I made this video last night to show other NHL fans, or panther fans that can’t make it to games, what a Florida Panthers game is like. Im interested in what other NHL games are like, so if anybody wants too, feel free to make a video of your teams game experience! 

I know this video is shitty, I dont claim it to be perfect. I was so excited last night. I couldnt even breathe. So sorry that its shaky and the audio sucks at times. 

If ANYBODY wants the original clips (They all add up to 40 minutes when not shortened or sped up) or the original audio, or have a question about anything you saw, feel free to ask!

Went skating at the BankAtlantic Center yesterday

It was so much fun. I seriously love being a season seat holder more than anything.

When checking in, they asked me to fill in some information. One of them said which is my favorite player. One of the interns saw it and said “Aww Theodore is your favorite player? He’s such a sweetheart. He’s been doing so wel!” I said “Yes, Theodore is definitely my favorite. Im so happy he’s doing well.” She’s like “Aww thats cute. You’re like proud of him like a mother” I died laughing hahahah

Oh and she said she could get me a job there. AKJLDFAJSKDHAJKSDHA I WOULD LOVE THAT. Were going to keep in touch haha.

Anyway, I was the first one there so I got to go on the ice before anybody else and just have 10 minutes of ice time to myself.

I was in complete awe. Just skating around thinking how many hockey greats have played on the very ice im skating on. 

Then I pretended to be Jose and took this lame picture. 

It was just amazing to stand there and think of the job Jose has to do every night. To protect that very spot. It was surreal.

Then I sat on the bench, which was really wobbly and high from the ground. It was weird lol

Then I went in the tunnel and my friend and I discovered that the door was unlocked. WE WENT INSIDE. It was the most adventurous thing ive ever done, unfortunately haha. We went in and it was all dark. It was a small red and blue hallway with a few doors. The first one was like electrical storage, the second was locked, and at the end of the short hallway, there was this huge beautiful door with the panther logo on it. Obvs it was the locker room. It was so cool. But then we heard a noise and ran out terrified hahaha.

Overall, It was a great experience though. I really hope to do it again soon.