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To get it you have to go to the eShop and find Pokemon Bank, then there should be an option to update. It’ll redownload and then you can begin using it to bring Pokemon from X, Y, Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby, and the Red/Blue/Yellow VC games (for which you’ll need Poke Transporter to also be updated) to Sun and Moon!

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Maybe you've answered this before but with the way the industry is going, what will the state of vocaloid be like in the future? Will it continue to thrive? I mean they've yet to stop updating voice banks annual concerts etc but hmm. What cha think?

I believe Vocaloid will continue to develop. It’s honestly still very young and new to the world (under 2 decades), and has a lot of potential to grow. It’s a very “futuristic” thing and just as technology becomes significantly more advanced in these recent years, there have been more creative uses of technology for art than really ever before, and with Vocaloid there is no exception. 

Vocaloid rides a line between both fictional representational content creation and real-world creative industry, and continues to expand considerably throughout both. Nearly every fan community “fandom” has a Vocaloid sub-fandom. There is a kind of genuine passion that inspires fans to contribute to these fandoms with their imagination and the result is a collective user-driven participatory remix culture mobilized by thousands upon thousands of people to be creative. I have also seen Vocaloid works used not only within the obvious fields of visual art, music, animation, game design, writing, programming, and film, but also in psychology, global studies, civic media, marketing, intellectual properties and rights law, ethnography, and more. Being as immersed in such an array of disciplines and manifesting mainly in the interests of young people, it’s possible that colleges (I can’t imagine younger academic institutions would, considering the US school system) will recognize the importance Vocaloid has in innovation and diversity and employ it for academic use. This would be of huge influence in Vocaloid’s impact in the world, considering the power of education in generating awareness and action.

(Just adding a bit to that last paragraph, Vocaloid is taught in some Japanese schools. These include Shikoku University and Fujimura Girls’ Junior and Senior High School. Yuzuki Yukari’s production team “VOCALOMAKETS” has held seminars on Vocaloid at NOAH College in Tokyo. The University of Oxford in the United Kingdom has an academic book titled the Oxford Handbook of Music and Virtuality that features four chapters on Vocaloid, each a specially commissioned research essay written by leading figures in the discipline to provide a critical examination on several scholarly perspectives on Vocaloid and serve as a foundation for further research. Harvard University graduate and MIT Professor Ian Condry has also done a considerable amount of academic work and analysis of Vocaloid. Tara Knight (Associate Professor at the University of Colorado and University of California) has also done several collaborative projects on Vocaloid including a series of documentaries.)

Right now there is a lot of “landlock” between Japan and the rest of the world in Vocaloid content as well as the majority of interest concentrating mainly in communities of online anime fans, but there is a lot of support for bringing Vocaloid to the rest of the world. I actually do have somewhat of a hunch that Hatsune Miku will make an appearance at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics opening ceremonies, which will be her most global appearance yet, and will definitely bring in a lot of attention. 

However, nothing is perfect, and it’s also important to address the possible problems with such a large development. One is very much the availability and access to technology. Both the United States and Japan are perhaps the world’s leading nations in the field of technology, and outside of them the role of technology changes or decreases to varying degrees. It’s also important that the current position of Vocaloid is carefully examined before taking any huge leaps. Something so fundamentally enigmatic and represented by a cutesy anime girl with teal hair is very, very, very likely to just come off as too much of a culture shock and fall into accidental “shock tactic” as “the point” of Vocaloid will whiz right over everyone’s heads. (AKA Vocaloid is NOT an anime, NOT a purely computerized movement, NOT about replacing the generative role of a human producer, NOT about one-upping Justin Beiber or whatever…that Vocaloid IS about encouraging the imaginations of all individuals to innovate and empowering them to create something meaningful to them and share it with the world.) Shock attention often pulls in the curiosity of people with negative predetermined assumptions that never would have looked into something out of genuine interest and are quick to pass judgement looking no further than “tip of the iceberg”-level material. So its growth will be a slow one, but I do believe it will continue to develop.

The Vocaloid scene is actually going fairly strong in China right now. The Beijing and Shanghai Miku Expo concerts were held just at the end of 2016. Miku also performed at Shanghai’s B.I.G Carnival Music Festival last month. 6 Chinese Vocaloids Luo Tianyi, YANHE, Yuezheng Ling, Yuezheng Longya, Mo Qingxian, and Zhiyu Moke of Vsinger (formerly VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT) are having a concert next month (”Vsinger Live”) and there’s a lot of hype for it.

In the United States, the VOCAMERICA Western Vocaloid Concert Project is steadily picking up speed. English (and Spanish) -speaking Vocaloids (and UTAUloids!) DEX, DAINA, MAIKA, Aiko Kikyuune, Namida, and Ruby have performed live. Concerts have been held at Nekocon, Etsu-con, and Toracon, with Katsucon a future possibility. American Vocaloid producers such as Crusher-P, CircusP, and Creep-P have also been featured as guests at anime conventions such as this past CPAC. VOCAMERICA also has connections in Europe and aims to bring more Vocaloid content there. 
It’s like countries are starting to build up their own families of Vocaloids (like the Japanese Miku, Luka, Rin, Len, KAITO, and MEIKO family) to perform for the people of their own nations in their own languages and I think that’s really awesome.
(Although not nearly to such an extent, I also know that there are also notable Vocaloid followings in Korea, Brazil, and France.)


I’ve been a little MIA lately - and definitely haven’t been sticking to my healthy diet and exercise. I just kind of got “off track” and busy with life. Sometimes that happens and it’s ok. I’m not in a race, just living a healthy lifestyle.

So yesterday we went to see Hamilton in Chicago and had box seats. Also my life is complete.

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Is the FF7 remake now making the Compilation non-canon?? My friend gave me these news and I don't know if it's genuine information.

(continues:) My friend hates this possibility. She loves Crisis Core, and having that become non-canon brings several concerns.

Thank you for your question! 

A quick google search earned me no confirmation of this statement. But as a writer of FF7 fanfic writer/Sephiroth-roleplayer/Leiden university student of literature, I shall do my best to give you and educated and conclusive answer instead.

TL;DR: It’s unavoidable, and will have far-reaching implications for fandom community, but it will be OK and below’s why.

What is canon?
This definition of canon from here is what I will be using in this post: 

Canon - a term borrowed from the Catholic Church, meaning ‘established truth’.  The definition of ‘canon’ is a bit vague, but is usually understood to mean the body of works upon which a fandom is based, and any information contained therein.  This is sometimes extended to include information in guidebooks, interviews, and other such sources.  Also used to refer to information from different versions of a story: for example, the school uniforms in Harry Potter ‘book-canon’ are different from those in ‘movie-canon’. 

It is a way for the creators to indicate “this is the set of in-game truths and rules we are working with.” It’s a way to keep the rules that govern the world consistent. In Final Fantasy VII, one can either regard just the OG (original game) as canon, or the entire compilation as canon.

What happens if canon is made invalid?
   This happened to the StarWars fandom. Around the first 6 films were novels, lego, books, fanarts, and fanfictions. This franchise is incredibly interesting because it does not make canon top-down (from the creators to the plebs), but also accepts work from fans (bottom-up). 

An example: anyone could write a StarWars book, as long as they stuck so guidelines set by the official creators and had it checked for approval.
Anyone could be a stormtrooper, as long as you used the exact right plastic moulds and sent pictures of the finished product to the official people who approved it. (My first boyfriend did this for his cosplay.)

Anyway, the novels continued the storyline after film six (I believe all the main characters had children). But when LucasFilms and Disney embarked on making the 7th film, they decided to throw all that worldbuilding (universe-building) away. Why did they throw it away? Because for legal reasons authors cannot read fan-fictions and this post explains why (link)
    In short: if the script writers of film 7 were to base film 7 on an any canon work, a fan could claim “I wrote a fanfic about exactly this” and face huge legal charges. Even/Especially a franchise that has a very agreeable bottom-up treatment of canon and fandom culture, has to watch out. Rey from film 7 is a completely new character, with her own timeline.


In the past, how has FF7 fandom dealt with canon vs new canon?
A long time ago, the Original Game (OG) was the ‘mothership’. Sephiroth was portrayed as evil. To give him any sign of niceness in fanfiction was considered out-of-character and greatly discouraged.
Then FFVII Cisis Core came out, and certain fans rioted against the game’s portrayal of a kind, awkward Sephiroth.

For the Final Fantasy VII Remake to be identical to the Original Game with updated graphics would be impossible. Such a game would not sell. There will be changes in the game mechanics, dynamics, aesthetics, and narrative to make the game contemporary. I feel two ways about those changes: frightened and joyous.

How does it relate to online FF7 fandom communities?
Now our 'canon’ 'mothership’ is the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Our current fandom community is built around what we have learnt of the compilation. Because FF7 is so big, it’s impossible to know everything about the story and characters and mechanics. People specialise, and draw on each other’s experience. 

My area of specialisation is Sephiroth, with in-depth knowledge of his scenes in Advent Children Complete, Crisis Core, Before Crisis, Kingdom Hearts, and Original Game. I’m still learning about his Dissidia, Ehrgeitz, and other versions. This knowledge of this character and interpretation of this character gives me social merit in roleplay communities. It’s said if you put 1000 hours of work into learning something, you are an expert. I’ve been writing Sephiroth on and off since I was 14. I’m 26 now. In my niche, I am an expert. Fans ask me questions about Sephiroth because they trust me to provide a plausible answer that conflicts least with canon.

But if/when the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII will be declared invalid, social status based on the no-longer-canon Compilation will be rendered useless. This means that when I make a statement on Remake-Sephiroth, all my arguments based on experience of (years!) of development of my Sephiroth will be useless. Scary.

This will upset the social structures of the communities. Experts are no longer expert. With the release of the first episode/chapter of the Remake, new fans and old fans start learning at the same time about the 'new’ canon. They will have the same chance to become expert. The one fan who will put in enough hours, will get most social status, will be crowned expert. 

Old groups of friends may stick together. New groups will form. New sub-communities rise. Some fans will riot against new information, as they did insisting that Crisis Core Sephiroth couldn’t be kind/awkward/friendly. More about attitudes and a ‘desired attitude’ later.

How can FF7 fans and roleplayers negotiate with old canon and new canon to find a position which they are comfortable with?
The use of the word headcanon will go through a shift. 'Headcanon’ will no longer be a combination of traits/habits one puts on the character like a sticker (my trademark headcanon is that my Sephiroth puts his hair in a braid/my belief that Sephiroth follows the Jenova Omega Theory). Instead, the word 'headcanon’ will return to its old meaning: “In my head, this set of rules is canon.” The word 'headcanon’ will then refer to a set of metaphysical choices on how the FF7 world and characters function as a framework.

My friend @askcrv2 solved this question ingeniously. I’m taking a detour into the Vocaloid fandom: she writes a singing android robot. With robots, there are new versions every few years. The voice bank is updated. New songs. New merchandise… - and thus new canons. Nowadays version 4 is common. She writes version 2. She had her robot hide in a warehouse to avoid the garbage pile. This way, she can both stick to her old canons, but also in the new versions, her old version is still valid. Her robot complements new canon. Compliments to the writer!

The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII is fun, and I love it.It is not perfect. There are glaring inconsistencies. These plot holes could be changed in the Remake. But it’s not wrong to love the Final Fantasy VII from 1997 and style your preferences to that version.

IF/WHEN it’s made invalid… How do we as fans continue?
When the Original Game and/or the Compilation as a whole be declared invalid, it will hurt. I will have to renegotiate my attitude towards Sephiroth as a character, and to the story as a whole, and find back my position in a new community. 

This game has kept me captivated for many years, so I have high hopes for the future product. I expect that the managers/teams/designers of the company have improved with 20 years more of experience. The Remake is being re-made from scratch. I have respect for the game team’s hard work and sacrifices. I imagine that every change in the  ’new canon’ will be a thoroughly-debated decision. The promotional video (link) of the Remake reveals the attitude the game-makers would like to see in the fans:

The reunion at hand may bring joy, it may bring fear, but let us embrace whatever it brings. For they are coming back. 

And that’s best of all. After 20 years, FF7 will be coming back. It’s not the fandom’s job anymore to re-create the world. The original creators will tell our favourite story back to us, and we can sit back… until we start making new fanworks!

Let’s embrace whatever it brings. 

Let’s make fantastic fanworks, and build warm communities.

The canon of the Compilation of Final Fantasy 7 will never be a forgotten memory. The Compilation will live on, inside us. I hope this post sufficiently answers your question. Tell your friend not to worry. <3

– rp-Sephiroth.

Weigh In: 17th April 2017

Tonight I weighed in at 8st 8lb (119lb) which means I’ve gained 3.5lb over the last week and I’ve lost 13lb in total since October.

I knew this was going to happen so I’m not really bothered. It’s been a bank holiday weekend, we’ve had picnics, been out for beers, and had meals cooked for us in ways we wouldn’t usually cook ourselves. I don’t mind a gain if I know where it’s come from, and as of tomorrow I’m back on plan 😊 I’ve got about 6 weeks until my seaside holiday so I want some good losses before then!

8lb to go until I hit my target of 8st! 💪

@ people endlessly complaining that “gamefreak sucks!!! they don’t know shit about making quality/they don’t care about their fanbase” all because there’s been no word still on the Pokemon Bank update… why be so extra

Here’s a list of things Pokemon added in Sun/Moon:

-a more engaging and unique story than any previous game (after X/Y was roundly criticized for being bland and following the same old trite formula of the series to a T)

-character customization (a feature initially intended only for X/Y as part of that game’s unique aesthetic, but fans wanted it back, and criticized when it wasn’t in OR/AS)

-Ride pager feature (so that people no longer have to grudgingly waste a team slot on a so-called HM Slave)

-Updated Pokemon Refresh (so that it actually has a bit more bearing on gameplay, and removed the facial-recognition feature, which was criticized because it was often faulty)

-The trials are each unique, unlike the extremely repetitive “fight trainers while solving a small puzzle to get the to gym leader” formula of every game before

-Hawaiian-based region was carefully researched and respectfully handled

-fully detailed overworld sprites for both trainers and Pokemon

-realistic sound effects in the overworld, like dynamic footsteps, waves crashing in the water, cries of Pokemon that can be found nearby

-quite possibly the most seriously relatable enemy team in the franchise history

-small side missions to help you earn money outside of battles

…but, like, sure, let’s throw a tantrum


The new Pokémon Bank update is out which is great!! But I just wanted to clarify some things for people who may not be aware…

The new Pokémon Bank lets you transfer your Pokémon from the Gen 6 games to the Gen 7 games. Unlike previous generations, the process is super super simple in that you simply take Pokémon out of the Bank and put them in your Sun and Moon boxes; the exact same way you’ve been transferring Pokémon back and forth from Bank this whole time.

However, it may have become TOO simple, as it looks like unlike previous generations, the software gives you absolutely no indication that Pokémon you deposit in Sun and Moon boxes cannot be transferred back to the Generation 6 games. If you put a Pokémon in your Sun and Moon boxes, and then press X to save, it will not be able to put it back into the Gen 6 games.

This has been the case since Pal Park, but it looks like this time, you receive no such warning that this is the case, and in fact you receive no indication whatsoever which Pokémon are and aren’t eligible to be deposited in Gen 6 games when you are moving Pokémon around in your Gen 7 boxes.

Given that you receive no notice whatsoever, I could see this easily resulting in people transferring and locking Pokémon out of the Gen 6 games that they didn’t mean to, so I figured I should try to get a warning out. Make sure that everyone is totally aware of where their Pokémon are going. Thanks for reading and consider reblogging to spread the word. Happy gaming!!