The Greeks cannot pay, but lots of people in the U.S. can’t pay either; most banks worldwide are bankrupt. The world is cold. There is not a lot of inflationary pressure on consumer goods but energy prices are up, food prices are up. With zero interest rate, you know what will happen to your insurance premiums? They will go up dramatically.
—  Marc Faber

Daniel asks… How do I get my money back from a billing error? I called my clinic last Friday to set up a payment plan for my $800+ medical bill. I was supposed to pay $143 every month for six months but instead of taking $143 out, the $%*@ guy took out $1,743!!!!!!! It was posted as ‘pending’ on my Wells Fargo account, so I called the clinic to report the error, hoping they could cancel it in time. Needless to say, it didn’t…

TLC sold over 50 million albums, and you know how much T-Boz makes in royalties every month?

$1,200… or a little over $14,000 a year

This is what happens when you sign a bad contract in the music business.

“After declaring bankruptcy along with her group TLC in the mid-‘90s, Tionne "T-Boz” Watkins has filed for Chapter 13 for the second time this year after defaulting on mortgages on her Atlanta, Georgia home and failing to keep up with medical bill and car payments.

Watkins, an Atlanta, Georgia resident, filed on October 31, 2011 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court after failing to keep up with mortgages on her Duluth, Georgia home, valued at $1.2 million. The documents reveal that Watkins owes creditors $768,642.99 on the home, and has assets that total $1,716,508.

The papers specify her monthly income, which amounts to $11,700 – just $1,200 of which stems from TLC royalties – and that her estimated average future gross monthly income will be $10,500. T-Boz pays $8,821 in monthly expenses, including two mortgages on her primary residence, two vehicles, medical bills and more. She also is owed $250,000 in child support payments, though it is unclear why they have not been collected. Watkins will pay $2,880 per month for a commitment period of 36 months to repay the debt.“

Monica Davey and Mary Williams Walsh on the downfall of Detroit:

Founded more than 300 years ago, the city expanded at a stunning rate in the first half of the 20th century with the arrival of the automobile industry, and then shrank away in recent decades at a similarly remarkable pace. A city of 1.8 million in 1950, it is now home to 700,000 people, as well as to tens of thousands of abandoned buildings, vacant lots and unlit streets.

Crazy. But interesting to think about in the context of the current industry-driven boom in Silicon Valley. Nothing lasts forever.

In 2012, Detroit had the highest rate of violent crime in the nation for a city larger than 200,000, a report from Mr. Orr’s office showed. About 40 percent of the city’s streetlights do not work. More than half of Detroit’s parks have closed since 2008.

Just sad. For four years I lived about 40 minutes outside of Detroit (in Ann Arbor). I think I was there a grand total of eight times. And six of those were to go to a casino. Hard to see how they turn this around.

Losing It - part 5

I woke after a few minutes and eased myself to my feet. As he suggested, there was a key at the bottom of the envelope with an address on the tag. I gathered my things to leave.

In my fantasy, I would walk from the office proudly betraying the juice staining my pants and confess my faggotry to my coworkers and boss as I quit and began my new life serving my Master. His wishes, however, were crystal clear, so I used my briefcase to hide the stain, excused myself as unwell and slunk out of the office.

The address on the tag was in an unfashionable, cheap bedroom community close to the same train line as my office. Floor after floor of tiny apartments occupied mostly by single, male labourers, recently arrived migrants, service workers. No elevator, so I climbed the stairs to the fifth floor to find the apartment the key would unlock.

I hesitated at the door, realising I had no idea what lay inside. A gang of men? Master Himself? More horrifying surprises? I let out the breath I was holding and opened the door.

Inside, a single room – a mattress on the floor, a clothes rack with some of the clothes from my old house, a small desk with a straight-backed chair, an internet modem plugged into the wall and turned on. A small kitchenette stocked with simple food. In one corner of the room, a modest weight set, in the other a device I didn’t recognise. The desk had nothing on it, but a note with some instructions and the wireless password.

Reading through the instructions twice to make sure I had it right, I took my laptop from my bag and connected it to the power and the network positioning it in front of the unfamiliar machine. I took off my stained pants and the rest of my clothes, folding them neatly in a pile on the mattress. Getting down on all fours in front of the machine, I located what the note described as “Master’s cock” – a dildo attached to an arm at the front. Wiping whatever slime hadn’t dried on my pants over it and adding saliva from my mouth and throat by deep-throating it a little, I lubricated the cock as the instructions demanded. Still on all fours, I turned to place the cock against my cunthole, so I was facing the laptop.

I logged into my bank account discovering, with a little surprise, my full salary and some previous money still there. His final instructions became suddenly clearer. I scanned the corners of the ceiling to find the dropcams He has positioned, red lights blinking. I am under His gaze whenever he wishes.

I eased myself backward onto the cock, relishing the burning entry into my under-prepared cunthole – further use from Him, letting Him ever deeper into my being. I dragged the laptop toward me so I could still type and found the control box for the machine. I gingerly turned the machine on and dialed up the speed until it began to move, plunging the cock deep into my cunt. I gasp-screamed at the sudden violation, then wiggled further onto it. The machine eased the cock out, then plunged it in again. My cunt quickly adapted to the rhythm of “Master’s cock” hammering me into deeper submission.

Once I grew accustomed to the machine, I turned my attention to the laptop and began to follow His final instructions and began the ritual which I was to follow every payday. The balance read “$6598.35” and so I began gently, by setting up a transfer for $100 as His cock plunged deep into me once more. I had a sudden flash of memory – the first time I ever drained $100 in one go, the ecstasy of it, how stupid and wonderful I felt, not merely to have the money taken by a Superior Alpha, but to tribute it, unable to stop myself from simply giving it when he asks, to choose to give this much in one go.

I submit the transfer as the cock plunges once again and the ecstasy of the drain washes through me. I set up the next transfer for $200, slowly, methodically, relishing the new life I have begun.

[read the whole fantasy]

Wacom wants to bankrupt me.

So today I was working on some models for our latest platformer game when my good friend Ricard Climent (Amazing illustrator, we worked together on a few projects while in school. Here is his portfolio) sent me a link that infuriated me. It was a video for Wacom´s new Cintiq 24 HD. Here is the video:

As a digital artist, I have to say it: I creamed my pants. Sorry. I know. But have you seen the video? No, seriously. Have you? Go watch it again, I will take another look at it too.

So what pisses me off about this is not the fact that a video of a drawing tablet made me climax at work or that my friend Ricard was responsible for a very embarrassing stain in my pants. Its because Wacom is systematically trying to bankrupt me. When the Inkling was announced, videos starting to pop on the internet and my friends were linking the videos to me, I was excited. I even made a post about it yesterday. It is something new, exciting and at an affordable price but then just a day later, I see this. Its the proverbial slap in the face. 

But I jest. I guess this will be another amazing product by Wacom. I just wish I actually could afford one since its at the hefty price of 2.229 Euro, but as I mentioned it yesterday, I can barely afford anything right now at my intern budget. We do have a Cintiq 12WX at work though but I haven't really given it a go yet but based on what I heard from others who used this model, the screen is too small. Sure, it is very usable but since your computer recognizes the tablet as another window, it might be too small to draw at times. But I dont know, I might have to give it a go and see it for myself before I say anything stupid.

I guess all that is left for me to do is to actually kick ass at my work so I get a good pay and actually afford these amazing toys that wacom releases. I hope Ill get there. :) 

If you have a Cintiq or used one before, hit me up on the comments and let me know what you think.

Detroit Is Burning: Why Detroit Is In The Shitter.

Detroit from what I hear at one point was a great place; Great jobs, great neighborhoods, good schools. This leads a lot of people to believe what the fuck happened?

There is currently a revolving door of corrupt politicians who have been a part of this former giant city, and of course there’s ton’s of public workers pensions that add up. These are the two talks mainly about Detroit’s latest woe’s.

However these are not the primary causes for Detroit’s demise. Its far more deep rooted and far reaching than most think. There are three main proprietors to Detroit’s slump: racism, market forces, and sheer bad business.

Lets talk about racism and and socioeconomics and how they all end up cluster fucking into enough white guilt to even make a clan member hang up the robes. White people throughout the 40s-60s were shitty and didn’t like being around black people, they didn’t like them working at their jobs, they didn’t like them eating at their restaurants and they damn sure didn’t like them living in their neighborhoods. They move to the suburbs to get away from them, taking tax money away from the city, which takes large amounts of tax money, which ends up cutting school funding. Then what happens slowly over the next 20-30 years is a spike in crime due to poor people not being able to find jobs due to sub par education and not enough opportunities. What eventually ends up in Detroit and cities like it is that its a prison from they day you are born. A high likely hood of being a victim of crime, or even a criminal, terrible schools which offer you little to no education because teachers have very little to work with and you end up being a “product of one’s environment”.

Market forces are actually quite similar to the problems that racism affected Detroit except it was greed that led to decline. Detroit was fueled by the auto industry. The auto industry, like most other huge corporations, decided one day they were gonna ball hard and attempt to outsource as many jobs as they could to foreign nations with no minimum wage or one much lower than the United States. This in turn creates job loss in the auto industry. Now on a grander scale what happens when you take money away from a market and expect gains over an extended period of time? Nothing, because you’re a fucking idiot. If an economy struggles and money is taken away from a market, it’s not possible for them to continue to buy your products, no matter how cheap or bitchin you can make them. Over an extended period of time you’re bleeding them dry, but maybe that was the plan all along.

Bad business goes ties into both market forces as well. CEO’s make approximately 380 times their average employee of their corporation. Not like a janitor or anything, but their average worker. That isn’t just a Detroit problem, but that’s a business problem in general. Car manufacturers are also notorious for over producing the amount of cars they make. This leads to profit losses which are passed down the line. We all know if the shareholders take a hit, the workers have to pay with lay-offs or wage loss in the next contract negotiation because god forbid someone with massive amounts of expendable income take a hit.

At the end of the day Detroit is bankrupt and it effects all of us in Michigan. We should care even if we aren’t living and/or from there. But luckily Dan Gilbert will treat the bankruptcy as the Steam sale and cash the fuck out inevitably gentrifying the city of Detroit.