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Hamilton is the Daddy of the National Bank.
—  My friend when explaining who Alexander Hamilton was
weaker girl

I want to remember the good things. I want to remember how you looked at me with eyes so undressing it left me breathless. I want to remember how you didn’t stop until you had me, how you held me with arms so gentle I’d shiver every time. I want to remember how you kissed me so fiercely, like you needed my mouth to breathe. I want to remember your high pitched laughter and playful hands, how they were always somehow connected to my body. I want to remember how you rolled over in bed one night, unconsciously searching for my own curled up body. But I can’t. Because all I remember is your eyes grazing a body that wasn’t my own. I remember the words you called me when you thought I wasn’t listening. I remember how you searched for something that wasn’t in me, but you thought in someone else. I remember the feeling it gave me, like I wasn’t in the room, but I was lit up because of you. I thought when you left I’d only remember the good, but a stain never leaves a perfectly good dress. 


I succumbed to a beautiful edition of Mansfield Park today. I’ve never been someone who is particularly seduced by beautiful books - the consequences of growing up in an area with excellent public libraries. I have always valued books for their content in a very utilitarian way. But this is both beautiful and contains some really fascinating extras. I couldn’t help it. And I think I am starting to really appreciate the appeal of a book as a beautiful object whose beauty enhances the experience of reading it.

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Name: Ezra
Age: 18
Country: Thailand


To be honest, I’m not really good at describing myself lolol, but I will try ._. I spend most of my time on the internet, I love dogs and listening to music ^^ Some of my favorites are Glass Animals, BANKS, The Beatles, TALA, NBHD, and much more! So if you like any of them, please talk to me lol so I can fangirl with someone >.< It’s okay if you don’t like any of them, I want to discover more good music.

I’m a Leo girl, an INFP, and also a Ravenclaw (caw caw xD) okay don’t want to give all the details lol I’m not trying to write an autobiography :P

Preferences: I don’t mind where are you from or who you are (maybe except spies…? :P) anyone from the ages of 16-20-something would be better hehe ^^ I’m a trash who just wants friends, you can rant to me when you’re feeling down, also provide you with MEMESSS