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Some Characters as Villains

I just had this in my mind. If you like me sharing my thoughts or ideas or little random fics with you, let me know! Or what you think about them, if you want to.


- Midoriya generally operates at night, mostly because it’s easier to keep up the innocent persona during the day that way. And since he doesn’t have a Quirk, he puts a lot of power into knowledge and learns as many different fighting styles as he can, building quite the name for himself as a formidable fighter and information broker.

- You wouldn’t expect that he’s a villain, with his disheveled hair, charming smile and his slight clumsiness in public and when dealing with strangers. He greets his neighbors and is polite to elderly people, so the residents in his apartment complex only have nice things to say about him.

- He’s a very smart villain and he puts a lot of thought and research into his rivals and the powers and abilities of the heroes. It’s very rare that he gets involved into a fight unprepared or without knowing who he’s dealing with. Depending on what he wants, he deals with information in the underground as well.

- He works with other villains from time to time and while he likes most of them well enough, he never tells them anything of value. They don’t get to know what he thinks about or what he cares about and at the end of the day, no one can say how his mind works or what his intentions are.

- Midoriya has his principles and a bit of morale as well. He never attacks children or someone old and defenseless. However, if he meets an already injured hero, he doesn’t mind attacking them or if the police cross his path, he won’t hesitate to take them out.


- He started out with robbing banks and breaking into buildings. His Quirk makes it very easy to get into places he’s not supposed to get into. Nowadays he’s after more valuable stuff and information. Also, if something has the reputation of being impregnable, he gets inside just to show how wrong they are and that, when it comes down to it, no one can keep him out.

- Mirio doesn’t really join any alliances, though he doesn’t mind teaming up with a villain once in a while. Mostly he works alone and sometimes, when he meets younger villains and sees them messing up, he gives them an advice before he continues on his way to whatever heist he planned.

- He’s rather ruthless when it comes to his fights. He doesn’t take any pleasure in drawing them out or hurting people more than necessarily. He’s brutally efficient and knocks anyone out as fast as he can so he can move around undisturbed.

- Mirio is careful to always have a bit of first aid stuff with him, simple bandages and disinfectant in his pocket and a full kit back at his home and his base, that he frequents quite often to get into his civilian clothes and takes a safe route back to his flat.

- Mirio always keeps an eye on what’s going on in the hero and the villain world. Nothing is more dangerous than to miss someone powerful showing up or when power-scales tip. He’s also careful to keep people a bit away even those he likes or works with to ensure that he’ll be able to watch out for himself.


- Most of the time, he looks sleep deprived and his hair is all over the place. People generally look at him and think that he has trouble keeping his life together and that he needs a nap. The truth is that he’s wickedly smart and very attentive. Shinsou rarely misses anything that happens around him and with his slouched posture and his I’m-done-with-everyone’s-shit expression, most pedestrians don’t pay much attention to him.

- Shinsou gets very skilled at using his Quirk, mostly to garner information or access to places that he’s not supposed to get into. He generally starts with harmless questions and once he has the other person relaxed and at ease, he starts to use his Quirk and afterwards, tells them to forget he even was here.

- He’s a villain that gets underestimated a lot in the beginning, from heroes and colleagues alike. It’s not until he proves just how dangerous he can be, especially without having to get physical, that other people start to be really careful around him and keep their distance.

- Shinsou doesn’t have any friends and he keeps it that way. It’s not exactly how he wanted things to be from the beginning but rather, how things turned out and he sees more safety in keeping it that way than trying to get out of his way to befriend and reassure someone that he can be trusted.

- Once he becomes a professional villain, he gives up his flat and starts setting up safe houses. Most of the time he stays in a small warehouse in a rather abandoned district and he makes sure that no one follows him to his home whenever he returns from a fight or a heist. Sleep however, is difficult to get for him no matter where he’s staying.


So I haven’t been posting on here much in the last few months. Part of that was because my computer was broken and in the shop for nearly two months, which made posting hard. Then right after that I was dealing with a big move to a new house and getting settled into my new job, but I’m hoping to start posting regularly again soon.

Anyway, time for an update. I am now living in Southern California and working full time bird abatement in LA for The Hawk Pros. I currently work at 6 different sites throughout the city, including malls, resorts, bank buildings, and filming firms, and it’s a lot to keep track of! Adjusting to city life is also a bit of a culture shock, seeing as I’ve been living out in the country for the past couple years. But I’m gradually getting used to it and I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with this new job! My current work bird is a male Harris hawk named Riley. We’re still getting to know each other, but he’s a sweetheart and our teamwork is improving every day. I should be getting a second Harris to add to the team soon too :) And of course, Malia gets to come and help out as well. She’s becoming a pro at pointing pigeons and keeping them away from the fountains!

Kai isn’t thrilled about the move because city life is a lot noisier than the country he’s used to, so he’s been a little stressed out lately, but he’s holding it together and not letting it affect the relationship between us. I expected the move to be hard on him, so overall I’m proud of how he’s handling himself. I’m hoping he’ll get used to it with a little more time. 

Anti and possessed Marvin after robbing a bank for septicart week #2, cause that’s the spookiest think in the world.

but really, i’m kinda proud with how this turned out, even if it is a little awkward at parts.

Marvin’s mask based off this post.

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I know everyone is busy with DanversSistersWeek but I had this weird dream the other night and would love to see it come to life even as a short one shot, I suck at words and I don't write in english but love to read.If you are not interested in the prompt maybe you know someone who also writes supergirl? Anyway the prompt is simply they find an alien that can de age people and Alex was made small (5-6) So Kara has to be the big sis. Alex is a trouble maker wrecking havoc on DEO like funny.

I actually wasn’t sure what to do for Day 4 of DanversSistersWeek so this prompt actually helped. Hope this lives up to expectations. 

“Hey, Eliza!” 

Kara’s voice over the phone is enthusiastic but a little breathless and Eliza immediately recognizes it as her ‘if you knew what’s going on I’d be in trouble, but you don’t know so I’m going to (badly) pretend everything is fine’ voice. 

“Hello, Kara,” she says, wryly, wondering what her youngest daughter got herself into this time. “How are you?”

“Good! I’m good! And you?”

“Oh, I’m fine, Kara. Do you need something?”

“No,” Kara says quickly. “Just a question.”

“Kara, I’m at a conference, so can we make this quick?”

“Yeah, yeah, of course. What was Alex like when she was, ummm, 5? Maybe 6?”

That was certainly not the question Eliza was expecting. She’s not quite sure what to make of it.

“Is this urgent, because I have to present in ten minutes.”

“Yes! It’s very, very important,” Kara replies. “Please…”

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Michael decides to rob a convenient store the same day that Ryan robs a bank. Both buildings are within blocks of each other, and the two somehow end up wanting to steal the exact same get away vehicle. Both being too stubborn to give up, they stand in the middle of the sidewalk, screaming at each other, paying no mind to Jeremy who tries to ‘Bo Duke’ slide across the hood, only to biff the landing and fall onto the sidewalk. He jumps up, dusts himself off, and breaks into the car. Just as he’s driving away, Michael and Ryan finally notice what’s going on, but it’s too late Jeremy is already around the corner. Both get arrested at the exact same time.

Geoff never lets either one live it down.

Our First and Last (Ch. 3)

Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 |

Ch. 11 | Ch. 12 (Final)

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (MAIN) | Park Jimin x Kim Taehyung | Jung Hoseok x Min Yoongi | Kim Namjoon x Kim Seokjin
  • Genre: angst and fluff, soulmate au, scifi
  • Words: 4,112
  • Description: “The next time he is born and ages up, and you are old and start aging down, it will have been like the glitch never happened as the cycle starts anew, and the thread of time realigns.” Namjoon’s voice is steady and even. He seems to be reading an important passage from the book in front of him as he answers your question. “You’ll forget meeting him in the Yin dimension and he’ll forget meeting you in the Yang dimension, meaning both of you will lose all the traces of the memories you had of each other.”

“He’s a genius”

“I heard he’s the one who uncovered most of the information we know about dimensional universes.”

“He published an book on space-time when he was 23 and got tenured as a professor in the university’s theoretical physics department at age 25.”

“That’s crazy!”

“I also heard he’s still single”

“Gross, you know students can’t…”

You stop listening once the girls began talking about things you weren’t really interested in. You were sitting on a bench by the fountain at your college campus, when you overheard some girls talking about the most famous professor at your university. Could this be the guy Jungkook was talking about? You think to yourself, as you pretend to flip through the pages of your textbook while eavesdropping.

The endless search for this so-called “guy who will tell you everything you need to know” has continued in vain since Jungkook had brought it up the day before he left. It’s been months and you had no luck in this quest to find answers. That is, until now.

You quickly run to the university’s information desk and look up this so-called genius professor in the university staff catalog.

Professor Kim Namjoon

Theoretical Physics Department

Building W-52 Room #701

Office Hours: 6am-6pm

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How To Keep Cool: a guide for hapless northeners who are unfamiliar with heatwaves and are stuck in a city built for cold


Basic stuff: Take a lot of showers, wash your face a lot, use compresses if necessary. This is how you take care of your babies and your elderly, please don’t let them get parched.

Do NOT open your windows around noon, heat will come in. Always keep windows and blinds closed if there’s direct sunlight. Open your windows only when the temperature drops, generally in the afternoon, though it also depends on location, and shade from nearby buildings etc. Exception: if you have open windows, even slightly open, on both sides of the house, it will create an air flow, which is fantastic. You want that. The above also applies to balcony doors, if there are any.

Flats on the top floor collect heat, and there’s nothing you can do about that. If you have a choice, move towards the ground floor.

If you can buy a fan, do buy a fan. If you can buy a fan and know someone who can’t, buy a fan for them. Construct a fan, steal a fan, somehow acquire a fan. I’d get into detail about best types of fans, but I suspect you don’t have many options.

Try nudism. (This doubles as life advice.)


Avoid direct sunlight, and avoid surfaces/locations that were recently exposed to direct sunlight. Concrete emits heat long after the sun has gone away. Stay in the shade as much as you can. Look for “heavy” shade, like from a building, not from just a tent or a glass pane. It’s better to walk four miles in the shade rather than one mile in the sun. (Indicative numbers obviously, don’t quote me on them, it’s the principle that matters.)

Wear a hat and sunscreen. Wear white or light-coloured clothes, this isn’t the time to express your goth side. Travel as light as possible, don’t carry heavy stuff you don’t need. If you feel tired, you can take a moment and rest, drink some water, cool off. If you feel dizzy, immediately stop and rest.

Do you have access to parks with trees? You might be able to chill there - literally. Even in a small area, a dense canopy drops temperature by a couple of degrees, and gives excellent shade. If your house is too hot in the day, maybe you can crash on a bench beneath a tree. But give priority to the elderly.

Are there any air-conditioned buildings in the city? With chairs? Like banks, big stores, municipal buildings, something? If yes, this is where you put your most vulnerable people when the heat is worse. I don’t care if it disrupts business, this is an emergency. If it’s a public building it should open its gates, if it’s not, barge in and dare security to kick grandpa out in the heat.


1. Drink lots and lots of cold water. If you’re not used to having bottles of water in the fridge, now is the time. Glass bottles are preferable. Prepare ice cubes, too.

Hack for the hard times: At home or at work, get two plastic bottles, fill them ~¾ with water, and freeze them. Then take one out (it’s a bottle of ice now) and fill it with tap-water. The ice will melt slow enough to keep the water cold for a long time - long enough for a second bottle to freeze, as it happens. At any time, you should have one bottle of ice-cold water next to you, and one bottle of solid ice in the freezer. When you empty the first one, swap.

If you’re going outdoors, take one such bottle with you. Of course, if you can buy cold water from a store, or ask to be served a glass or something, please do that. [Every time I go abroad north and/or west, I get flabbergasted at how hard it is to get a drink of water when walking about.]

2. Fruit juices are fine, provided they’re fresh and cold.

3. No sodas. Don’t drink anything with sugar (or sugar-simulating additives), no matter how enticing it seems. It will make you feel better for a minute, then make it worse. Only resort to sodas if there’s nothing else to drink. Ask for ice cubes, at least.

4. No alcohol while it’s hot, especially hard liquor. Wait for the sun to set. That said, if you’ve found a cool place to sit in the shade until the noon heat passes, an ice cold beer would be brilliant. Not recommended, per se, but brilliant. Drink quickly or it will turn to piss.

5. There are some cases where hot tea helps tremendously, but in small quantities (not a whole cup, think the classic Turkish glass or the thumbnail-sized shot glass of the Bedouins) and in specific circumstances (basically if you’re outdoors and bathing in sweat). But you best avoid it if you don’t know what you’re doing. Do NOT go drinking buckets of hot tea (or hot coffee) willy-nilly.


Don’t leave your electronics in the sun, turn off your laptop/desktop from time to time and let it cool (especially if it’s lagging), and make sure the fans work and are set at performance priority (check your BIOS, this is not the time to prioritise quiet). DO NOT OVERCLOCK JUST NOW. Removing the desktop’s lid will also help a tiny bit. Oh, and now would be a good time to remove all the dust from your CPU. When did you clean it last? Thought so. :P


For most of you, the heatwave will make you feel discomfort and fatigue, and that’s it. You’ll be okay. It’s fine. But some are way more vulnerable. Babies, old people, and anyone with heart problems or sensitive lungs, should take priority. Keep them as cool, hydrated, and comfortable as you can, and don’t let them get tired.

Take care of your dogs. NEVER leave them without water. Also, they need air flow a lot more than you, so they’ll be better off in a park. Don’t tire them needlessly, though, just get them there and let them crash. Not that it’s particularly feasible in the city, but just so you know, the best place for a dog during a heatwave is wallowing in mud in the shade. Wet earth or grass would do fine. At home, you can delight them with ice cubes. A haircut may be refreshing, but it won’t do for all dogs (I think double-coated dogs should not be shaved, consult a vet to make sure.)

Your cats need water like everyone else, and can otherwise take care of themselves just fine. They’re cats, they know what to do.

tl, dr; Seek cold water, air, and shade. Good luck!

P.S. I dedicate this guide to the first Englishman I met in my life, when I was five and we were taking a summer roadtrip with my parents somewhere in the deep south of the Peloponnese. And there he was, hiking in the middle of nowhere, a classic case of “mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun”, a heatstroke waiting to happen. And he wasn’t hitchhiking, he meant to keep walking uphill for miles, saddled with gear, in 42 degrees Celsius and no shade. We had to insist to give him a lift.

He was incredibly (I thought) tall and lanky, almost too tall to fit in the beetle, he had striking (I thought) red hair and beard, and his skin was all red from the sun except in places that were unnaturally (I thought) porcelain-white. He basically looked like a giant lobster. A very shy, polite, and awkwardly grateful giant lobster. :)

Here’s to you, traveller. I hope you still travel, after all these years. May the road ever bring you joy.

Kissin’ like a car crash

Requested by @green-spotlight: Hi 😊 Can u do a Clark Kent x reader? Where she is like a antihero, with some superpower, and always in conflict with Superman, but actually in love with each other, and he asks for your help to defeat Doom? Just some fluff and angst? Thank you so much

A/N: Oh I really like this one! Probably one of my favorites right now! Thank you for requesting! If I went over board I’m not sorry. I enjoyed writing this!
WARNING: Gosh. There’s tears, blood, conflict. almost smutty! Mild profanity. Impalement, and death. You know the drill guys



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June 12, 2017 - Grey-hooded Parakeet, Aymara parakeet, or Sierra parakeet (Psilopsiagon aymara)

These parakeets are found in Bolivia and Argentina in scrubland along the Andes mountains. Their diet probably consists of fruit, buds, and insects. Much of their time is spent in small flocks, foraging in shrubs or agricultural land. Large groups are often seen near water sources. They nest in hollows in sand banks, cacti, or abandoned buildings.

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Any tips for finding a squat? Me and my girlfriend are about to be out of a place to live, and don't have time to find a new apartment or roomates. Tips for someone who's never opened up a squat?

It depends where you live honestly but id walk/bike/drive around your town/city extensively looking for buildings that seem abandoned (boarded windows or doors, large stacks of mail, chained padlocks on doors, long running graffiti, broken windows, signs on doors saying foreclosure etc) writing down addresses and looking them up on the beuro of finance website to see what’s good with them. Bank owned buildings or buildings owned by singular people who aren’t easily contacted and haven’t been consistently paying taxes are best but not crucial. find an entrance if you can enter through a window, basement back door, easily you should do that but in some cities such as New York the style many houses are built in and the way they structurally protect abandoned buildings from east entry for scrapers is very difficult so you might need to cut whatever kind of lock off the front door
And immediately change it. Depending on what kind of lock it is you need either a large pair of bolt cutters or an angle grinder bolt cutters for
Pad locks/chains angle grinder for dead bolts. Beware that breaking into a house like this is heavy crime and a pretty hot thing to do so be aware of your location and don’t do anything you could take the consequences of. Once you get inside first things first is you want to put your own new lock on the door changing locks is p simple but it dosnt hurt to watch some videos online about uninstalling and installing locks on a door. If there’s a back door only use that entrance and barricade the front because the less people see you entering the house the longer your house can run. For the first couple weeks while you just start living there and understanding the neighborhood and everything limit your entrances to once a day late at night if possible so once you leave the house in the morning/afternoon you are out for the rest of the
Day. You can relax about this once you’ve been there longer but it’s important in the early stages to keep the time you are going in/out to an
Absolute minimum. Also if the windows aren’t boarded its smart to black them out with contractors bags at night so that neighbors/police don’t see the extreme sketchiness of headlamps going off in an abandoned building. That’s just some basic stuff Off the top of my head but I’d suggest you look up some squatter recourses and pick yerself up one of the many squatters handbooks that exist and read that shit thourgholy cus there’s a lot more important info than I said here in regards to actually living in a squat but here’s some basics for cracking a house. Best of luck

Superhero! Yuta

•so Yuta is like a normal guy who travels from Korea and Japan a lot
•he’s a CEO of course (because cliches) so that’s a legit reason to travel
•has lived a normal life
•no he actually got caught in a freak storm accident when he was little and now has ice powers
•and don’t worry both of his parents are alive and well
•his dog is doing pretty well too
•he doesn’t really have a specific superhero name but the kids made some up for him
•in Japan they all him Kori
•in Korea they call him Eol Eum
•they both mean ice in their respective languages so I guess it makes sense
•I like to call him ‘Japanese Ice Man Boy Thing’ and 'Hansol’s Japanese Twin’
•anyways back to the actual thing
•he started saving people back in his teens
•it made him feel nice and happy
•so he does it often
•no one knows it’s him because he shows up in a costume
•don’t worry it’s not anything like latex or leather
•it’s just a plain white t shirt, jeans and an awesome mask
•sometimes a Naruto headband if he feels like it
•he also has like this ice cape that looks freaking awesome
•I keep imagining an Elsa cape but okay
•so you are a villain
•more specifically, Yuta’s nemesis
•you’re the type of villain that doesn’t hurt people just commits a bunch of crime
•you sometimes get a way with it, you sometimes don’t
•like you’ll rob banks, blow up abandon buildings and cause a bunch of trouble
•the most you have done to a human being is kept them hostage
•you even feed them and everything
•Yuta always saves the day
•but he never turns you into the police
•I wonder why…
•he probably thinks that you’re hot
•nah it’s because you don’t actually hurt anyone
•but no one knows that he lets you go
•so one day
•you were in the middle of battling Yuta
•and he “accidentally” hits you in the head with ice
•of course you pass out because ITS FUCKING ICE
•he’s like 'oh shit’
•there’s like a bit of blood on the ground now
•he didn’t mean to make you pass out
•only to tire you out enough so you run away
•so he calls up healer!Hansol
•he fixed you up
•but now you don’t remember a thing
•since Yuta didn’t know a thing about you besides that you cause trouble and have the power of speed and flight
•he took you until you gain your memories back
•which was going to be a long time
•he lets you stay in one of his buildings in Korea
•of course he still has to work but he constantly checks up on you
•if he’s not there he’ll send Hansol or Johnny
•whenever he’s in Korea, he always stay with you
•like you’ll wake up to him cuddling you or holding your hand
•and you kinda like it
•you were a lot different from your villain personality
•according to him you weren’t feisty but shy, timid and cute
•slowly you do regain your memories but you don’t want to leave him
•so you pretended to not remember
•it wasn’t hard considering Yuta was kind of dense
•acting like a couple when you’re with Yuta
•Hansol and Johnny are your number one shippers
•so it would be like 2 months after you regained your memories
•Yuta brought back some wine to see if your drunk self remembered anything
•he didn’t tell you that
•you got drunk and ended up telling him your whole life story
•plot twist, you’re not really a villain
•so basically I’m about to go into a sad back story
•your parents were both villains and tried to make you into one
•your powers didn’t show up until your teenage years
•you remembered wanting to fly away from them and just get away from your parents
•so you jumped
•turns out you can fly
•so once you finally did get your powers, you told your parents excitedly thinking that they would be proud
•instead they were disappointed because your powers weren’t destructive
•tbh your parents were kind of abusive
•the occasional slap or kick when they were drunk
•it was still bad but at least they didn’t do it everyday
•then one day they died and you felt like the worst daughter ever
•you didn’t even make them proud
•so you started the villain thing
•but you hated doing that to yourself
•it left you tired and made you feel bad
•Yuta just hugged you as you cried and told him your backstory
•you also admitted your feeling towards him while you were crying
•when you woke up, you were wrapped around Yuta’s arms and he wouldn’t budge
•'I’m not letting go, especially since you told me everything last night’
•now you’re just frozen like 'wtf’
•'give me 5 more minutes’
•hugs you even tighter
•opps half an hour just past
•imagine Yuta giving you a kiss in the morning to make you feel better about the whole situation
•'just so you know you don’t have to be a villain, do what makes you happy’
•'you can be my wife if that what makes you happy’
•'I hate you’
•'I love you too’
•'shut up Yuta’

Punk Witchcraft, Broke Witches, Complete Magic.

In hoodoo traditions, rootworkers gather dust from the land around them. My friend takes dirt from the bank buildings for prosperity, graveyard for the dead, crossroads to see into the spirit world. 

They take the land and work magic from beneath their hands, prayers from the bible mixed with the roots from the Devil’s boots and tiny yellow petals from Worts of Saint John growing wild in the park, placed in bags of red flannel, fed and birthed as little spirits.   

Sufi mystics writing passages from the Koran onto thin pieces of rice paper. Fill with herbs. Steep in tea. Burn to ash. Praying to their ancestors and God. 

My social worker in the group home took my palm, her fingers tracing the lines on the back of my hand, speaking about my past, my future, scars and hurts in the present. 

She makes me tea. Writes secret passages on pieces of rice paper and bay leaves when I’m not looking. Steeps them in the cups of warm water. 

Tells me what her Djinn speak to her when no one else is listening.

My great grandfather told fortunes in the main house on his land, in the courtyard by the peach tree that bloomed with pink blossoms during the summer time. 

On the stone table before him, he would cast green copper coins with tiny holes in their middles onto red cloth. Consult fortunes from the worn, thread bare Book of Changes between his palms. Light sandalwood for the ancestors. Draw intricate patterns with mao bi brushes onto yellowing pieces of parchment. 

Burn to ash, mix with dongquai roots and ginseng. Exorcised the yin plaguing his clients, healed bodies, read the dragon veins of the land and moved accordingly. 

I take the dirt from beneath my hands, mix them in the bowls with fresh rain water, hair from the crowns of my own head, red thread and iron nails. Fill in the blue glass bottles before me. Cork the top. Bury under the front porch. Keeps away the shadows and dark sided things with poison on their tongues. 

I have learned that my magic can come strongest when it comes from the land, comes organically from the places around me. 

Invest in a good knife, a sturdy metal cup, a solid earthen platter and bowl, a good branch of some hard wood, a bright candle. Invest in my prayers, in my charms, in the land beneath my feet and the dirt that falls between the cracks of my fingers. 

Remember my roots, the wisdom of the people I have learned from and the wisdom of my ancestors.