bank closings

People are closing their bank accounts in the name of #NoDAPL.

38 banks directly supported the companies building the Dakota Access Pipeline even though the project lacked the necessary permits for its completion.

People don’t want to keep their money in the banks that support human rights abuses and risks to water, which is life.

Finally, people have obtained some justice!

Energy Transfer Partners is now under extreme financial pressure to complete the pipeline.

If it isn’t finished by January 1, oil companies will have the chance to renegotiate their pipeline contracts or pull out completely.

It’s starting to hit the fan!


  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she thinks: What happened to Cathy at the end of The Last Five Years? I mean Jamie said that he closed the bank account, he left her in an house she couldn't afford, he pushed her to quit her job, she probably had no one in the city and she had no help nor money. What did she do? Did she quit her dreams and went back to her family? Did she find another shitty job in the city? Did she find someone better to love? Did she become an actress?

hi. it’s la'shaunae
im in a very toxic and verbally abusive environment and im scared that ill hurt myself soon if i dont leave.
i cant find work (so pls dont send mean anons telling me not to “beg” online)
ive been trying very hard to sell my clothes but im still not really making money from that
and i do not know what else to do but i trust all of my online friends
ive been stressed and crying almost 80% of the day EVERY night and i just want to be more happier for once
ive been trying to get noticed online by modeling companies but i have been unsuccessful with that.
just donating a lil will add up eventually
i gave my family all that i had and now im left with nothing and not getting help
my bank account was closed bc of my hospital bills putting me in debt
im gnna save up in my paypal (bc my bank account closed) to move out
i dont know where the fuck ill go but ill have somewhere to go thats not here.


How can I help you? Do you see those doors, Agent Spaulding? I’m the last person to go through those doors tonight. I want this place secure. Shut the elevators down. Close the banks across the street. Clear the floor. Only essential personnel. No campaign staff, no press, no family, no local police, no florists, no orderlies, no administrators. I want to see only doctors and nurses, agents, me, and you. That’s it. I want everyone else off this floor. And let’s toss a net on all cell service, WiFi, land lines and cable. No communications in or out. We are an island until I say otherwise. Is that clear?

really glad to finally have some money in my paypal accou- *sends it to wrong bank account*

(later) really glad to finally have some money in my bank accou- *banking agency closes my account and notifies they’re sending me a check of the current balance because they’re bankrupting and rent is due*

Me: Happy National Puppy Day, Ducky!

Ducky: Happy National Daddy Day, Daddy!

Me: That’s not how that works.

Ducky: As long as we both get treats, what does it matter?

Me: Who said anything about treats?

Ducky: No treats?

Me: None planned.



Ducky: So this is more of an “observed” holiday than a “celebrated” one?

Me: I guess.

Ducky: Are dog banks closed on National Puppy Day? 

Me: Dog banks don’t exist.



Ducky: Then how are we going to get my food out of my safety deposit box?


Ducky: …

Me: You mean, “How are we going to get your food out of the bin in the kitchen?”

Ducky: Whatever you want to call it. That’s between you and the teller.

Me: I love you, Ducky. Happy Puppy Day.


The Last Five Years || Conor

Request: could you write a “the last five years au” with connor?



I called Jack to help me pack my bags. I went downtown and closed the bank account. It’s not about another shrink. It’s not about another compromise. I’m not the only one who’s hurting here. I don’t know what the hell is left to do. You never saw how far the crack had opened. You never knew I had run out of rope and I could never rescue you. All you ever wanted was for me to rescue you but I couldn’t no matter how I tried. All I could do was love you hard and let you go. God, I loved you. So we could fight or we could wait or I could go.

You read the letter over and over again, blinked back the tears just to keep reading it, just to make sure you had read it properly. Surely the ring left beside the sealed envelop with your name on it told you that you had.

Conor had left you.

The last five years with him flashed in your head every time you read the letter. You remembered the day you met him, in LA while he was at Vidcon. You hadn’t gone to Vidcon but you were on holiday there in LA and ran into him on the streets. You fell for his eyes first. You couldn’t remember how the rest went. Hell, you couldn’t even remember who gave the other their number first. But you remembered how his eyes shined like the bright California sun.

You remembered meeting up with him once you were both back in London. The coffee dates, the walks in the park, the evening dinners that lead to a little bit more as the night wore down. Then the day he met your parents. The day you met his. The day you suggested you moved in together. The day he said yes. You were so happy to be with him. So happy to be in love with him.

You had dreams of being an actress, but those dreams were hard to make a reality. Failed audition after failed audition, there were so many days that you just came home, curled up in a ball on the couch, and talked to Conor about how you were sure you were destined to fail and become a sad and pathetic housewife for the rest of your life. You remembered one day in particular. He sat you up and sang you a song he had been working on. Classic Conor. His career in music was already taking off. He spent half of his time writing songs and the other half going to meetings and dinners with people on his label.

The song served to cheer you up. He took your hand and the two of you danced around the room. For the few minutes you danced, you forgot why you had been so sad in the first place. He had a way of doing that to you. Once he finished his song, he took your hands in his and looked in your eyes. “I believe in you,” he told you firmly. Then, he handed you a folded up newspaper and said, “Here are all the open auditions in town. There’s about a hundred roles you would be perfect for.” You smiled gently and took the paper from his hand. “I can get Oli to take some great head shots of you. It’ll be perfect. I believe in you.”

“Thank you,” you said quietly.

“I love you,” he said with a smile.

“I love you too.”

And then you got a part in a real show. You were so happy. Conor was happy too, he really was. He was just so caught up in work. That’s how it usually was. After an audition that you thought went particularly well you’d call him. You were almost always brought to voicemail these days. Hours later he’d text you and say he was proud and sorry that he missed your call. Work was just so busy. Gotta finish that album. Gotta talk about shows and a tour. Wouldn’t it be cool to tour? You could go with him. Life on the road.

Then there was the wedding. It was small, just your closest friends and family. God, you were so happy to marry him. You felt like, even though his work was crazy, him marrying you was his way of showing you that nothing was ever more important than you were. 

The honeymoon stage faded quickly. It was always work. It was always his work and never yours. Your auditions didn’t matter as much as a new song he had written. Then there were always those damn parties. His producers and managers and label always threw dinner parties and he always had to go. He would tell you it meant so much for you to go along, but then he’d abandon you almost as soon as you walked through the door. It didn’t always used to be like that. He used to walk with you proudly on his arm, introduce you to everyone in the room. But then the music became more important. The job and the people to impress. It all became more important than you.

You knew he was cheating. The weekends away, the never going to your shows, the missed phone calls and stupid pictures with him and other girls on Instagram. You knew it. You talked to him about it, accused him and fought with him, but he always denied it. Even after smelling the perfume on his shirts or seeing the lipstick stains on his collar, he denied it. You were too hopeful to leave. You were sure he’d stop, sure he’d remember why he loved you in the first place. Sure he’d apologize and change his ways and come right back to you. Sure.

But he never did.

You reread the note again, just to be sure you had read it right. You even looked around, wondering if there were cameras set up. Maybe Jack needed a video idea and thought this sick twisted prank would be a good idea. But there was nothing. Nothing except the note, his set of keys, and a simple gold band sitting on the table. He had new dreams to pursue now, probably new people to meet. Probably a new girl to be in love with.

Looking back, you still didn’t know how it all went wrong, how two people so in love could fall so out of it so quickly. Had it been you? Were you not enough? Did the job consume him? Did your jealousy consume you? Were you just two puzzle pieces that were never quite meant to fit together? Maybe you had just spent the last five years forcing them together. Eventually, with enough forcing, one of them was bound to break. With him leaving, you weren’t sure who had ended up more broken. 

anonymous asked:

The bank next to our store got robbed. Like, lost A LOT of money. So they were closed for the rest of the day while the police worked and they tried to get their shit together. A customer came in bitching that the bank was closed about 20 minutes after the actual incident. She said she's gonna switch banks because of the inconvenience. Can you um, go fuck yourself?

  • Half blood Hufflepuff: Hey slytherin, can I borrow a galleon?
  • Slytherin: No. No more loans. You already owe me way too much. The bank of Slytherin is closed.
  • Hufflepuff: What, are you sailing away on a tugboat?
  • Slytherin: It's not a tugboat! I'm locking the vault!
  • Hufflepuff: ...
  • Slytherin: Wait, what's a tugboat?

Hey everyone. So within the past couple hours I have had some really bad news put onto me. 

     So my mom has informed me that we are in the situation that the bank is super close to foreclosing our home. Both of us were in a pretty bad car accident last year, and has thus hurt us both in the ways of working. She and I both have a hard time working for long periods of time, and with that we haven’t been able to make house payments. Our cable/internet is going to be shut down any day. And if we lose our home, we lose our dogs. Our dogs are everything to us, to me. I’m coming to tumblr in desperation, asking for any help that I could get to possible save our home and our family. I am not looking for handouts though and am opening up commissions: Pay what you want edition. Any little bit helps. Below you will find some examples of what I can do:

    I can do simple icons, chibis, linearts, colored pics, whatever you would like! I do ffxiv art, OCs of any kind, and will try my best to make whatever comes my way! I will not draw mechs (cannot draw them >< ) heavy gore or nsfw or any kind, sorry ;;

    So please, message me if you are interested in commissioning me, or if you simply want to donate, I will link my paypal below. Please, I have nowhere else to really turn, and I am terrified to think of what will be happening in the next few weeks. Any and all help is appreciated, and thank you for listening.

                    Please Commission Me Today


Buildings Ornamentations (No. 10)

Connaught Building, Ottawa (two pics)

Bank of Canada Building, Ottawa

Veterans Memorial Buildings, Ottawa

Canadian Tire Centre, Ottawa

Old City Hall, Toronto (three pics)

St. Georges Hall, Toronto

The Elmwood, Toronto

I wish tumblr actually cared about Greece right now. Everyone’s happy to reblog posts of pictures of Santorini and the Greek islands and to read books based of Greek mythology and quote Greek philosophers and live in countries built on the ideas and inventions that GREEKS CREATED but I am yet to see one post about the Greek crisis and it just seems like no one cares what’s going on. People do not have any money, all banks are closed and accounts are frozen. ATMs are only giving 60 euro a day to people and they are soon going to run out of money. Unemployment is at 28% if I’m correct. 272.7% increase in depression. People are committing suicide because of the living standards (around a 35% increase) . There has been electricity and hot water cuts in parts of Greece. Pensioners can’t get their pensions. The Greek PEOPLE are being blamed because apparently they are ‘too lazy’ but no ones blaming anyone else when it’s not the people of Greece’s fault. they’re being bullied and pressured by more powerful countries, the eu and imf to vote yes on the referendum meaning higher taxes and spending cuts putting the people of greece in even more poverty. not to mention that Greece already has a corrupt government to deal with. And no one seems to care that whatever the outcome is with Greece effects other countries such as Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy who are also in a very fragile state. Mind you the EU doesn’t seem to care if Greece goes bankrupt because they won’t give Greece debt relief, they are ruining a country and the lives of people! I have family in Greece right now and my yiayia (grandmother) has informed us that she is currently living off her last 20 euros because she’s on the island Lesvos in a village and can’t access any of her money in her bank accounts. It’s disgusting that people are making jokes of this situation when the people of Greece are suffering as much as they are, and I don’t think they realize what an effect Greece collapsing will have on them and the rest of the world! All I’m asking is for the people of tumblr to open their eyes to a major issue in the world right now because even if it’s not effecting you directly, it’s effecting millions of people. Greece needs help and even if it can get something as little as more recognition and acknowledgment of how bad the problem is, maybe just maybe things can get better. Just keep in mind that this could potentially ruin a country filled with such a beautiful culture, proud outgoing spirited people and an incredibly rich history