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  • Anglo-American Outlook on Macron: He married HIS TEACHER? Ugh, I mean, don’t get me wrong, like, I’m happy he won but she’s 25 YEARS OLDER than him. Freaks me out, like. Might, y'know, help relations with Germany though ;)
  • French outlook on Macron: He wants to murder the 35 hour week. Hire to fire mentality. He portrays himself as an outsider but he's a con. His liberal policies are aligned with his banker past. Don't trust him! Always speaks to the bosses, never the workers on the floor!
  • Russian outlook on Macron: He's a homosexual psychopath, don't let that marriage fool you! It's all just a sham. Have you seen these files and accounts we've got on him?

Wall Street skyscrapers from the top of Irving Trust Building looking east in June of 1938. Bankers Trust Building (Trowbridge & Livingston, 1912) is on foreground, on left. The 71-story Bank of Manhattan Building (Henry Craig Severance-Yasuo Matusi, 1930) is on the center dominating the skyline. 35-story setback pyramid 120 Wall Street Building(Ely Jacques Kahn, 1930) is on background, at right.

Photo: Berenice Abbott

Source: Bonnie Yochelson “Berenice Abbott: Changing New York” (New York, The New Press, The Museum of the City of New York. 2008).

I have a sudden need for a 30s/40s/50s/somewhere-in-there au where Grantaire is a grumpy, cynical woman who writes advice guides for young women living on their own without parents or husbands or what-have-you.

One of which Enjolras, who has moved out of her parents’ home, finished with school, has no interest in entertaining a beau, and lives in spartan simplicity, receives for a gift.

At first, this definitely gets a disdainful curl of the lip, but it’s full of advice like: go have a social life; take up hobbies; get a job or some shift because sitting at home all day is boring; treat yourself, dammit; read some scandalous books; learn how to drink and serve alcohol, dammit; learn these five recipes for easy, competent looking hosting; and feel free to have boyfriends, just don’t give up your job to be someone’s mistress because you can’t trust bankers, a certain miss. f, they’re assholes.

And Enjolras is… actually impressed? But also sometimes VERY OFFENDED. So she ends up writing to this author to ask some questions (learning to interact with people is very confusing????) and argue some points because some of it is very Not Progressive for someone so interested in women’s liberation (to which Grantaire wails “I am not trying to free women from the tyranny of social pressure!” while advising women on how to circumvent cultural expectations and love themselves).

So they write back and forth for months and everything is a disaster until it’s not, and they finally have a chance to meet in person. Enjolras is surprised at Grantaire’s ability to be by turns eloquent and ranty, and Grantaire is surprised at how quiet and reserved Enjolras is when she’s not writing in a flight of soul.

(This all ends, of course, with them being bachelorettes together, cuddling in Grantaire’s massive, sinfully comfortable bed, and Enjolras still refusing to learn to cook more and Grantaire both preening and being very smug at Enjolras’ new understanding of why some women enjoy picking out clothes that flatter them.)

The first building to the left is Bankers Trust. The next building was torn down to make room for an extension of Bankers Trust. The building past those two is the Equitable Building. This postcard was done between 1916 when the Equitable Building when up and 1923 when the small building in the bottom left corner was torn down and replaced by 11 Wall Street, an extension of the NYSE

saisai-chan  asked:

okay, one more ask on the subject of the Pines family and gaming (sorry for all the questions haha); how badly do you think they could mess up Monopoly? how long do you think they'd be able to play before one of them just explodes? and how fast do you think Stan would be put in Jail for trying to rob the bank?

the first argument happens before they’ve even started playing, over whether they’re going to use free parking house rules and who gets to be the banker. stan doesn’t trust ford, no one trusts stan, and eventually dipper agrees to as the probable most neutral party. 

there are three distinct riots over getting sent to jail for rolling three doubles in a row. ford threatens to pull out the infinity die to use instead of these ones that are clearly rigged, because they all happened to him

(speaking of jail, stan tries to break out every time. he succeeds at least once)

mabel keeps buying properties in colors she likes, keeping everyone from getting monopolies because she wants to make a rainbow out of her cards. everyone is eventually forced to try to drive her into bankruptcy and trade them away

somehow, soos wins


Drawing lines
Building shrines
Slicing time
Hiding grime
Poets paint
Painters rhyme
Good guys kill
For the crime
Bad guys kill
For the lust
Bankers earn
For the trust
Numbers lie
Trust we must
Letters shade
Muddles made
Shades of gray
Sunless day
Stormy winds
Erase our way
Time will dawn
New life drawn
Drawing lines