Banks are to blame

Bank Morgan Stanley may again appear before the court on charges of involvement in the financial crisis. The corporation will have to answer to the charges of the Attorney General of New York about false information on mortgage securities before the 2008 crisis.
US authorities have accused some of the largest banks of involvement in the mortgage crisis of 2008. According to the federal government, financial institutions have provided false information to investors about the risks associated with distressed mortgage-backed securities, which, in turn, were sold to the mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
These companies are considered as one of the culprits of the global economic crisis of 2008. Their actions resulted the inflating of “bubble” of the US real estate market, which began the recession of the global economy.
I must say that the US government knew about the existence of a risk, but the thirst for money is stronger. Now they are trying to shift the blame on banks.

DIY Shadow Box Vacation or Dream Bank Tutorial from A Creative Princess. This DIY requires a drill to make an opening on the top - or you can take a shadow box (I just got 3 for $9 at Michaels) and adhere your photo to the backboard, making a small slot on the back.

This DIY Dream Bank uses a top loading shadow box, so there is no need for drilling: DIY Dream Bank from Something Turquoise.

For more inspiration, this is the first “Dream Bank” I saw from Uncommon Goods (no longer available, but was $25).