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Some of my favorite cosplays from AMKE so far! If you see yourself, let me know and I’ll tag you! More to come.

Cotton Candy Garnet: @princelymage

Rose Quartz: @spasekid

Android 17: interstellarcoyote


Hi Tumblr! I am a costume technician and student at UT. My specialty is leather craft, and this year my bff fafnyr of like 11 years collaborated with me to create “Mogar: Bear Warrioress”

We won Best in Show in the Cosplay Contest hosted by The Weirdlings at RTX 2015. 
I used heavy, saddle-grade leather, then hand shaped, dyed, painted, punched, tooled, and sewed every inch of it. 
You can’t see in these pictures, but the back of the armor features a patch with a tooled emblem of Kazooie with an egg.
The armor is embellished with all brass fastenings, and the breastplate is adorned with hand cut brass honey comb plating, along with an acid etched center pendant bearing Mogar’s crest.
Get it. Bearing?
I also cast the bear claws from a sculpt by fafnyr and painted each one to emulate worn bronze. They can be seen in the gauntlets and also the bear paw pauldrons.
The fur is genuine sheep skin dyed by me, cut, and sewn also by yours truly.
My gorgeous and talented friend fafnyr altered and customized found pieces to fit beautifully with the armor. The shirt, the pants, and the belts are all altered pieces. The only thing untouched in the cosplay are the boots.
fafnyr went on to make the leather corset from scratch, the honey comb skirt panels hanging at her waist, and the crowning glory of it all: The mask
The mask was modeled after an actual bear skull. Faf made it via building a skeleton structure first, then papermache adding sculpty teeth, then plaster strips, and finished it all off with a good sanding and a paint job to match the weathered bronze claws. The mask is adorned with buck skin, fiery feathers, sheep skin ears, painted leather again bearing the Mogar crest, and dangling golden music notes and puzzle pieces.

The pick-ax and sword were made by Faf’s mom. She’s a BAMF.
Faf gave a diamond sword to Michael and Lindsay.

Fafnyr modeled it all beautifully.

We want to start a business taking commissions. 
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Thanks for your time! <3


My Kazooie wig came in! I’m looking for someone to help me alter it to give a blend on the comb from red to yellow (I have all the colors, I just don’t want to ruin a $30 wig by winging it. heh. bird pun).

Once I get at least the second piece of her top I’ll take some more pictures. Plus the wig is a little big on my tiny head and has some weird gaps when I tighten the straps so I think I may need to invest in some double sided wig tape or spirit gum.

Wig is ardawigs‘s Jett in Apple Red. Perfect for rude, thug bird.