Hi everyone sorry i took so long to make the instruments…Here’s some progress so far, since it was a old mod i made i wanted to edited it a bit. (i had to resize the “Double bass, Cello, Violin & Music sheet stand” since it was to big)

I don’t plan on making a lot of instruments…since i’m kinda lazy

Also eemie has already made a really nice Celesta in her Classy new interior mod so i decided not to included a piano with my Instruments set. (*´_ゝ`)

TMGB WOY Original Theme Song Demo (6-22-12)
The Two Man Gentlemen Band
TMGB WOY Original Theme Song Demo (6-22-12)


I found this little treat while backing up an old hard drive.  It’s the first theme song demo we submitted to the Wander Over Yonder folks back in 2012!  Music by me, lyrics by Craig McC, performed by The Two Man Gentlemen Band.

The band was on tour when Disney first reached out to us to submit some ideas for the theme song.  We didn’t have time in the tour schedule to get into a recording studio so we sang this into my iPhone in a hotel room somewhere in Virginia.  Lo-fi wins again!

You’ll probably notice right away that this isn’t the tune that ended up being the theme song.  But, we did get to use it in the Little Guy.  And I’ve snuck the melody into the score a few times, too, usually when Wander and Sylvia are having a “friendship” moment.  It’s one of my favorite things that I’ve ever written.


-Andy Bean