bank regulators

Me to myself: Why didn’t you finish that chapter you were working on a few days ago?

Opens up draft on laptop

Me to myself: Oh yes, I forgot that I included something about Republic credits as a crypto-currency and ended up on a 28-tab expedition into Star Wars banking regulations and the history of Bitcoin. 

Me to myself again: siiiiigggghhhhhh

so today i learnt that in australian parliament last friday we had a vote on bank regulation??? i think it was bank regulation

and anyway the number of seats held by each party is really close so if they do a vote everyone has to be there or they’ll lose

but this week a bunch of guys from the opposition announced “fuck it, whatever, we’ll lose, we’re going home” and they got a bunch of suitcases and left

so then a bunch of guys from the main party were like “well if they’re not here we can go home too! sweet! early weekend” and they all got on planes and flew home

except the opposition guys didn’t actually leave. they just drove in a little circle in their taxis and then snuck back in to vote, and the main party guys didn’t know until they were already in the air

so long story short i think we have some new bank regulations, also our parliament is made of five-year-olds

  • What they say: Andrew Jackson paid off the national debt.
  • What they mean: Nicholas Biddle managed and regulated the Bank of the United States so perfectly that Andrew Jackson was able to pay off the debt. Then Jackson killed the national bank, sending the United States into the worst economic depression it had ever seen to that point. Without regulation, state banks spread mass inflation, and speculation abounded unchecked. Unemployment was high. And the national debt ballooned back tenfold in just the first year.
  • What they say: Abolish the Federal Reserve.
  • What they mean: Fuck the economy.
FDIC's Hoenig Proposes a New Bank Regulation Plan
FDIC Vice Chairman Thomas Hoenig outlines a proposal to amend banking regulation that changes the structure of banks and explains why he is not a fan of Basel regulations. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Kathleen … Read more

Words from my uncle:

“There are so many horrible things about to happen when he takes office and has BOTH the Senate and Congress backing him…we’re all fucked. Climate Change, equal rights, banking regulations, EPA, Abortion rights, healthcare, gay marriage…on top of him using the position to take vengeance on anyone who has opposed him…first amendment rights, those are gonna be gone…we’re fucked…grab your loved ones and hold on.

If you voted for Trump…well…there’s a lot I would like to say to you, but you’ve proven that your hate will prevent it from being heard. End any contact with me. I don’t wish to know you.”