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You should always wiggle the card reader on an ATM to avoid getting scammed

  • A Reddit user recently posted a photo that serves as an invaluable reminder to stay vigilant at the ATM.
  • The device pictured above is called a “card skimmer.”
  • They’re used by criminals to record debit card data in order to withdraw money from victims’ account.
  • These devices are often indistinguishable from legitimate card scanners, and thieves will place them over the real ATM card slot to steal customer information.
  • A simple, but effective technique to avoid credit card fraud at the hands of these skimmers is a quick wiggle of your card. Read more

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Deliberate Economic Collapse – Please Spread this Around by Any Means

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild says here that there needs to be ‘regulation’ of the banking system when it was his placemen, like Alan Greenspan at the Federal Reserve, that took it away.
David Icke was speaking in 2009 and 'stage three’ is happening now.

Please circulate far and wide - make an effort, make a difference.

Please fire me. I had a woman come in late at night and use our ATM. She claimed that the ATM didn’t give her her money and that she was going to London and needed it. When I told her she needed to call the company for the ATM because we just leased it, she threw a fit for about 10 minutes. The kicker? She said she took out 30 dollars, when the ATM only gives out in amounts of $20s. is a SCAM!

Thank god for my smart bank I almost got scammed by this site.

I signed up for this site and got a lot of messages that I cant read because I didnt have full access. So I figured I’d use the free trail but my card kept getting declined. So I called customer service and this one guy (who kept picking up) tells me to call my bank so I call them and they tell me that the site was trying to charge me and each charge kept coming from different areas so it put a scam alert on my card. 

Then I looked up reviews on the site and realized many women have been going on there with the free trail talking to fake guys who want their bank info. Then even though they canceled their trail they still got charged and the messages stopped. I should’ve known all those messages offering money were to good to be true and thanks to my bank my money is safe.

So for all you sugar babies out there avoid this site!!!

Banking 101: Scams

Okay so it’s kind of a national news item that the Powerball lottery is up so high, so I thought this would be a great time to talk about common financial scams that we see in my line of work (at the bank).

1. The Lottery Scam - You receive a phone call, or an email, or a snail mail letter, saying that you have won a lottery. Sometimes it’s a foreign lottery, sometimes it’s domestic. They say they need you to send them a down payment or pay the taxes up front, or some other thing that is basically “we will send you the money you won if you pay us.” Please do not do this. Questions to ask yourself: Did you buy a lottery ticket? If not, then I promise you did not win this lottery. Two, even if you DID buy a lottery ticket, the lottery will not contact you to tell you that you won. You are responsible for looking up your own numbers to see if you get to claim a prize. Three, even if you did win the lottery, you would not be asked to pay the taxes up front. That would come out of the sum that you won.

2. The IRS Scam - This is similar to the lottery scam but can involve a lot more intimidation and scare tactics. Someone contacts you, usually via telephone, claiming to be from the IRS or Social Security – I even had someone call me once claiming to be from the Secret Service? Like, what? – who will try to use scare tactics to tell you that you owe back taxes and that if you don’t pay them you’re going to be arrested. Please do not give these people any of your information, ever. Please.

3. “The bank needs your information.” - This one is pretty common. People get spam emails that look legitimate claiming to be from your financial institution, saying that your account has been compromised, please click this link to access the banking website and enter your username and password. For the love of god do not click that link. If you are afraid that your online banking has been compromised, open a new browser window, type in the URL for your online banking, and go there. The link in that email will take you to a fake website that will then capture your information when you type it in, and they’ll use that to hack your accounts. HOWEVER, if you DO get an email like this, chances are your bank has a department that is keeping up with them and the IP addresses they’re coming from. Contact someone from your bank or go to the website and see if there is a place to report it.

4. The Online Purchaser Scam - Someone sends you a money order for something they bought from you on craigslist or some other online store, then contacts you via email and says “I accidentally bought the money order for too much, can you please wire me the excess funds back! Please, it’s important, I need the money to pay my rent!” or something similar. Lo and behold, you try to deposit the money order only to discover that it’s actually a fake, and you’re out the money you sent them. If this happens to you, you might as well just assume this person is lying because no one does that. But if you have a soft heart and you want to believe the best, take the money order to your bank and tell the teller that you have suspicions that it might be fraudulent. Share the story with them. There are numbers they can call to check the validity of money orders and cashier’s checks, and they will gladly help you out. Also, all money orders are processed by the bank as “next-day” items, so if you just deposit it, it might look like it cleared, but the bank has up to seven years – seven years – to return an item if they discover something was wrong with it. So better be safe up front than sorry later.

5. The Get Out of Jail Scam – This one happens a lot to elderly customers. Someone will call claiming to be their grandchild, or a representative of their grandchild (let’s call him Joe), and say that Joe got arrested and is in jail and needs the bail money to get out. He didn’t want to call his parents because he doesn’t want to worry them, blah blah blah, can you just deposit the money in this account for him. The story might also say that they’re at the hospital and need to pay the copay or intake costs or medical bills, or something like that, rather than jail. IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU, please hang up, call your actual offspring’s number, and check with them. Do not just rush to the bank to deposit money in this stranger’s account.

All of these scams, by the way, are reasons that if you come in to make a deposit into someone’s account that isn’t yours, your bank teller may ask you some details about who you’re sending money to. It’s not because we want to be all up in your business, it’s because we see these things every day and we want to protect you, because chances are once the money is in that person’s account, we can’t get it back for you legally.

So, rule of thumb: If something seems off, it probably is. Ask some questions. Ask your bank teller. And if you didn’t buy a lottery ticket, you probably didn’t win the lottery.

Stay safe out there, kids!

Scamming Warning, please read.


Keep changing your name bro, i’ll always find you. 

Really didn’t think I’d ever be making a post about this person, but he’s a (previous?) member of the tag so I figured to make it known here, too.

Previous URL (he’s deleted his tumblr now) “Kal-rs” has stolen my Seismics, and a lot of other people’s items. His username is currently “Kal”.

Him and his friend “Corbin”/“Frat” had logged into “Girly”’s account without her permission and scammed her items also.

I’ll update this post with more information & proof as I receive it, but for now I’m pretty confused as to why he did it. I’d trusted him with seis plenty of times in the past and he’d always returned them. 

Seemed all normal, Kalvin needed my seismics and I loaned them to him. I’d done this countless times in the past and he’d always returned them.

A few hours later Kalvin dis appeared until the next day, when he told me “C Mitch” had stole my seismics from his account and that he was going to repay me. 

Infact, C Mitch didn’t actually have his password. He’d changed it days before because he felt “C Mitch” was being sketchy. Then tried to blame everything on C Mitch. 

After admitting that he real world trades, probably where my seismics had gone along with everyone else’s items, Kalvin got kicked from his clan “6” for scamming multiple people, including myself. 

I’ll add more information as I receive it,

Reblogs of this world mean the world to me, or even notice that I’ve got the word out.

Stay safe #RuneScape.