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Our countries are corporations and the world is a business controlled by a small group of untouchable banking families. The laws that control our society have been meticulously structured over thousands of years to protect the corporations, while giving us the illusion that we are free. We, the people, are blissfully ignorant that we are the slaves and the assets of those who control the business. It is time to wake up and free ourselves. Nobody will do this for us. The universe awaits our action, so that it can respond through the law of attraction, and welcome humanity into the universal community of beings of higher consciousness.
—  Michael Tellinger
We are trapped in a silent, relentless war of economic slavery that has been so cleverly woven around us that most of us are not even aware of it. This onslaught is controlled by the global banking elite that have taken the world hostage and made each and every one of us their slaves… All our natural resources are being mined and traded by multinational corporations that have more rights than living, breathing, human beings. We have simply become slaves of these corporations all in the name of money, greed and political control. Most of us do not have the foggiest clue how it all works, how money is created and how a small number of banking families completely rule every imaginable aspect of our lives.
—  Michael Tellinger - Ubuntu Contributionism - A Blueprint For Human Prosperity - Unity and Higher Consciousness for a New World
Asking For It (Joker x Reader)

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Imagine the Joker breaking into your apartment to hide out from the cops. However, he doesn’t know what kind of surprise is waiting for him.

A/N: This was actually something my fiancé suggested. We were watching this movie and he was like, “Can you imagine if the Joker did it?”

Warnings: Violence

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The creation and supply of money lies in the hands of a few families, mainly the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Carnegie, Harriman, Schiff, Warburg and a handful of others. These incredibly powerful families control the entire planet’s money supply. They have the right to print and distribute money without restriction. Their rights are protected by the current governments of the world and the military might that upholds the governments. These are further supported by the laws that are made by the governments and the courts that uphold such laws. All of this activity is kept nice and tidy under control of the banking elite who in turn keep the governments in power. It is a system so skilfully crafted that we have to admire its architects for keeping us in the dark for so long. But now that we have figured out that we are mere pawns in a huge game of global slavery, it is time for change.
—  Michael Tellinger - UBUNTU Contributionism - A Blueprint For Human Prosperity - Unity and Higher Consciousness for a New World

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Who pays for the "free" college?

The “free” college would actually cost $80 billion a year. This would eliminate Pell Grants and current subidization and cost the federal government $47 billion a year with the states taking up the extra $33 billion. It’s not free by any means. Just have to clarify that, by no means does “tuition free” mean “free”. So anyway, Bernie Sanders plans to raise the funds for that by taxing .50 cents on every $100 spent in high frequency speculative Wall Street trading. This plan would raise an estimated $300 billion a year (that’s a fair bit more than $80 billion) and it would not impact the average American that much. The shares which most 401ks and IRAs are based on are not the same type of stock this tax would impact. This would be the speculative buy and sell type stuff the big banks engage in. When Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and other hugely successful Wall Street financial institutions have a stranglehold on the American economy and control over $9.8 trillion in financial assets, which is 60% of the GDP, something has got to change. That is unsafe and economically unsound. A small tax to slowly redistribute that and create a massive amount of social utility seems worth it to me. That said, if you work for one of those elite banks I could see why you would be opposed.  

Pitch Perfect 2 directed by Elizabeth Banks joins the elite list of films directed by women to have a #1 opening weekend. The last film to hold that distinction was 50 Shades of Grey in February. Before that you have to look all the way back to 2008, when Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight topped the box office, for a film directed by a woman that opened at #1.

Incidentally if estimates hold Banks will also hold the record as the woman with the second highest box office opening weekend narrowly beating out Catherine Hardwicke for Twilight.

Bully and hero

One of the many things about this campaign that surprises me is the degree to which some set of my fellow citizens are convinced that Donald Trump is a hero questing against the powers that have shaped their lives in ways they don’t like: political elites, banks, international trade partners, immigrants. In this narrative, Trump is the lone strongman, the sheriff facing the bad guys in defense of a town full of mostly cowards underserving of his heroism. He is HERO.

However, unlike the western sheriff facing down the gang of bad guys in the street, Trump isn’t actually defending weaker, less capable people against the strong. No, Donald Trump punches down. He mocks the weak and less capable and exploits his position of relative power to maintain and expand his privilege – whether privilege in the tax code, or privilege in abusing women at will. 

Trump is thus a classic bully, a thug who identifies the weak and uses power to satisfy his own needs for dominance. But presented with an opponent with similar resources and capacities – say Hillary Clinton, for example – he wilts. He’s the guy who screams of his greatness and then explains, when his hat is handed to him, that the fight was rigged. 

That might make him a good TV star. (I wouldn’t know: I never watched a millisecond of his show.) But it makes for a terrible president.