We’ve got our lab coats on & done some research into what 20-something people spend their money on. The results? Well as you can see they’ve opted for the traditional piggy banks instead of our WORLD FAMOUS PUGGY BANKS!

But, if you wanted a sneak-peek into the future, this is what your spending habits could look like…

🌙🔮 witchy music 🎶🌿

I’m always searching for music that ignites and feeds my magickal energy, so here are a few of my very favorite artists that influence my practice. I hope one inspires you 


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Like a divine author equipped with the forces of nature, she writes new laws of physics, crafting a universe in her music that exists purely to express her mind. Listen to her and your body will feel a little heavy, mind a little slower, and there will be a bloom of unity between physical sight and the inner eye. (Grounding & personal power, cursing, protection, cleansing) 

Listen to: Human, That Other Girl, Sirens of the Caspian, Clear Air

BANKS (a Gemini)

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I listen to Banks at night. She captures that gloomy, dark, almost erotic feeling of camping alone or skinny dipping under a full moon. Her smokey voice makes me think of dark forests and nocturnal animals, rum and lighting cigarettes from embers. She makes me creative, like illustrating my grimoire or arranging my altar. (Moon magick, love & sex work, past life regression, potions)

Listen to: Mother Earth, Goddess, Gemini Feed, Weaker Girl, Poltergeist, Fuck With Myself

Liraz (a Gemini)

Liraz has an energy that flies into your heart and creates wings. Her voice is the voice of a river goddess who travels to villages during summer festivals and nourishes them. I hear her and I feel like I can conquer the treacherous deserts of life or simply wish them into an oasis. When I’m trying to manifest my goals, I can borrow her confidence and sharpness to get my work done. (Manifesting, self-love, full moons, kabbalah)

Listen to: Age Ya Rooz, Love Me Like You Do, Nozi Nozi, Zendegi, Ameneh

Bon Iver  (a Taurus)

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I think everyone who listens to Bon Iver would agree that the best word to describe Justin Vernon’s style is “ethereal.” He has had a lot of influence on artists like Kanye, too. When I listen to Bon Iver, I feel my mind being exercised into finding patterns and meaning where I would otherwise look passed them. (Divination, healing, numbers, sacred geometry & sigils, crystals)

Listen to: 715 CR∑∑KS, Moon Water, Holocene, 666, Heavenly Father, Blood Bank

FKA twigs (a Capricorn)

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Her moon is in Sagittarius and her music makes that so obvious. It’s a journey with her, an adventure of twists and surprising pitches and beats that are difficult to identify. She is a master creator of a painted almost royal world. Like a candle or sand falling through my hands, she’s as familiar as she entrancing; a reality slightly altered. (Astral projection, dream work, tarot cards, astrology)

Listen to: Water Me, Pendulum, Video Girl


a playlist for june: listen

i. northern wind - liza anne / ii. goshintai - radwimps / iii. strangers - halsey ft. lauren jauregui / iv. poltergeist - banks / v. right now - haim / vi. half light - banners / vii. opus 28 - dustin o’halloran / viii. bellamy and clarke - tree adams / ix. i’ll wait - milo greene / x. sweet creature - harry styles / xi. perfect places - lorde / xii. somebody you found - the japanese house / xiii. amsterdam - daughter / xiv. through the eyes of a child - aurora