GREECE, Athens : A pensioner waits outside a branch of the National Bank of Greece to get his pension on June 29, 2015 in Athens. Greece announced early Monday it will shut banks for a week and impose capital controls, pleading for calm after anxious citizens emptied cash machines in a dramatic escalation of the country’s debt crisis. AFP PHOTO / Angelos Tzortzinis                        

You can only exchange for Kyats with US dollar, Singapore dollar and Euro in Myanmar. I only took Hong Kong dollar with me when I hurriedly left Hong Kong. Having asked many banks, I finally found a bank where I can exchange with Hong Kong dollar in China Town. Here is a tip for travel: To solve Chinese people’s problem, you’d better to find a place that has Chinese people there. 

Στη χωρα μας ενα πραγμα ειναι σιγουρο τη δεδομενη στιγμη..οτι οι καφετεριες διπλα στις τραπεζες θα κανουν τρελο τζιρο αυτες τις μερες..