Imagine a Disney’s Hercules-style AU where Asgard is at war and Loki is being Loki. Trickster antics go too far and Odin, with the weight of war and trying to keep Loki in line, snaps and declares Loki banished. “To teach him what humility means,” Odin reasons. But Loki has enemies that lie in wait. The moment he leaves Asgard they’ll be hunting him. He’s taken careful precautions to have no weakness they can exploit, even in a powerless mortal form. It’s his only comfort when he’s cast to Midgard.

Imagine you live a simple life. Nothing eventful, nothing bold. Just floating through life without any excitement. You prayed to your gods the night before, please, let there be some adventure in my life! That morning when you step out your door the Bifrost tears across the sky. You watch as through the gods’ bridge a man tumbles into your realm. You make a break for it, running into the forest you saw him crash in.

He’s an ungrateful shit after you rescue him. If you’d known he would be such an prideful, stubborn nuisance you may have left him where you found him. You watch as he storms through your front door, not even a thank you for saving him.

Loki finds his way to the temples the Midgardians worship in and finds Odin’s alter. He summons Odin to appear before him, the All-Father taking form in a stone statue dedicated to him. Loki asks him what he has to do to be allowed to come home. Odin declares he must, “Learn to be a true hero.” Loki resigns himself to staying in this realm forever.

Imagine you find him at the temple, the lost man with no map to guide him. Maybe its pity, maybe its relatable, maybe its attraction. Whatever your cause, you offer him your place to stay.

Imagine you didn’t know when it happened, but the decision to chase the end of the rainbow bridge had began the most adventurous months of your life. You got to pay your enemies back for all they’d done, fight hydras and monsters with a man you’d hated at first but had turned into a great friend, and you got to fall in love. Imagine that he did too. After all of the careful plotting and precautions, he slipped up. He let you get close to him. Imagine that he had to pay dearly for it. Imagine his enemies finding him - and you - at last. They kidnap you, much to your dismay due to the obvious cliche. They kidnap you and threaten the whole Nine Realms and only Loki can stop them. Imagine him fighting fervently to rescue you and save the worlds, but he gets there too late. They’ve cut your throat. Loki is crushed. He failed to protect you and from the looks of it he’s failed the whole Nine Realms.

His enemy offers him a second chance. They say that if Loki would only let them conquer the Nine Realms, they would restore your life. Loki wants nothing more than to give in and let them have what they ask for just so he can hold you one more time. He knows that isn’t what you’d want, though. Instead, he rises to battle his enemy. The combat is brutal and leaves him within a hair of death, yet his enemy is still strong. In one final move he sacrifices himself for the greater good, destroying his enemy in the process.

The All-Father sees Loki’s sacrifice and brings his son back to life, back to his full god-like power, and allows him access to Asgard once more. Loki stands strong and powerful again, but he has no time to thank the All-Father. His eyes are sweeping over the battlefield until he spots your body. “What about her?” He asks. “The mortal woman, yes. What about her?” Odin asks. “Will you restore her life as well? She’s the reason I stand here now, restored to all I once was. Her life has become the most influential, valuable thing in mine and I-” “You what, Loki?” “I am in love with her.”

“Aw, how sweet,” you grin, walking forth from the shadows and over your duplicate’s body. It disappears as you take a step over it.

“You let me believe you’d died!” Loki exclaims.

“You needed motivation,” you say simply. “So, question: Do you look like this all the time?” You ask, gesturing to his full armor and how well it looks on him.

“Mostly, yes,” he glares at you, but a smile creeps over his lips at the sight of you alive and well.

“It’s a good look,” you declare, brushing a drop of rubble from his shoulder before gripping the shoulder and pulling him down into a kiss.


Art director Sam Shahid’s three-story prewar apartment in Greenwich Village by architect David Piscuskas. Bombarded by imagery all day at work, the renowned advertising provocateur has created a serene and nearly empty setting in which even his most soul-satisfying possessions — books, art — are banished from sight behind doors that blend seamlessly with the walls. Photos: François Halard.

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Do you know of any spells or charms to help keep spiders out of the home or away from ones person? I keep finding them and just now was one was on my head as I tried to sleep 😭😫

Mint actually repels spiders! :D Magickal and practical ^_^

Scatter some around your home, with the intent to banish spiders. You can add some energy to it in a few different ways, but here’s a spell you might want to try ^_^

~ A Spell to Ward Away Spiders ~

What you’ll need:

  • 3 Cups of Dried Mint 
  • ¼ Cup of Salt
  • 1 Mortar & Pestle
  • 1 Large Bowl & 1 Spoon

Grind up your mint using the mortar & pestle, filling each mint piece with warding energy. Imagine spiders approaching your home, and then immediately darting off in the opposite direction. They are driven by a strong, powerful smell; mint. 

Dump your mint flakes into the bowl, and add your salt. stir them up together, the salt adding to the mint’s protective and warding qualities. Give it a few more stirs than necessary, pouring your personal magick into the mix.

Walk around your house, sprinkling the mint and salt around the perimeters of each room. Chant this phrase while facing East (just to give your spell direction):

“Spiders beware

no web be spun

walk away,

towards the sun”

When you’re finished, you can use the rest of your mint/salt blend around the outside of your home. You can also keep it out in the open where you see spiders the most often. 

Hope this helps you out! :D

You searched for a male god, a creator, an intelligent designer, or you banished the beauty and mystery of the world beneath the cold concrete grave of closed-eye skepticism. The few of you who could still hear my music felt tortured and misunderstood; you reached out for any conspiracy theory large enough to explain your alienated despair, your sense that the Earth was dying and no one cared.
But listen to me – you are not alone. Run your fingers through the grass and grab it in your fists, feel my pulse echoing through your blood. You. Are. Not. Alone. And I – I am not dead yet.
—  Sarah Warden, Blood of Earth

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I`d sacrifice my right hand for Karlie to have a new love interest. She deserves the world, the moon, the stars. Instead she gets pushed off a boat, buffered with five other people and a microphone, have her name banished as if she`s the antichrist and all memories of her existence erased by poorly executed stunts. Enough is enough. Someone new has to appear already, it`s time.

yes please and no. okay i think it’d be cute if she’d meet and get close to a new gal pal but i don’t want kaylor to end just like how swiftgron did. that was too heartbreaking and i cant imagine having to undergo such pain again with kaylor falling apart.

i want her to find someone she can be genuinely gal pal with like kendall to cara . with whom she can be all cute and be carefree without romance involved between them and someone who wouldn’t just desert her and implement a strict “NO KLOSS SIGHTING WITHIN A 100 MILE RADIUS FOR 4 MONTHS” when things get a lil shaky. also i think getting close with somebody else equally inspiring and gorgeous would help her crawl out of people’s assumption that kaylor is a one-sided affair and she’s more romantically invested than taylor.

So this took me like 10 hours in total.

Recently, I got my first Fire Emblem game(FE: Awakening). 
I’m so hooked on it and I just had an urge to draw my avatar on my main file.

I snuck in some background practice, but I still need to work on that. 
Personally, I’m very pleased with how it came out, but I’d love some constructive criticism. 

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I don't even usual like Regina, but I actually was proud of her for taking that potion that made her barren. For once, she did the right thing and didn't let Cora take away her agency. And if Zelena does find out about Regina not being able to have kids, and gloats, I want Regina to lay into her about how it was HER decision not to have children, and how Cora wanted her just to be a royal baby-maker. If Mommy Dearest were around now, she'd totally try to take Zelena's baby away from her.

I have to be honest - I thought she was the stupidest person ever to do that. All she had to do was, well, not have sex (as far as we know she only had sex with Graham so…) or have some sort of magical birth control. Or at least just pretended to drink the potion. Or banish Cora again like she did before. I mean Cora wasn’t forcefully doing anything in that scene and she just calmly walked out in the end.

Plus that wasn’t actually supposed to be an amazing standing up for herself moment either. Cora says ‘The only one standing in the way of your happiness is you’ and that’s the actual message from that scene because she just did it to herself and made herself unhappy. I mean it’s the literal version of the quote about revenge and bitterness, ‘Drinking poison and expecting the other person to die’.

Also, I’m pretty sure that’s the event that made Regina obsessed with children and led to her ruining many childrens’ lives.

Are Hot-Wheel toys still in existence? Or have I completely banished them from my heteronormative social construct of reality, through the gay vernacular?

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Have anything on getting rid of or driving away Incubi? c:

“I banish all incubi and shield myself from further attacks” Sigil ^_^

In a Fraxus Mood

Reasons why Fraxus is real:
“I will follow you even to the depths of hell”
Freed bathing Laxus
Freed when Laxus was banished
Freed when Laxus returned
Freed stretching with Laxus in ova 5
Freed washing Laxus
Freed denying blushing while washing Laxus
Freed referring to Laxus as “my Laxus”
Freed’s unwavering loyalty to Laxus
Laxus telling Freed to “make sure he gets everywhere” when Freed bathes him

-Freed obviously likes Laxus

In Dreams

I dreamed about you last night. A complicated, crystal-clear dream I clung onto because waking from it felt like abandoning the sunshine for a gloomy room.

It took me by surprise because I thought you were banished to the depths of my mind, a troublesome shadow resolutely avoided if not forgotten. How dare you upset my carefully controlled equilibrium ? I had diligently stuck Bandaids of distraction over where you were missing, and they seemed to be working fine, but now I know that what they cover isn’t healing at all.

The daytime world is apparently just a story I tell myself, a fiction, because it couldn’t have been clearer that the dream was reality. You held my hand in it and all day I’ve been able to feel the ghost of your touch on my skin.

Isn’t that strange ? I wonder if you ever dream about me ? 


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"don't touch her!"

Aeviara and Meiming had been in the kitchen, a place that Aevi had been banished from for quite some time. Despite the best efforts of others she simply failed at cooking and today’s experiment had been no different. Meiming’s cupcakes turned out perfectly fine and the wonderful aroma clashed with the stench of the burnt ones just outside the door. “I told you I couldn’t do it,” the girl said sweetly to her friend. 

Meiming laughed and shook her head as she placed a hand upon her hip. “Nonsense. We’re going to try again, just not right now.” The next little bit was spent icing the good ones while the dogs fought over the scraps of charcoal on the lawn. Adding sparkled bits of colored sugar and piping in swirls seemed to add in enough glitz to make the cupcakes shine. “I think this is the prettiest thing that I’ve ever made with my hands.” There were bits of sugar and little petal shaped doodads all over the place.

“OUT OF MY KITCHEN!!” A man’s voice bellowed as a red haired older fellow burst through the door. “MY KITCHEN. MY BELOVED KITCHEN. Why? WHY??” the man lamented as he turned to reach for a rolling pin which he now brandished like a claymore. Aeviara’s eyes went wide and she looked at Meiming as if in a panic. This wasn’t Lady Devonshire’s usual cook. This man was crazy! His face turned purplish red and he stalked about roaring, lunging towards Aeviara the man raised the pin as if to strike her down. 

*CLANG* The sound left ringing in her ears and she opened one eye to peek up. Imagine her astonishment when she saw Meiming with a heavy cast-iron skillet in hand and the man unconscious on the floor at her feet. “Don’t touch her,” the trade mistress said with a growl. “People like you are probably part of her hang up with baking cupcakes,” she spat as she nudged the man with her toe. 

“Thank you for defending me, Mei”

A groan filled the air and Aeviara did what she thought to be the best possible thing. She took put the cupcakes in a tin and grabbed Meiming’s hand, rushing out of the kitchen to a better place where they could laugh over things and enjoy the treats.

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A headcanon: Lapis and Pearl would probably argue about pronunciations all day. Tomato causes a grand battle that Garnet banishes them from the house.



What about blowing bubbles as banishing spells?

Put all the nastiness and negativity and doubt into a puff of breath and blow it into a bubble, let the wind take it away from you, and pop! Its gone. 

Its hard for me to be sad when there’s bubbles. 

Gossip Stopping Scrub

This scrub is designed to cleanse and protect its user from harmful gossip and slander. Use it stop gossip surrounding you and to and keep your name out of others’ mouthes.

  • two parts coarse sea salt 
  • two parts granulated white sugar 
  • 1 part ground black lava salt 
  • 1 part oil of your choice
  • essential oil of rose geranium
  • essential oil of dragon’s blood
  • optional: body safe glitter 

Sea salt cleanses you while the black lava salt banishes any harmful energies. The sugar is added to sweeten up those around you to your good side. Rose geranium essential oil stops the gossip and dragon’s blood gives the spell an extra kick of strength. A pinch of glitter reminds you that you’re a queen, no matter what anybody says. 

I’m Home Alone and I Heard A Sound Spell

So I’m just sitting at the computer, minding my own business when I hear a weird sound like something electronic being turned on, like the TV downstairs or the PS3. Nope, oh no I am not dealing with this. I don’t even care if it’s a hallucination, I decided to do something to make me feel secure. So here’s what I did (after walking through the house with a knife to make sure there were no unwanted humans).

Materials (this is more of a whatever you have on hand so you can get whatever is in your house out)

Hot water (mix the salt and essential oil in it)

Salt (I used Himalayan pink salt)

Essential oil or perfume (whatever you have on hand, I used jasmine because it smells nice) 

Candle (preferably white or black but whatever you can grab quickly)

Walk through every room of the house, splashing little droplets around the perimeter of the rooms. Make sure to get the corners and to turn on the lights as you go. You can either go the route of, “I banish thee from my home, all unwanted entities!” or my method, which was, “Yep, get the fuck out of my house, all uninvited spirits. Shoo, peace out, there’s the door, get out.” Make sure to state that you’re getting rid of unwanted entities. Bring the candle with you in every room and set it in the middle. 

As you splash the water, say whatever it is that helps you banish.