As we all know from the media, not a single bank officer has been put in prison for actions that cost our country an almost unimaginable amount of money and cost many of our fellow citizens their homes and jobs. To the best of my knowledge not one has even been charged.

We passed the wrecked Ferraris on our way to celebrate at a London restaurant famous for its Flaming Ferraris, a cocktail designed for young bankers. In the cab were four young bankers, a senior banker, and myself. We had earlier in the week been told our year-end bonuses.

The senior banker, already with three afternoon beers in him, nodded to the wrecked Ferrari, its hood bent around a lightpost: “January in London, when pimpled bankers blow their bonuses on cars they can’t drive to try and impress women who can’t think.”

The four young bankers laughed nervously. Two had just purchased expensive sports cars.

Wall Street traders get millions of dollars in cash at the end of every year.

Do they deserve it?