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What are the 4 hw doing in this town?

Becky runs the local bar/pub with Sheamus. What better people to have run it than the Irish? At least, that’s her way of thinking.
Bayley is a kindergarden teacher. She likes making sure her students see a big smile and get a hug first thing in the morning. Hugs make everything better.
Charlotte is from the town but moved away to follow in her father’s footsteps. She’s now a big time actress, but comes back every once in a while to remind everyone that her family lineage is better than theirs.
Sasha works at the bank. She’s the head of the town’s branch, and keeps a tight ship. The town bank is the most effective bank in the entire state. Or at least, that’s what the awards hanging all over her office walls say

So, I know how much everybody loves pretend-dating/pretend-marriage fics, but have you considered ‘pretend NOT to be dating/married’ AUs?

For example:

  • My friend is so determined to fix me up with somebody better than my string of casual coffee date/hookup partners that I didn’t have the heart to tell her, after she set us up for a blind date, that I actually met you six months ago

  • We’re both professors in the same department and it enhances your reputation with the students as a mysterious enigma and my reputation as a stone-cold terror if we pretend to hate each other, plus when we back each other up in departmental meetings everybody’s so surprised they give in right away

  • My parents thought I was working for an insurance company in New York when really I was joining the CIA so I just sort of never mentioned when I met you on an assassination-gone-wrong and now we’ve been married for five years and they still don’t know you exist, this has gotten wildly out of hand and you won’t stop laughing about it

  • All your coworkers know you’re married to a cop but now I’m undercover investigating a string of bank heists and it turns out that your only friend at your shitty new job is dating the head bank robber.

  • We’ve been communicating entirely by email/phone/carrier pigeon/paid messenger for the past year as we work to bring some peace and order to this troubled land, so when I walked into the negotiation room to sit down with the fearsome and terrible politician/businessperson/famed warrior that all my people are so afraid of, I didn’t really expect it to be you.

  • I didn’t think my parents could accept me dating somebody of your gender/race/religion/species, so we’ve been keeping it quiet, but now my mom can’t stop talking about her friend’s next-door neighbor and how perfect they’d be for me and you’ve got some nosy neighbor trying to set you up with their coworker’s kid and how do we tell them we’re engaged without making them think it’s because of their completely uninvited meddling?

  • You’ve got to pretend-date your best friend for a couple of weeks because reasons, and somehow that means we’re passing ourselves off as siblings to explain why we live together but we’ve started giving each other really filthy pre-sex looks behind everyone’s back like a game of chicken and pretty soon somebody is going to start to have serious concerns about our siblinghood.

Pretending-not-to-be-dating AUs: add yours today!

Hey everyone, I know I’ve been away for a while. My excuse for the past week is that I was too busy journaling on the roof and listening to the ocean. It was probably the last spring break my family will have together for a while, so we enjoyed every minute of it.

Pen: Pilot Vanishing Point, EF
Ink: Monteverde Olivine

  1. “Sweet Life” Frank Ocean
  2. “Bloom” Blackparty 
  3. “LOVE” Kendrick Lamar
  4. “Love Galore” SZA ft. Travis Scott
  5. “Looks” Steve Lacy
  6. “My Nigga Just Made Bail” Bas ft. J. Cole
  7. “Na Hora” Sango
  8. “Palm Trees” GoldLink
  9. “In Your Eyes” BADBADNOTGOOD ft. Charlotte Day Wilson
  10. “Glowed Up” KAYTRANADA ft. Anderson Paak
  11. “Meditation” GoldLink ft. Jasmine Sullivan
  12. “Tyrant” Kali Uchis
  13. “Bank Head” Kelela
  14. “Lite Spots” KAYTRANDA
  15. “Melt!” Flying Lotus

So I got to thinking the other day, why does every FAH story I’ve read always have the crew as an established front? Like where’s the fic where Geoff owes a shitload of money and in order to pay it back he comes up with a plan to rob a casino (or a bank whichever) and he goes to his closest friend Jack for help. And at first she’s like “Fuck dude, you’re one your own” but then she comes around and she’s like “What do you need from me?” And Geoff’s like “Fuck if I know, I’ve never robbed anything before.”

So together, the two of them start doing research and realize they’re going to need a crew. So they start poking around the criminal underground or whatever, trying to find someone willing to help, and they kind of stumble on this two-bit hacker. And Gavin is like “Am I going to get paid? And if yes, when can I start?” So once they agree to pay him (which means they have to steal more money) Gavin uses what little contacts he has to find a sniper (Ray) willing to help. But Ray wants money, too, so they have to steal even more. And then they find a demolitions expert who’s getting bored working at construction sights and wants to expand his horizons, but again Michael wants payment. And then Jack starts thinking she wants to get paid, too, and Geoff’s just like “This plan is a disaster.”

But the heist comes together, and these guys have no idea what they’re doing so they’re mostly winging it, and the day of the heist some masked weirdo shows up out of the blue, just sitting on Geoff’s couch, and Ryan’s like “I heard there’s money involved I want in.”

So Geoff, who is half asleep and doesn’t even want to argue, somehow finds a spot for Ryan and these six idiots who have never robbed a bank head out to do just that and it goes to shit. Because of course it does, and the only reason any of them survive is because two freelance assassins step in and afterward Geoff is like “I suppose you two want to get paid too?” And Lindsay and Jeremy share a glance before shrugging and Lindsay says “A thank you would have been enough, but who the fuck says no to money?”

Basically I really want an amateur thieves FAHC au.

earlier tonight, probably
  • conor: wow, sid, you've scored from behind the goal, batted pucks out of the air into the net, and gone top-shelf one-handed on the backhand. what are you gonna do next?
  • sid: i'm gonna bank it off lundqvist's head
  • conor: i don't know if -
  • sid: nope, i'm gonna bank it off lundqvist's head
AU - Deaf Adrien / Soulmates / Reverse Crush

So I spent like six years today waiting in line at the bank and I came up with this AU so here we go

  • It’s one of those universes where you can hear your soulmate in your head whenever they’re singing
  • Marinette is four when she first hears the boy singing Everybody Wants to Be a Cat inside her head
  • Adrien is four when a girl retaliates with Part of Your World
  • For two years, it’s great
  • Marinette and Adrien bond over Disney songs and whatever songs come on the radio
  • The boy in Marinette’s head sings Everybody Wants to be a Cat so often that she refers to him as Le Chaton to her parents and friends in preschool and kindergarten
  • Because, obviously, if he knows how good it is to be a cat, he must be one, right?
  • The girl in Adrien’s is particularly fond of Disney princesses
  • “Maman, the Princess is back!”
  • “Well, you can’t leave the Princess without a singing partner, can you?”
  • Le Chaton sings literally all the time
  • So much that Marinette messes up in the Christmas concert in kindergarten when she stops singing Le Bonhomme de Neige and starts singing along to Chaton’s off-key I Just Can’t Wait to be King
  • Adrien really doesn’t like Le Bonhomme de Neige
  • The snowman isn’t wearing pants
  • That’s weird
  • Marinette is six when Chaton disappears
  • She doesn’t notice at first because it’s the first day of grade one and she’s distracted
  • But when she gets home, she realizes that he hasn’t sung Everybody Wants to be a Cat even once all day
  • Or anything else
  • Marinette’s worried about Chaton even though her parents tell her not to be
  • So, before bed, she sings him his favourite song hoping he’ll sing along
  • He doesn’t
  • Adrien is six when he gets sick
  • Really sick
  • His parents and the doctors weren’t sure he was going to make it
  • But he does
  • At the cost of his hearing
  • After a surgery, Adrien has a hospital room to himself and he’s scared and it’s so, so quiet
  • He tries singing songs, but he can’t even hear that and he doesn’t hear the Princess
  • Maman and Papa are there, and they’re saying things, he can tell, but they aren’t making any noise
  • Nobody is
  • Papa leaves at some point, kissing him on the forehead as he goes
  • Maman falls asleep in the chair beside his bed
  • But Adrien can’t sleep because if he closes his eyes he feels like he’s floating in space like an astronaut and he can’t find the ground
  • And then he hears it
  • “Everybody wants to be a cat”
  • It’s quiet and it’s slower than the cats sing it but it’s her
  • The Princess
  • “Because a cat’s the only cat who knows where it’s at”
  • And then Adrien is crying and trying to sing along but he doesn’t know if he’s making any noise at all or if the Princess can hear him
  • His crying or his singing or something wakes up Maman and then she’s holding him and saying something but he can’t hear her so he says one word or at least tries
  • “Princess”
  • He doesn’t know if Maman hears him or if he made any noise at all but she hugs him tight
  • By the end of the song, the Princess is obviously crying too
  • But she sings it again and her voice lulls Adrien to sleep
  • Adrien is fifteen when he decides he’s done with tutors and wants to go to public school
  • (basically the whole sneaking out part from origins happens but with sign)
  • After he gets caught, he goes home and finds the Miraculous
  • (somehow he and Plagg can communicate despite Adrien being Deaf and Plagg not having fingers)
  • (I don’t know how that would work yet)
  • He sees something on his TV about Stoneheart and turns into Chat Noir and heads out
  • (Instead of “Claws Out” or “Transform Me” or whatever it’s some super cheesy sign)
  • (or like the sign for cat or something)
  • Adrien starts freaking out because suddenly he can hear
  • It’s not as loud as he can remember, but he can definitely hear a little bit
  • He hasn’t heard anything except the Princess in nine years
  • (she’s been his anchor, keeping him afloat in those first few years)
  • (she doesn’t sing as often anymore, but she’ll still sing Everybody Wants to be a Cat for him every once in a while)
  • Anyway
  • It’s been nine years since Marinette heard Chaton
  • She feels like she’d know if he was dead, but she can’t think of any other explanation as to why his voice just…disappeared
  • Marinette’s first day of school goes basically the same as before except Stoneheart attacks before she gets home
  • She almost gets abducted or crushed or something
  • But the suddenly she’s flying
  • Or, more accurately, someone else is flying with their arms wrapped around her
  • They land on a rooftop somewhere and it’s not exactly a smooth landing but they don’t completely wipe out either
  • And then suddenly a boy in a cat suit is waving his hands at her
  • Adrien realizes that the possibility of this random girl knowing sign is low and tries to speak for the first time in as long as he can remember
  • “You okay?”
  • His voice is kind of nasally and rough from disuse but he can hear it so he knows that she can too
  • Marinette smiled at the cat-suit boy
  • His voice sounds somewhat familiar, but she has no idea why
  • “I’m good.  Thanks for saving me.  Are you okay?”
  • Adrien freezes, staring at the girl
  • Her voice
  • He’d know her voice anywhere
  • “Princess?”
  • Marinette blinks and laughs
  • “It’s actually Marinette, but I guess Princess works”
  • After some more awkwardness, Adrien eventually takes Marinette home
  • She finds Tikki and they fight Stoneheart and probably it mostly happens the same
  • (Adrien doesn’t figure out that Marinette is Ladybug because the suits change your voice)
  • That night Marinette hears Chaton for the first time in years
  • His voice is muffled and quiet but it’s there
  • He’s singing Everybody Wants to be a Cat
  • The same song that Chat Noir is singing as he vaults past her rooftop
  • Anyway so Adrien manages to make it to school the next day
  • Chloe interprets for him because he didn’t think this plan through all the way
  • Cue Adrien realizing that Marinette is in his class
  • Cue a wildly signed argument about why Chloe will not flirt with her for him
  • So Gabriel lets Adrien go to school
  • The Gorilla is his interpreter
  • He does all the right facial grammar when signing to Adrien
  • But then talks completely monotone when telling people what Adrien is signing
  • (He also won’t flirt with Marinette for Adrien)
  • Nino and Marinette and Alya and everyone else all learn sign from the Gorilla and Adrien
  • (Chloe’s supposed to help, too, but, well, she’s Chloe)
  • At some point, Ladybug finds out that Chat is Deaf outside the suit
  • (Marinette files this information away as to why his voice disappeared for so long)
  • (you have to be able to hear yourself sing for your soulmate to hear you)
  • She’s getting good at signing via Adrien so they decide to use this to their advantage during battles since chances are the akumas won’t know sign
  • (Everyone is confused as to why Marinette is picking up sign so much faster than the rest of them)
  • Adrien is eventually able to flirt with Marinette himself
  • Cue inevitable scene where Ladybug and Chat Noir are discussing soulmates
  • “Mine’s this girl in my class, but I don’t think she knows it’s me”
  • “You should tell her”
  • “Yeah.  I can see how that would go.  ‘Hey, just thought I’d let you know that I’m your soulmate.  How do I know this?  Oh, well, I’m actually Chat Noir and remember when I rescued you my first day on the job?  Yeah, so I recognized your voice because it’s the only thing I’ve heard for the last nine years and was the only thing that kept me sane when I first lost my hearing.  Wanna go for ice cream?’  Because that would go so well.”
  • “Right.  I guess.  You said she was in your class?”
  • “Yeah”
  • Cue inevitable scene where Marinette tells Adrien that she knows he’s Chat Noir and that she’s pretty sure he’s her soulmate
  • Cue the rest of the story that I haven’t planned out yet

Anyway.  It could be cool.  I might write this after I finish at least one or two of my WIPs.

Red Lipstick and Leather Jackets

I haven’t had the chance to read it over so I apologise for any mistakes!

In the middle of the room, there’s a desk ringing around in a circle. It’s made of marble and shaking vines of grey stone runs through the beige. The lights dangle from the high ceiling and they cast a yellow glow over every inch of the room.

People are standing around, leaning against tables, sitting on chairs. They hand over cheques and withdraw money, their hearts beating at a regular pace, much to Justin’s disappointment.

He can see Y/N standing just outside the double doors. Her hands are drumming against the side of her thigh while she looks from left to right. He can see she has her leather jacket wrapped tightly around her body and he knows it’s because her weapon is being held within.

Justin let’s his eyes linger on her for a few seconds longer than he should. As though she can feel his blazing eyes burning into her back, Y/N turns and glances in through the doors. She can see him watching her and she sends him a wink, followed by her blood-red lipstick sending him a kiss. He grins evilly with both lust and adoration for his girlfriend-stroke-sidekick and winks back in her direction, hoping no one catches on to dishonest scheme the man and woman in the matching leather jackets are preparing for.

In the small pocket of his jacket, the 44 Magnum gun sits quietly, it’s cool exterior burning his hand. The pad of his thumb tapped the side of it continuously as he awaited the perfect victim.

A well-built man walks by and Justin is far too experienced to know it would be a mistake to attack someone of that size, so he shifts his gaze away and manages to clock a man who seems to be trembling as he walks. Draped in a fancy suit with spectacles on the bridge of his crooked nose, the hair on the bank manager’s head is thinning and it’s clear to Justin that he’s the one he needs.

In two seconds Justin manages to turn swiftly and pull the man into a headlock so that his arm is digging into his Adam’s Apple. A shriek emits from the dry lips of Justin’s helpless prey and fingernails as sharp as pins dig into his arm. As a result, Justin presses the head of the gun against the shining temple of the man.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Justin whispers before pointing the gun back to the crowd of cowering people. “Now, listen up! Things are about to get interesting!” Justin lets out a sharp laugh with a huge grin on his face. There’s a mad look in his eye.

No one dares to move with the barrel of the gun staring at them, instead they raise their hands in the air or curl in up in a ball on the marble floor.

“I want all of you to sit pretty for a little while, I don’t really want to hurt any of you but if you move even a muscle, I won’t hesitate to blow your brains out and paint a picture on these lovely marble walls with your innards.” He walks slowly into the middle of the room - the manager now sweating heavily under Justin’s grip - and still wears a devilish grin on his lips. “Now, come on Mr. Bank Manager. You’re gonna show me where you keep your treasure.”

“W-what do you want?” the shaking mess asks hesitantly.

“Have you not caught on yet? I want all of your money. D’you think you’ll be able to show me where you keep it?”

“We, we don’t keep it all here, on-only a percentage-“

“And that percentage is what I’m after. Lead the way, Sir,” Justin chuckles roughly into the manager’s ear and it sends a shiver down his spine. His feet threaten to give way beneath him but Justin’s grip forces him to stay on the balls of his feet.

The two men walk slowly around the room, Justin’s gun glares at anyone that makes the slightest movement or the slightest whimper of panic.

“There’s s-some in there.” A shaking finger points towards the cash register behind the high marble desk. “We have tills to-“

“I don’t need to know the bank’s fucking history,” Justin hisses and begins to stride towards the till. He frees the man of his strong hold and points the gun towards his head. “Open it.”

While Justin is busy making his way around the machines and the hidden safes throughout the bank, Y/N hangs around outside under the warm sun. There’s a gun hidden in the depth of her jacket and she can feel its figure against the palm of her hand. She can feel the high levels of power she has with such an object and it sends a wave of recklessness through her entire being.

She risks a glance inside every now and then and she’s able to see Justin pacing around. His hair falls in his face and every now and then, he’ll bother to swipe it back. She remembers the feeling of each strand passing her fingers when she does it for him.

He doesn’t have the slightest look of doubt or fear in the way the way he presents himself and she licks her lips with lust for him.

She realises she’s distracted herself and she quickly shifts her attention back to her surroundings. There’s men and women going about their day, oblivious to what they’d witness if they just turned their attention to anything but their phones or the pavement passing under their feet.

It takes at least another ten minutes before her phone buzzes in her pocket. Not wanting to look too suspicious, she takes her time pulling it out and answering it.

“Get in here, babygirl,” Justin’s deep voice rasps through her ear as though he was stood directly beside here. “I have some friends I want you to meet.” A throaty chuckle chases his words before the line cuts off. I turn on my heels and push open the double doors.

“There she is!” Justin grins madly while holding a gun to the man’s temple. “Mr. Bank Manager, you guys,” he says, waving the gun effortlessly towards the group of flinching men and women, “this is my sweetheart. Isn’t she a beauty?”

Y/N comes to Justin’s side, resting her arm on his shoulder. A small smile plays on her lips but she says nothing.

Robbing the banks and keeping watch is the part she loves; taking money from those who had too much, but frightening the victims and playing with their lives is Justin’s strong point.

“You know,” Justin starts, as though it was the first time he had spoken in a while. “This has been fun. We should do this again.”

The panic on the people’s faces doesn’t seem to disappear but instead, they seem to worsen.

“Princess.” Justin turns to look at Y/N. “After you,” he says and licks his lips when his eyes latch onto the bright red lipstick.

Y/N stares back, a subtle smirk now playing on her lips as she realises her favourite part is coming up; the part where the pair of them because insanely rich in a matter of seconds. She sways her hips because she knows Justin is watching, and her eyes shine onto the sacks that having kindly been filled to the brim with wads of money. She guessed it was Justin’s way of keeping the group busy. 

“Well,” Justin announces. “We’ll be getting off.” Y/N can almost hear the relief setting into everyone’s bodies at Justin’s words. “Is the van outside?” he mutters into her ear. It startles her because she isn’t aware he’d moved across the room. Turning to look at him, she can see him watching her with a hungry look. She nods. “Grab a bag, baby, this is all yours.”

She’s unable to let the idea of it have an affect on her because his lips come in contact with hers and she’s taken under. They’re hot, harsh and hungry for her, and she’s more than happy to give they what they want. Justin growls against her lips in the way he knows she loves, a wave of affection washes over her.

All the while, the gun in Justin’s hand has lowered and Y/N thought it was lucky that no one in the room had the confidence to strike while Justin was distracted.

She watches for a moment as he while his phone out of his pocket to call the few men they had dragged along to help them at this time. Y/N can’t help but notice how the roughness of his face makes him look so attractive. He has a slight mad look in his eyes and she adores it. She remembers a few nights ago when she told him she thought a beard would suit him, and she notices he’s now a few days unshaven.

He turns back to the crowd and continues watching guard, the gun was now in full force. She has to shake her head from left to right to bring herself out of the trance she’d fallen into before grabbing a few of the hefty bags and heading for the door. It opens as her fingers are about to wrap around it, and three familiar faces appear.

She doesn’t have to speak to them; they merely nod at her before silently making their way towards the heap of bags of money. Y/N can hear Justin entertaining the group as they load the van.

Because they’re eager to escape with success, it takes just under fifteen minutes for all the bags to be transferred. Once they’re ready, Justin begins to retreat for the door, making sure the group of - still - shaking men and women don’t move a muscle.

“If you’re going to call the police, please refrain from doing so until we’ve managed to get within a decent radius,” Justin chuckles and the hard grin makes another appearance. “Pleasant day to you all.”

He makes an effort to get to the door as quick as his feet can take him, and once the door is slammed shut and the cool wind is stroking his skin, he lets out a breath before jumping into the front seat of the van. It feels heavy with success.

“Get out,” he says to the three men hunched over in the back. He speaks again before they can protest. “You’ll get your share soon, just get out, and I’d run if I were you.”

A few incoherent curse words are thrown into the air but Justin doesn’t seem to care. The door is slammed shut and not even a second later, Justin and Y/N are gliding around the back of the building at full speed.

“We did it again, babydoll,” Justin grins with triumph, it seems to get bigger when his foot steps harder against the pedal. The engine roars like a riled lion.

“When do we ever fail?” She returns the grin and a familiar look washes across his face like a mask.

“You can have anything you want. What do you want, baby? Anything in your wildest dreams, it can be yours.”

“Just you.”

Justin loves her response, and he has to refrain from growling. A hot rush blinds his sight and he presses his foot down even further, the outside world is one big blur as they speed down the highway.

“Yeah?” he replies before throwing his head back and laughing. “That’s a very dangerous thing to say, babydoll. You know damn well if you play with fire, you get burned.”

His hair is wild and ruffled and she decides he looks beautiful.

“I could snap you like a twig, I could cut you like a rope.” He takes his eyes off of the road to look at her, and all he can see is affection. He’s overcome with adoration and is almost unable to control the hand that reaches across to touch her throat. “And you’d let me, wouldn’t you?”

The two of them are hurtling at full speed, and Justin shows now signs in slowing down. His fingers tickle her throat, but make her skin burn, too. He pressed them in deep for only a few seconds before retracting them suddenly.

“I adore you,” Justin licks his lips and Y/N feels a strong desire to bite down on the bottom one. “I very much want you to play with me, I want you to play with me, even if you know you have a relatively high chance of being burned to death.”

Justin takes Y/N’s hand in his own. His grip is strong and dominant around her small and fragile one. His hot lips drop the psychotic smirk to kiss the top of her hand, it leaves a burning sensation.

Sure, when I got ready to go out the other day, my instinctual response was, “Hmm. Looking a little more Rick Astley than I was aiming for…”, but I was showered, and I was dressed. I left the house for the first time in 3 weeks to get my blood taken. I felt shit, I looked like Rick Astley, the thread making up the crotch of my pants were wearing out more than I had realised, but I left the freaaaaaaaaaaking house. Aw yiss.

#SpoonieStrong Selfie Saturday  @SpoonieStrong

A troublemaker child, man-baby...

…feminist, and absentee guy walk into a room. What do we get? A tsunami of clusterfucks.

Do I feel manipulated? Yes. Am I tired of the games? Absolutely. Will I still be a fan of #bettertogether, formerly known as SamCait? Not certain. Am off the ship? I have been on shore with a clear view of the ship since BARFTA. Will I still love Jamie and Claire? Always. I am a book reader and for that I will always be grateful.

I honestly don’t feel like analyzing the games, but I just need to write to work it out. It is obvious to us all who looks like a cat who ate the canary in that photo. I don’t understand Cait’s tweet and don’t see why she needs to desecrate her SM with her co-start’s messy life. Why now? Did Cait reach a breaking point? Did Sam? Did the child? Did the other man?

If Cait’s message is intended to stop the S/C speculation and hate for Sam’s SO, she has failed miserably. She made Sam look like a coward, yet again, and she, the mature and responsible player in this mess. Not that Cait is blameless; I have always stressed integrity, honesty and self-respect and have not found it in either of them since IFH.

Actions matter. Words matter. So match your words with actions. But that did not happen. The following kept occurring over and over again - hip grinding, line crossing, heart eyes, eye fucks, restless hands, and gushing tributes – and they wonder why fans think there might be something going on? Sure, people misinterpret S/C all the time but would there be misinterpretation if there were none to misinterpret? Their chemistry cannot stand in for an explanation. They kill it onscreen but they did not have to off screen. It was a choice to cozy up on red carpets, interviews, promotional events and cons. There was no one holding a gun to Sam or Cait’s heads.

Actors might have a different threshold for defining relationships and with S/C sharing fluids over 3 years, maybe they have indeed taken the meaning of “friendship” or “best friends” to a level that we are not familiar with. All I can say to their SOs is “congrats.” I hope these people treat them better in private because publicly one is seen as a doormat and the other, a troublemaker child. I have no interest in S/C’s supposed SOs. I feel nothing for them. If anything, it makes me wonder about them and their willingness to withstand the games.

This is not even about privacy so that argument is moot. Maybe Cait can claim that because her SO is not on SM, nor does he engage in making public whatever that is between them but Sam’s friend clearly was never into respecting privacy. Instead, it has all been about fanning the flames of bullying and disrespect for women, as well as reaping the benefits of association with Sam.

I guess we can continue to speculate as to why Cait posted that picture. The reason(s) does not matter to me anymore. It is clear that there are losers in this game and S/C comes out smelling worse than shit. For me, anyway. It is also clear that someone is hiding something. Something is still hidden. What that is, I’ll leave it up to you to speculate.

Oh, and Sam, please start inhaling and sniffing your SO because you need to convince us that this is real. Else, we will keep doubting your devotion and think you confused as to who one you are suppose to inhale and sniff.  Or kiss and hug. Or act jealous when she talks about her date from her teenage years. Best to remember their names as well. Things get confusing and sticky at times.

If this is the price of fame, I hope S/C becomes A-listers at some point because as they are now, even with fat bank accounts, popularity, head of charities, and etc, their dignity and integrity is compromised. I no longer have interest in the guessing games and honestly; with this pic on Cait’s twitter, I just feel gross. I have always been clear that I like Sam and Cait together and I ship them together but today is not that day. I’ll stay for Jamie and Claire and see what happens with Season 3.

For those shipping on, you do you. I have nothing but respect and admiration for you and your convictions. I have to do me, which means continue sitting on the shore and watching…and perhaps occasionally speculating on what’s left.