From the Museum of Appalachia: Murder Banjo 

This banjo was owned by Henry Dobson, an African-American musician from South Carolina. One night in 1895, at a party held near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dobson played his beloved instrument for the last time. During his performance, a vicious fight broke out, and Dobson’s best friend was killed. As the man was fatally stabbed, both Dobson and his banjo were splattered with blood. He vowed never to play it again, and traded it to Charles Ross Schrecengost for a guitar. In 1989, Museum founder John Rice Irwin obtained the banjo from Schrecengost’s son, Haven, who lived in a remote hollow near Grainger County, Tennessee. The banjo, in two places bears the name of Henry Dobson. Two dates are inscribed: 1878 and 1881. 


It’s finally time to announce Blank Party’s 2016 anthology project! This time we’re be focusing on the Nintendo 64 action/adventure platforming classic…


… and we want your submissions! Guh-haw!


  • We are looking for comics and illustrations about anything Banjo-Kazooie -related that you can think of. (The first game only, please!)
  • The zine will be printed at 5.25 x 8.125 inches, in full color and with full bleed! Please make your files 5.5 x 8.375 inches (the extra 1/8 inch will be cut off for bleed), 300 DPI/PPI, and CMYK! You can use this template!
  • You can submit one to four pages! You can do a two-page spread! You can do 2 two-page spreads!!!
  • Banjo-Kazooie was released with a kid-friendly ESRB rating and we are following that in this project.  When working on your submission, keep that in mind.
  • This anthology will be curated, but all submissions will be posted on a special Banjo-Partie! Tumblr.


  • Please email your completed .PSDs or .PNGs (or a download link, if your file’s big!) to BlankPartyClub[at] with the subject Banjo-Partie Submission.  
  • Name your files like this: “artistname_01”, “artistname_02”, etc.
  • The deadline is April 15th!
  • All contributors included in the physical zine will receive one hard copy, and those contributors will be able to order extra copies from us at a wholesale price.
  • By submitting to Banjo-Partie!, you are allowing us the right to print your submission in the zine, and to post it on tumblr.


Time for you bear-and-bird aficionados to send us your love for breegulls, jiggies, jinjos, and all that good stuff!