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There's these two memes floating around the liberal area of FB and probably on here too. They both have the same format as "be like bob" The first one is," Denmark has free college, healthcare and 30 hour work weeks,be like Denmark" The other is " Iceland bailed its citizens out of debt, arrested the bankers who let it all happen,now has one of the worlds strongest economies, be like Iceland"There seems to be a lot of people who think the USA should follow those two countries. What do you think?

I’ve written about the myth of the perfect socialism of Scandinavian countries quite a few times on this blog so I’m just going to post a few links to things I’ve previously shared and a few new things.

First the older stuff.

New York Post

You mentioned Denmark and Iceland specifically, so this is what that NY Post article had to say about them.

In addition to paying enormous taxes — the total bill is 58 percent to 72 percent of income — Danes have to pay more for just about everything. Books are a luxury item. Their equivalent of the George Washington Bridge costs $45 to cross. Health care is free — which means you pay in time instead of money. Services are distributed only after endless stays in waiting rooms. (The author brought his son to an E.R. complaining of a foreign substance that had temporarily blinded him in one eye and was turned away, told he had to make an appointment.) Pharmacies are a state-run monopoly, which means getting an aspirin is like a trip to the DMV.

Other Scandinavian countries (Booth defines the term broadly, to include Nordic brethren Iceland and Finland in addition to Denmark, Sweden and Norway) raise other questions about how perfect the nearly perfect people really are. Iceland’s famous economic boom turned out to be one of history’s most notorious real estate bubbles. A common saying in Denmark about Icelanders: They wear shoes that are too big for them, and they keep tripping over the shoelaces.

The Federalist

Debunking the Scandinavian Socialism Utopia

And finally the new stuff I haven’t discussed before.

There’s a study that showed that while poverty rates among native born Scandinavian children were below 10%, the rate was between 38% to 58% for children of immigrants and that persisted for years before they got out of poverty. Not exactly a utopia for anyone that isn’t a native. 

Also Scandinavia country’s have a marked issue with racism, especially Sweden.

James’s experience may be more than an unfortunate but isolated incident, according to a recent report by theUnited Nations, which concludes that a rising level of racist violence and “Afrophobic” hate crimes in Sweden are “an extensive social problem”.

“There continues to be a general Swedish self-perception of being a tolerant and humane society, which makes it difficult to accept that there could be structural and institutional racism faced by people of African descent,” says the report, which was presented to the UN human rights council on Monday.

The country’s official philosophy of equality and respect for human rights “blinds” it to the racism faced by African-Swedes, it says. Hate crimes against the 200,000 or so black people of African origin in Sweden increased by more than 40% between 2008 and 2014, according to the National Crime Prevention Council, or BRÅ, with more than a fifth of incidents last year involving violence.

I could go on, but you see that these country’s are not the paradise that people on the left (Bernie Sanders) would like us to think.

America: Where no Wall Street bankers were charged or arrested for knowingly selling the toxic home loans and derivatives that caused a worldwide economic meltdown. No CEOs or top executives from BP were charged or arrested for causing the worst oil spill in American history. And no CEOs from Bank of America were charged or arrested for foreclosing on and then evicting thousands and thousands of homeowners from homes they still legally owned 

America: where more than 10 Black school teachers in Georgia were charged with racketeering and sentenced up to ten years in prison…for cheating 😒