banjo playing

I need to take a moment here to be a white person addressing other white people.

White people:  If you’re going to be a racist (and you really shouldn’t, because it’s the 21st century and we should all know better by now), but if you are, you need to take your racism to its logical conclusion.  Don’t listen to rap.  Or rock.  Or the blues.  Or house music.  Don’t eat Chinese food.  Or Japanese food.  Or Indian food.  Or Mexican food - not even Taco Bell.  You don’t get to play the banjo or wear pajamas.  No buying things that are made in Asian countries. No anime.  No Three Musketeers.  No Superman, Iron Man, X-Men, etc.  Hopefully you’re starting to get the picture.

You don’t get to deny people’s basic humanity and then turn around and enjoy the fruits of their labor and the creations of their culture.

You just don’t.

Hylotl Playing the Banjo [Starbound]

Starbound is a game where you can play as an alien fish race and travel the universe in search of musical instruments all the while kicking other alien ass.

And I do so enjoy it.

bonuses of Vulcan super strength:

  • he can pick up Jim in a bridal carry
  • or like a sack of potatoes
  • or hang him from his arm
  • piggybacks are also ideal
  • Jim can sit on on his shoulders while playing the banjo 
  • koala clinging would be much easier

and all general hauling Jim around because he’s either 1) feeling romantic 2) dying 3) being a dramatic diva 4) or all three at once


age: 23
zodiac: aries
height/weight: 5’ 3"/ 146 lbs
gender: female
blood type: B
laterality: left-handed
romantic/sexual orientation: heteroromantic/heterosexual
yaoi type: switch
hobby(ies): dancing, drawing, playing banjo
personality: by far, the most joyful of the bunch. she’s a very good and persuasive speaker and will help you through your problems faster than anyone. her smile and laugh are her biggest charms, and any love you give to her, she’ll give you back 3 times as much. She’s deeply in love w/ goldie and has made that clear ever since they were still kids. The hallucinations that she had when she was a kid still happen, but were more useful for speaking to the dead and communicating w/ phantoms. she helps maria soul-search often especially in the times of the second game. On top of that, she’s really the only original; she still has her real soul, from when she was a child. Maria took her in as the very first soul in limbo, besides herself, sped up her aging process to become a young adult, and then halt it (as mariah did for everyone else, except for the toys). spring, like everyone else, was at least uneasy about the bite that would tear her and goldie apart for the next thirty years. she claims that she suddenly forgot how to laugh.. or speak entirely. She spent her purgatory in the store room, what wasn’t accessible in the game itself. and just… waited..

age: 31
height/weight: 5’ 6"/ 130 lbs
gender: female
blood type: B
laterality: left-handed
romantic/sexual orientation: heteroromantic/heterosexual
yaoi type: seme
hobby(ies): hunting, taxidermy, stalking, playing banjo
Personality: everything that happened in the past, those memories, she still hangs tight to them.. But they’ve all turned sour. She seems to forget how to love entirely. so much so that everyone she bonded w/ 30 years before, she now hates w/ a fiery passion. She constantly fights w/ vincent for whatever control she has left over her body, and wouldn’t hold the grudges that she does have, against the rest of the group, if it weren’t for him driving her mad. the psychosis she is still diagnosed w/ makes her the only one who can really communicate properly w/ the other phantom animatronics. at the times where she isn’t angry and hostile, she’s in remorse and regret.. wishing that the day they were killed, if she had just listened to gregory.. none of this would’ve happened…

age: 11
height/weight: 3’ 9"/77 lbs
b day: 2/19/1976
gender: female
blood type: B
laterality: left-handed
hobby(ies): playing outside, singing, practicing banjo and fiddle
siblings: patrick (fnaf 3 guard)
personality/story: ((idkoneodthemjuathadtobeapurecountrykid)) she’s a simple farm girl who lives w/ her older brother, patrick, and her grand parents, on the very outskirts of the county. she has the widest sense of optimism of the children and keeps them from falling apart. she was the only person, besides felix, that was able to open gregory’s heart. and just like the bond that amber and andrew shared, they were the closest of friends. maybe even more so. she suffers from psychosis, and often has hallucinations and occasional, but rare and brief, moments of confused thinking. despite this, she still keeps her head high and ignores any insults thrown at her. the biggest downside to her psychosis is that, on the day of their death, vincent was easily able to manipulate her brain (something he wouldn’t’ve been able to do to the other children) and made her see and follow an illusion of herself, as spring bonnie, luring the other children into a death trap. she was the only child found, barely alive.. along w/ the killer, who had been concluded to be an employee named william afton, who had commit suicide after the (according to officials) failed murder. she appeared to have died later in the hospital. the other children were just declared missing…

DS: me


Vans Girls Music Crushes: The Wild Reeds

We’ve all had our hearts broken at one point or another, and along with that we often seek out a band or album in hopes of finding comfort in a wistful thread of relatable lyrics. For us, that band is The Wild Reeds. This SoCal indie-folk band may have packed their last album, Blind and Brave with lovesick lyrics, but the female-fronted quintet is far from the damsel in distress type. Last month we caught up with Kinsey, Mack, and Sharon to chat about their new album, and it’s evolution from heartbreak consumed lyrics to empowering self-realization. We even got the skinny on a rather hilarious text message involving a photograph of underwear…

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Random Musichetta Headcanons

•really loves hoop earrings
•the Queen™ of bright colours
•she actually suits every colour
•but there’s just something about bright yellow that makes her look 10000/10
•really tall
•like… “boys don’t like tall girls” was all she grew up with
•so, naturally, she went and bought six inch heels.
•and she can run in them
•nobody knows how
•she can play the ukulele
•and the banjo???
•but her ukulele playing is 10/10
•her Instagram is aesthetic af
•it’s bright, colourful and bold
•she doesn’t filter anything, but all her posts seem to have the same palette??? amazing
•gets involved in pineapple-on-pizza discourse
•which is really the only discourse she’s ever involved in
•because why tf would you fight her
•she is… hair goals
•it’s naturally black, but she sometimes dyes the tips
•only sometimes, bc she loves her dark hair
•and so does everybody else tbh

F and I went out to the lake and sat and watched the sun rise in the East as it has since these planets came to be billions of years ago. We sat huddled under coats and blankets as the skies drizzled softly just as they have been billions of years. We sat near this unwavering forest that has been around for millions of years. The birds trilled and flew just like they have been for millions of years.

And we talked…about the universe, about our fears, about what makes us happy and what makes us laugh, about the stain on the hem of my coat I can’t get out, about the weird things that happened between classes in college, about the callouses on F’s hands from playing the banjo since he was 14, and about what the future holds for us.

We don’t know what that will bring. We haven’t and we never will. But we have solace in each other and we will face those futures together.

I hope everyone can watch the sun set today with someone they can find solace with. If not, then at least remember that F and I will be watching that same sunset alongside you and that the sun will set and the moon will rise, unwavering and unapologetically, just as they have been for billions of years.

i want to turn it all around. i know i can’t be sixteen again, but i can be a new variation of my old self. maybe that’s okay. i want to get my old drive back. i want to be the happy girl in a yellow or orange dress with a natural smile on her face. i do not want to be the girl in a random thrown-together outfit with sad eyes and messy hair yelling how much she doesn’t care anymore. i want a cheerful banjo to play in my heart. i want to see the world in artsy innocent eyes and not in a blurry broken vision. i want to be growing spring flowers inside of my bones, not broken dark brown autumn leaves soon to be shattered in million little pieces. i want to love each day, like it’s the last. i want music to sound like music again and not lonely tunes haunting my inside in echoes. i want to turn it all around. i will turn it all around.
—  tina jaxén // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #6