to give me the shipping to pay (it is better just all then one) The only ones I have left are the lapis plaque, amethyst, pearl and garnet, I have others in progress and am willing to do commissions for sculpts too


EXO - 170721 KBS Music Bank - Ko Ko Bop

Credit: Official SMTown Youtube. (KBS 뮤직뱅크)