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It had been 6 months since the accident. I remember because Elizabeth was helping me sign my name in our daughter Jenny’s birthday card. Slowly she guided by hand, helping me create some legible signature rather than the scribbles of a child in kindergarten, the best that I was able to manage with such little practice. It seems that when one loses a limb, it’s quite likely to be the dominant one. For me it was the right.

I was concentrating on my writing, trying not to make her do too much of the work, when I felt it. I hadn’t noticed the phantom feeling of my elbow resting on the table beside me, by this point I had almost gotten used to it, although the pain would sometimes still wake me. It was brief, but enough to startle me and cause my hand, still holding the pen, to jump and effectively turn my name into scribbles despite my wife’s best efforts. It was gentle but cold. Too cold. Less like ice and more like the feeling of a deep cut, when the insides of a body part are suddenly exposed to the outside elements that they were never supposed to meet. When Elizabeth asked, I shrugged it off, telling her it was an unexpected pain in the hand that was convinced it was clenched, even though it didn’t exist. At the moment, I almost believed that that was what happening myself.

The next time it woke me. I was asleep on my stomach, with my phantom arm dangling off of the bed. I’ve slept like that as long as I can remember, and when I first felt it I thought that my hand had fallen asleep and causing the pins-and-needles sensation that I had often felt. When I tried to open and close my hand, I awoke, remembering in a sleepy haze that I didn’t have a hand to open, yet the cold feeling remained. This time it stayed a while, and I could make out the distinct feeling of fingers on my skin. I tried to shake my hand, but couldn’t. I pushed down with my left hand and shifted to roll over onto my back, yet the feeling remained, still as defined, and I wondered how long this invisible hand had held me. I shook my wife awake and explained, but she was convinced that it was simply a part of the process. She held me and talked to me in her cooing, comforting voice until, one by one, the fingers lifted, releasing me from the torture of the cold. Feeling it reminded me of the accident. There was a blizzard, and Elizabeth was driving. As a truck approached the car slid, she tried like hell to control it, but it seemed to have a mind of its own. I grabbed the wheel, spinning the car until it came to a stop, then the truck hit us. My arm was mostly severed at the time of impact, but my wife and daughter were fine. The feeling of blood escaping you chills you to the bone, and that was exactly what I was feeling while in this creature’s grasp.

For months it happened, with no warning or reason. The doctors said it was just the phantom limb, that it was to be expected. No one understood that something was wrong. Sometimes it would last days at a time, and those were the days when I would stay in bed, watching TV, trying not to focus on the hand around my wrist, trying not to think of the thing that was holding me. Sometimes it’s grip would loosen only to tighten again, as if the hand that didn’t exist was sore from holding my hand that didn’t exist for so long. The one day, it stopped. For a month or so, nothing happened at all. I had gone from living with an unknown entity at my side every day to finally being free. We lived it up during that time. We went everywhere, from the Grand Canyon to Disney World. It had been forever since we had the opportunity to spend time as a family again, and we enjoyed every moment we had, grateful to have suffered only a small loss to our family.

We had opened the cafe again, and my wife was doing what she loved. My daughter and I were at the cafe. It was closing time. She and I sat at a table outside while Elizabeth closed the register, chatting about the upcoming middle school dance. My wife joined us and locked the doors. “Wanna come with me?” she asked, patting the bag of money in her hand awaiting deposit at the bank across the street. Jenny jumped up, eager, no doubt, to get one of the suckers from the candy dish that the bank kept at it’s counter. “I’ll warm up the truck,” I said, fishing my keys from my pocket. My wife nodded in approval and walked me to the truck, kissing me on the cheek through the window after I entered, and again on glass after I rolled it up. They headed down the length of the truck and I turned to check the mirror when I saw it. A truck barreling down the road heading straight for my wife and daughter. I screamed her name and threw the door open when the hand that wasn’t there was suddenly jerked to the opposing side of the truck, holding me in place as I kicked and screamed. The kiss on the glass of the window was the last I ever got, and the hand never let go again.

Blue Eyed Babies

Hi! Can I request an imagine? The reader and joker had a fling. She hasn’t seen him since but she finds out that she’s preggo.. She eventually had the baby, things were going well until she runs into him… Thank you!

A/N: Let me know what you guys think! to the anon who requested it, I hope you love it!!

“You come here often dollface?” The pale faced, green haired man asked as he stood in front of you rubbing his hands down your arms.

“Not really… It’s my friends 21st birthday party. So, I got dragged along I’m not really much into the nightlife social scene.” You replied gazing into his bright blue eyes that had you in such a trance.

“Not one for being social huh? I could change that.” He purred while kissing your neck.

His smell was intoxicating, his skin was warm. He made you feel… safe, like nothing in the world could harm you as long as you were in his embrace. You wrapped your hand around his back feeling the taut muscles through his silky red shirt. He removed his lips from your neck, and tilted your chin up analyzing your face with such curiosity.

“You look like something out of movie doll.” He said causing a smile to form on your lips.

Then ever so slowly he leaned his face closer to yours his eyes flitting to your lips. Next thing you knew he was kissing you. It was the most passionate kiss you had ever experienced. His hands went to your waist pulling your body closer against his. You moved your arms to wrap around his neck going on your tiptoes, making it easier to reach his lips. His tongue explored your mouth, leaving a metallic and delicious taste. He bit down on your bottom lip letting it linger between his teeth.

“How about a nightcap?” He purred.

“You read my mind,” You smirked up at him.  

He took your hand and lead you out of the roaring club, while barking at someone named Frost to take over his meetings.

You awoke the next morning, with black satin sheets wrapped around your naked body. The night of passion was still evident from your body. The was a satisfying ache between your legs and love bites littered your soft skin. The Joker laid next to you his green hair messy, with his cheek pressed into the mattress as he growled lightly in his sleep. Quieter than a mouse you slipped out the massive bed, retrieved your clothes and ever so silently left the most dangerous man in Gotham to wake up alone.

The sound of your coffee saying it was ready broke you from your revere. You sighed as you looked down at the pregnancy test that had just revealed your worst fears. You were pregnant with the Jokers baby. You quickly tossed the test in the trash. You went to your pristine kitchen and poured yourself some of the hot coffee, mixing in your favorite cream. You went to put the mug to your lips when you slowly stopped and dumped its contents down the sink. You had remembered that caffeine was not encouraged during pregnancy, and after all you were going to be a mother. It wasn’t such a uncommon horrible thing you thought to yourself. You were doing very well for yourself, in a secure high paying job. Your apartment was nice and even had a spare bedroom with a window that overlooked the city. It would make a perfect nursery, after a little redecorating. You had obviously hoped to be married when you started a family, but that prospect had been looking dismal for a while now. You smiled to yourself and retrieved your purse deciding to get a jump start on all things baby related.

J stretched his arm out across the king bed in search of the lovely little thing he spent last night with. If he was being honest he quite in enjoyed her, she was very pretty, listened well, and not to mention was a riot in the sack. He might just have to keep her around. When his search came up empty, he growled out loud as he lifted his head up to search for her, but the bed was unoccupied. He eyes immediately scanned the room searching for any sign of the women who intrigued him so much. All of her things were gone, except for the black lace panties he had removed from you last night. He snacthed them off the end of the bed and held him in his pale hand. He wanted to be mad at her for leaving without his permission but for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to be when he pictured her smiling face. He laughed loudly stretching his arms out as he sat cross legged in his bed and yelled for Frost. Oh he always did love the thrill of the chace, and that is exactly what she was giving. Frost opened the door a solemn look on his face. J’s smile dropped from his face upon seeing frost’s expression.

“What is it?” He growled at him.

“It’s The Penguin sir, he is back in Gotham.”

‘You’ll just have to wait for me girly’ Joker thought to himself as he readied himself to take down the penguin once more.

It had been 11 months since the penguin had been wreaking havoc all over gotham, usually the Joker didn’t mind chaos but when Penguin began taking over the Jokers terf something had to be done.

You had your two month old baby girl, tightly wrapped in her soft purple blanket as you waited in line at the bank. She was her mother’s daughter in every way. From her Y/HC locks that matched yours so perfectly to your same nose and skin tone. You were practically twins other than one thing… she had her father’s eyes. You gazed into her blue eyes that had you spellbound as she cooed at you while wrapping her tiny hand around your freshly manicured finger. You smiled at her, she was just so perfect. BANG! A gunshot erupted, you looked around to see the security guard fall to the floor. As all sorts of characters flooded into the bank heavily armed. One man was in a panda costume while the others had arrays of masks donning their faces, you even thought you had caught a glimpse of a batman. Oh no you thought realizing who it was before you heard the famous laugh. You covered your little girl’s head and pressed her tight to your chest concealing her from view. Relieved that the gunshot had not made her cry. You quickly got on your knees like everyone else and let your long hair cover your face as the Joker delivered his monologue.

“I usually am not one for accompanying my men on average bank robberies, but since this is a bank The Penguin has declared his, I thought i’d tag along for the fun of it.” He shouted at the hostages pacing back and forth on the bank counter while his men emptied the vault.

“Since we have a couple minutes before that pathetic excuse of a police department shows up. How about we play a little game? I like to call it ‘duck, duck, penguin.’” He said as he jumped down and being tapping people on the heads while saying duck.

When he called someone penguin he shot the man in the forehead.  And so he continued his messed up little game.

“Duck” he said while tapping the balding man on his head one person away from you.

“Duck.” he said again while ruffling the little boys hair to the right of you.

“Penguin.” He said as his hand fell to rest on your head.

“Ought oh, we’ve got ourselves another Penguin,” he laughed to know one in particular.

He roughly grabbed your chin and jerked it up to look at him. Recognition immediately flashed across those blue eyes your daughter possessed. You could tell she had fallen asleep in your arms and prayed he wouldn’t notice her.

“Well isn’t this a lovely surprise. Long time no see… HA! I don’t think I ever caught your name dolly.”

“Y/N, my name is Y/N”

“Y/N.” He purred, “Well that feels good on my lips. So tell me Y/N what is that little thing you are trying so desperately to hide from me named? HMM? You don’t want me seein whats under your coat no more huh? HAHA!” He pressed his gun under your chin and made you slowly rise to your feet. It was a challenge to do it with no arms and you would have fallen over if J hadn’t caught you. But the jossle caused your grip to loosen on your little girls blanket and her face was revealed to J.

“A baby!” He shouted with what you assumed to be mock joy, as he clapped his hands together loudly obviously trying to make her cry. She didn’t stir. You wanted to run away and keep her safe, but knowing the Joker he’d probably shoot you as soon as your back was to him. So you stayed, your grip shaking and your eyes filling with tears.

“Don’t hurt her.” You begged.

“Hurt a child? Me? My dear that’s simply terrible.” He laughed loudly causing your baby to stir.

Her bright blue eyes opened to meet the ones she had gotten from her father. He squinted his eyes at her, she looked so familiar.

“What’s her name?” He asked slowly never breaking eye contact with her

“Jay,” you said, “She is named after her father.”

His eyes snapped to yours as you watched the realization of what you were saying spread across his handsome devilish face.

“Well this is certainly… unexpected.”

Travblog: Lost in Airplane!

Gue dulu waktu kecil punya cita-cita jadi pilot. Ketika anak-anak yang lain punya cita-cita jadi Dokter, Insinyur, dan presiden. Gue punya cita-cita yang beda sendiri. Ya.. Jadi bolpen.

Cita-cita menjadi pilot ini gue pegang teguh dari TK sampai masuk SMP. Ketika masuk SMP, gue baru sadar kalau ternyata selama ini gue punya phobia ketinggian. Dan ya, semenjak saat itu gue harus mengubur dalam-dalam cita-cita gue untuk jadi pilot lantaran phobia gue yang satu itu. Phobia gue yang lain adalah phobia pakaian. Makanya tiap di depan cewek, rasanya pengen banget gue ngelepasin pakaiannya. Phobia soalnya.


Kalian jangan salah, walaupun seperti ini, gue juga pernah jadi orang kuper. Gue pertama kali naik pesawat waktu SMP. Saat itu bokap kebetulan dapat undangan reuni ke surabaya, akhirnya karena biar cepat sampai, kami memilih pesawat untuk perjalanan menuju Surabaya.

Sesampainya di pintu pesawat, gue terdiam. Gue yang saat itu masih jadi anak SMP dengan jakun yang baru tumbuh dan bulu-bulu halus di beberapa tempat itu dengan polosnya langsung memeluk pintu pesawat. Sontak emak gue kaget. Doi mikir anaknya punya kelainan jiwa yang kalau ngeliat pesawat bakal mendadak jadi horny. Tapi ternyata enggak. Gue itu maniak sama yang namanya pesawat dari kecil. Suka banget mengumpulkan mainan berbentuk pesawat. Dan ketika gue bisa menaiki pesawat beneran, gue ingin melepaskan rasa penasaran gue yang tidak lain adalah merasakan gimana rasanya menyentuh kulit pesawat.

Yah namanya juga bocah.

Dan dari semenjak hari itu, gue nggak pernah naik pesawat lagi. Apalagi pesawat tipe Jumbo Jet. Selain karena mahal dan tidak punya uang, gue pun jarang bepergian jauh-jauh.

Oke kembali ke cerita.

Dalam travblog edisi “Tersesatlah!” kali ini, gue akan membahas seluk-beluk, kisi-kisi, hal-hal, dan tata krama apa saja yang sepantasnya dilakukan ketika menaiki pesawat. Gue menulis semua hal di sini tidak serta merta hanya bacotan gue doang. Tapi karena gue pernah mengalami hal-hal tersebutlah makanya gue ingin berbagi. So, lets we begin.




Sebagai anak kekinian, gue tahu masalah terbesar umat manusia sekarang itu tidak jauh dan tidak bukan adalah Colokan. Ya, kita tidak bisa jauh-jauh dari benda biadab yang satu itu. Walupun para scientist telah menemukan alat pengganti colokan yang sering kita sebut dengan PowerBank, tapi itu masih belum mampu mengganti peran colokan yang sesungguhnya.

Selain karena Powerbank butuh colokan juga untuk mengisi dayanya, powerBank pun hanya bisa digunakan mengecas HP kalian beberapa kali saja. Dan sangat tidak disarankan untuk sering-sering digunakan. Namanya juga powerBank, digunain untuk keadaan darurat doang.

HP kita itu voltnya sering berbeda dengan output volt powerbank. Apabila kalian sering-sering nyolok powerbank, itu HP lama-lama bisa hamil batrenya. Sama seperti om-om, kebanyakan nyolok, kemungkinan hamilnya lebih besar. Semakin HP dimainin ketika masih dalam keadaan mencolok, kemungkinan besar batre akan cepat rusak. Sama seperti om-om, di saat dia main ketika sedang dalam kondisi mencolok…

Ah sudahlah..

Sampai mana kita?

Oh iya..

Sosok colokan di bandara itu minim alias susah ditemukan. Kenapa? Ya karena pihak bandara nggak mau listriknya dicolok sama ente-ente sekalian sehingga token PLN-nya sekarat. Kasian nanti pas mau lepas-landas tiba-tiba ban pesawat kaga mau masuk gara-gara listirknya abis karena elu kebanyakan ngecas di bandara.

Satu-satunya tempat yang mempunyai banyak colokan di bandara itu hanya ada di tempat menunggu masuk pesawat setelah kalian berhasil melewati bagian Imigrasi.

Terus gimana dong kalau batre HP gue sekarat?

Gue juga saat itu sedang mengalami hal yang sama. Kondisi HP gue kritis, udah kelap-kelip kaya dada Ultramen waktu hampir mati ngelawan Monster Kelabang. Gue kelabakan, gue muterin seluruh daerah Bandara (termasuk restoran di depan terminal 2 itu) hanya sekedar untuk mencari colokan.

1.      Colokan

Tempat colokan itu biasanya tersembunyi. Kisi-kisi pertama yang akan gue kasih tentang colokan adalah sebagai berikut,

Coba kalian cari tukang Wrap Koper yang kebetulan lagi nggak ada penunggunya alias lagi kosong. Di setiap mesin Wrap Koper, kalian akan melihat ada satu buah colokan di sana. Coloklah, maka kalian akan berbahagia (Al-Colokan 2-3)


Tempat yang lain adalah, cari counter-counter bank/mading/tempat informasi atau alat-alat elektronik untuk menampilkan informasi yang sudah tidak terawat. Kita ini hidup di Indonesia, sudah pasti tempat tidak terawat seperti itu ada banyak di sekitar kita. Di setiap bekas alat-alat elektronik, pasti di sana ada colokan. Salah satu contohnya seperti gambar di bawah ini.

“Maka Nikmat Tuhan-mu yang mana lagi yang kau dustakan.”


Setelah menemukan colokan dan mengisi sampai penuh segala barang-barang elektronik kalian, berarti separuh perjalanan hidup kekinian kalian sudah selamat. Beberapa saran gue yang lain adalah ketika kalian sudah cukup mengecas HP, menunggulah atau diam tepat di depan konter cek-in maskapai kalian masing-masing.

“Kalau gue sih nunggunya di depan konter cek-in yang ada mbak-mbak manisnya aja. Gapapa, gitu juga udah bahagia kok.”


Kenapa gue sarankan untuk nunggu tidak jauh dari tempat cek-in? Karena setahu gue, jeda dari waktu cek-in ke keberangkatan itu sebentar banget, cuma 1-2 jam kalau gue nggak salah inget.

Pelajaran dari gue yang lain adalah, selalu sediakan uang sebesar 200-300 ribu di dalam dompet.

Ketika cek-in, ada beberapa maskapai yang meminta tambahan uang pajak sebesar 150ribu atau bahkan lebih. Dan di waktu yang sempit seperti ini, kalian gak mau dong harus lari-lari ke ATM, ambil duit, terus balik lagi sambil ngosh-ngoshan?

Maka dari itu, alangkah baiknya pengalaman gue ini kalian jadikan pelajaran.

Setelah cek-in, buru-burulah pergi ke bagian imgirasi. Ketika paspor dan persyaratan kalian telah disetujui dan diperbolehkan masuk menuju tempat tunggu pesawat, kalian akan cukup terkejut melihat banyak sekali colokan geratis disediakan di sana. Beberapa malah ada yang menyediakan loker berkunci untuk ngecas HP. Silakan bagi umat-umat yang hendak melanjutkan ngecas dan membuka laptop.. Kalian bisa sepuas-puasnya di sini

2.       Wi-Fi

Siapa di sini yang fakir kuota? Yak, kita satu spesies berarti. Beda dengan bandara-bandara di luar negeri, bandara kita itu masih bisa disebut dengan bandara yang pelit wi-fi. Bagaimana tidak? Gue sama sekali tidak menemukan adanya wi-fi geratis untuk bisa laporan keadaan gue sama orang tua– di bandara ini.

Ada sih free wi-fi bandara Soekarno Hatta. Tapi dia mati tiap 5 menit sekali, dan untuk login ulang perlu perjuangan lebih besar ketimbang perjuangan seorang anak kecil yang disuruh mengucapkan kata KANTOR dengan keras tapi bibirnya harus terbuka dan tidak boleh saling bersentuhan.


Kalau begitu gimana dong caranya untuk bisa mendapatkan wi-fi geratis?

Sebagai seseorang yang sedang berjihad di jalan kuota. Gue sempat bingung mencari di manakah gerangan ada wi-fi geratis? Sebenarnya di setiap outlet toko yang ada di sana juga menyediakan wi-fi sih, tapi syaratnya harus beli barangnya dulu baru dapet password wi-fi. 

Tapi tenang, carilah salah satu minimarket di daerah sana. Karena biasanya minimarket menyediakan wi-fi yang nggak di password. Dulu gue nemu satu, dia cuma butuh login dan masukin alamat email lo doang untuk login. Kalian tidak usah beli apapun. Cukup nongkrong di depannya lalu update deh.

Nah, itu adalah beberapa kisi-kisi yang bisa lo praktekan kalau pergi ke luar negeri seorang diri. Sekarang kita akan mulai masuk ke dalam tata krama dan hal-hal apa saja yang bisa lo lakukan di dalam pesawat.

Capcus cyin~




1. Selalu membawa 2 tas untuk di dalam kabin. Satu tas ransel, dan satu tas kecil yang bisa lo bawa kemana-mana.

Buat apa? Apabila perjalanan kalian pergi ke luar negeri, kalian akan cukup terkejut menjumpai banyak sekali warga asing di dalam pesawat ketimbang warga negara Indonesia itu sendiri. Gue contohnya, gue kira karena ini Indonesia, maka pesawat yang gue tumpangi ke Jepang nanti akan banyak orang Indonya. Namun ternyata gue salah, gue cuma 1 dari 10 orang Indo di dalam pesawat. Sisanya? Pemain JAV semua.

Terus apa hubungannya sama Tas?

Ketika di dalam pesawat, tata krama adalah hal yang paling utama yang harus lo perhatikan. Perjalanan kalian bakal memakan waktu lebih dari 5 jam, dan kalian nggak mau kan dicibirin sama orang asing selama itu? Terlepas dari tempat duduk kalian ada di mana (window, middle, alley) kalian harus tetap sebisa mungkin tidak keluar masuk tempat duduk sering-sering.

Beberapa orang biasanya setelah memasukan tas ke dalam laci kabin, dia akan duduk manis, terus ketika pesawat sudah jalan lalu tanda sabuk pengaman boleh di lepas telah menyala, dia biasanya mulai berinisiatif untuk mengambil buku, headset, hp, cassan, dan lain-lain dari dalam tasnya yang ada di laci kabin tadi.

Otomatis jika seperti itu, dia harus berdiri dulu dong dari tempat duduk dan tentu mengganggu orang lain yang duduk di sekitarnya. Terus dia harus membuka laci kabin, tentu orang-orang juga akan terganggu mengingat ada barang mereka juga di sana. Kita tidak tahu barang mereka pecah belah atau tidak, mereka takut ketika kalian mengambil tas kalian, terus tanpa sengaja tas mereka jatuh dan barang-barangnya rusak semua.

So, selepas masuk pesawat, masukin tas ke dalam laci kabin, setelah itu usahakanlah untuk tetap duduk manis.

Terus kalau ada hal penting yang harus diambil dari dalam tas gimana dong, Mbe?

Nah itu gunanya kalian membawa tas kecil, kan?
Beberapa barang yang harus ada di dalam tas kecil kalian adalah sebagai berikut.

  1. Pulpen (penting buat mengisi form kedatangan yang akan diberikan di tengah perjalanan sama mbak-mbak pramugari kimochi.)
  2. Paspor
  3. Kertas kosong/ kertas tiket
  4. HP (DI DALAM HANDPHONE KALIAN, USAHAKAN UNTUK PUNYA SCREENSHOOT DARI ALAMAT TEMPAT TINGGAL KALIAN DI LUAR NEGERI NANTI. PENTING!!!! Di dalam pesawat, kalian gak bisa browsing soalnya. Harus punya offline-nya. Karena alamat tempat menginap kalian wajib ditulis di form yang nanti diberi oleh pramugari.)
  5. Powerbank dan segala kabel-kabelan.

Paling penting 5 itu dulu. Lantas kalau ingin membaca buku bagaimana? Kan tidak cukup dimasukan ke dalam tas kecil?

Yaudah, kalian boleh membuka laci kabin, tapi sebelum itu usahakan kalian menaruh segala hal-hal yang akan kalian pakai di dalam pesawat itu di tempat yang terjangkau.

Contohnya buku. Buku diletakan di tas paling atas, sehingga ketika dibuka, kalian bisa langsung mengambilnya tanpa harus berlama-lama mengeluarkan barang-barang yang lain. Headset juga begitu, kalau bisa sih menggantung di leher. Tapi nanti di pesawat juga kalian bakal dikasih headset kok di tiap kursi, jadi kagak usah repot-repot.

Hal ini tidak hanya di pesawat saja. Di kereta pun sama. Jangan sampai kalian mengganggu waktu istirahat orang lain karena kalian sibuk ngoprek tas di laci penyimpanan di atas sana. 

Pikirkan benda-benda apa saja yang sekiranya bakal kalian butuhkan di dalam pesawat. Maka tarulah benda itu di tempat yang mudah dijangkau tanpa harus berlama-lama ngoprek tas.

Jaket, obat-obatan, syal, bantal leher, pistol, bazoka, atau rocket launcher.

Belajarlah untuk menghormati orang lain.

2.    Tata Krama duduk di kursi pesawat.

Lha jangan kira duduk di pesawat itu bisa seenak jidat lo aja, sist. Ada tata kramanya juga loh.. 

Orang luar negeri itu sangat menjunjung tinggi tata-krama, jadi sebisa mungkin jangan malu-maluin lah. Tapi btw gue waktu pertama kali pergi ke luar negeri juga nggak tau tata krama sih, alhasil jadi dicibirin sinis sama kakek-kakek tentara Heiho yang saat itu di sebelah gue.

Oke, sekarang kita jabarkan satu-satu.
Jadi begini.

Kursi di pesawat itu di bagi ke dalam 3 bagian.

Btw, udah panjang aja nih cerita gue.
Gue lanjut di part berikutnya aja ya..


DEAR JESS AND SHERRI: One of your own has now engaged in serious illegal doxxing and “blackmail” to keep the ship afloat--it is time to cut ties with this person or risk being perceived as condoning this behavior

I know as a fact that an s-shipper who doxxed me in the past is still in Jess and Sherri’s inner circle. I believe this woman or another s-shipper working in conjunction with her has now attempted to blackmail me.

I don’t think that the s-shipper inner circle is blameless. I believe that everyone in it knows about the doxxing and possibly the blackmail and has directly or indirectly supported it by allowing the person or persons involved in it to remain in their inner circle and/ or by not completely cutting ties with them.

I recently received an anonymous submission that pretty much amounts to blackmail. To me it is bizarre that certain s-shippers feel so utterly in need of this fake ship that they would resort to blackmail to keep it afloat. 

I’m still not sure whether I am going to pursue legal action against the blackmailer. If I decide to give the authorities the timestamped blackmail anon submission, access to the Stats Counter data bank attached to my blog, and the blogger handle of the s-shipper whom I know has doxxed me, I believe it should be sufficient information for the authorities to apprehend the blackmailer and also hopefully put an end to that person’s illegal doxxing behavior. Anyway the blackmailer should be aware that what she is threatening could potentially be pursued both through criminal and civil procedures, especially if I should suffer any material harm as a result of her actions.

The funny thing is is that I was naturally going to be cutting back writing on my blog anyway. You see, this past year I have been actually very ill with some serious upper respiratory problems and I took a lot of sick leave as a result. Being sick at home and bored, the one thing I had the energy to do was read and write on my laptop, which is why I was able to write so much on my blog this past year. However, I spent much of the summer recuperating (I get a ridiculous amount of time off in the summer since I work at a university) and I am feeling much better now (although my respiratory problems are permanent and I do have to be careful not to push myself too hard). Now that I feel well enough to work full weeks again, I anticipate that I will be very busy this academic year and I really won’t have that much time to blog anyway.

It is ironic that at the point that I would naturally have been cutting back a whole lot on writing for my blog, is when one of the s-shippers chose to blackmail me.

I haven’t decided yet if I will stop blogging about the fandom all together.  I’d prefer to decide to stop discussing the fandom because I want to stop doing so, not because some bully pushes me to do so. I am going to take a few days to sort out what I want to do with my blog and whether I want to go to the authorities about this blackmail. In the meantime, I will blog about other aspects of Outlander, like the books and show, or other topics such as art and politics. I will also “like” and possibly comment on other NST posts if I am moved to do so.

So please listen up Jess and Sherri. That at least one of your inner circle (possibly with your blessings) felt she had to go to the lengths of doxxing and blackmailing me to stop me from countering your arguments about a silly celebrity ship says pretty awful things about who she is as a human being and who you are if you let her continue this behavior. And please don’t pretend you don’t know who this woman is. I know you know. This is extreme super-shipping at it’s worst. And it isn’t harmless “fun” anymore. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for letting this get so ugly and out of hand.

So Jess, Sherri and the other s-shipper leaders, it is time to “police” yourselves or admit that you are condoning this vile behavior. You know who she is. Demand she send me an apology and stop her doxxing and blackmailing behavior or out her to the community, kick her out of your inner circle, and/ or cut off all ties with her.

The choice is up to you and will tell the fandom a lot about who you really are as human beings.