bank cartoon

Riley [to Maya]: What’s in your head?
*Maya knocks out cartoon Rileys*
Cartoon Rileys: Don’t do this! Don’t do that! Be like me! Today is the best day ever! Peachespeachespeachespeaches
Maya: Oh my gosh, I’ve never felt better in my life! Let’s go rob a bank.
Cartoon Riley: Quick! Back in her head!

This whole ep was very wtf, but I did think it was very interesting that inside Maya’s mind was a bazillion Rileys telling her what to do (also reminds me of the quote from Yearbook “Riley Matthews is the best person I can be”). And when they all fall out and the Rileys are not in her head is when she says she has never felt better.

Anyway between this bit and Creativity (where Maya said she didn’t want to live in a world of stupid purple cats and Riley also seemed to harbor some jealousy of Maya during the ep), I wonder if they’re foreshadowing possibly Rilaya fight/tension in the future.