So why is this breed so beautiful to me? Cause I never liked people to begin with, so when I look at this breed I think about how humans have caused them to have such a bad name. Humans have a tendency to take advantage of the loyalty, respect, and love they get from anything. Giving your all to the wrong person can end you in bad situations. In the case of “Pitbulls”, giving their all to the wrong person costs their lives. My mission is to educate on this breed, support in anyway I can and maybe even one day save lives because of it. #MyMission #Love #Life #Pitbulls #Dogs #Truth #Educate #BanIgnorance #BanBadOwners #BanBSL #BSLSucks #Beautiful #Breed #BlueNose #PowerBreed #BullyBreed #RealDog #Perfect #Loyalty #Support #AdoptDontShop #NoBYBs #Trust

I wear the black for the poor and the beaten down.
Livin’ in the hopeless, hungry side of town.
I wear it for the prisoner who has long paid for his crime, but is there because he’s a victim of the times. #dontshopadopt #dontbullymybreed #pitbulls #pitsofig #pitstagram #instapit #instagrampitbulls #bullybreeds #dogs #dogsofig #banhate #allbkackeverything #maninblack #banignorance


I choose the letter I. I for ignorance, ignorance that this society has plenty of. Ignorance is defined as a state of being uninformed, a lack of knowledge. Prejudice is defined as an assumption made about someone or something before having adequate knowledge to be able to do so with guaranteed accuracy. When making judgment calls on how to solve a problem people often let their displaced feelings of ignorance, and prejudice take precedence in instances where opinion should not matter, but rather facts should speak more clearly and with more clout. Breed specific legislation of “Pit Bulls” is wrong because the targeted animals are wrongfully accused solely because of ignorance, prejudice and displacement. The targeted breeds in these instances are normally what are referred to as the “bully breeds,” which are commonly misidentified as “pit bulls.” Yet the term “pit bull” in its own meaning could not be further from the depiction of most of the animals in question. For example Rocky was adopted from a humane society that listed him as a pit bull mix. A DNA test revealed 10 breeds in his mix—none of which were bully breeds. A Pit bull is not a breed for those that did not know. A pit bull is a name generalizing three breeds of dogs that have almost identical characteristics, which are very often mixed. The American Pitbull Terrier. YES I DID SAY AMERICAN. American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire bull terrier. The American temperament testing society statistics listed that the three breeds and also Rottweilers were all in the 82 percentile, meaning 80% or more of the dogs tested passed the temperament test. That is a very high percentage, especially compares to breeds which are common in households such as Golden Retreivers and Bichon Frise, which tested at 65%, Chihuahuas at 71% and Greyhounds at 79%.

         Someone that judges before knowing the facts would wear this. They would have it carved on their ass to show respect for every wagging tail that had to be put down because of ignorance. It would be black outlined to represent what people see on the outside and the inside would be pink, to represent the love and kindness they give their owners.

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Spikes packing his bags and heading for the door… Anxiously waiting for a permanent foster or adopter to step up for him. I am at a lost for words he is a sweet 10
Month old pup. An absolute wiggle butt. ️Spike is UTD on shots,neutered, and microchipped. Everything will be supplied if someone steps up to foster. NEEDS TO BE PLACED TONIGHT. NO OTHER DOGS AT THIS TIME JUST SO HE CAN RELAX. I cannot keep bouncing this poor dog from temporary foster to temporary foster. He needs to decompress and relax. Please DM @kimberlywis_ or email if you can be spikes hero today! #pits #pitbulls #pitbulladvocate #pitbullsarefamily #bslisbs #bullybreeds #banignorance #inherentlygood #spike #secondchance #sharespike #shopatshelters #adopt #foster #rescue #fosteringsaveslives #voiceforthevoiceless ————–PLEASE SHARE——
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Harassment on Cathay Pacific

My humanity has been dealt a grave disservice. My dignity burns every time I recall the experience. The story reeks of insensitivity, harassment and discrimination. And it is terribly disconcerting that the humiliating episode happened to a person with a disability with what is regarded as a world-class airline.

My name is Jose Cabaltera, American citizen, resident of the Philippines. On December 13, I flew from Manila to San Francisco. I took flights CX904 on the 13th and CX872 on the 14th under booking reference number ZLZKF9. 

I arrived at the airport close to 2am. Ciara looked at me, saw I was in a wheelchair and proceeded to ask her colleague at the next counter whether my assistive device counted towards my baggage allowance. I figured, ‘Ciara is new. She has never checked in a wheelchair bound passenger before,’ and I patiently let her learn on the job.

Ciara’s second question to me was, ‘do you have an assistant traveling with you?’ Though the question is commonplace in the Philippines for disabled people, I was intrigued with her query. I stood alone before her counter with the airport pusher off to the side, handed her a single reservation confirmation and one passport. I affirmed, ‘yes. I’m travelling alone.’ 

The agent’s third question threw me off, ‘do you need assistance in the restroom? Can you go to the bathroom all by yourself?’ I became a bit embarrassed and thoroughly confused. With all of my solo travels over the last two decades I had never once been asked this question.

 I assumed when I bought the ticket that most reputable international carriers keep aisle chairs on board their crafts for passengers such as myself who require special assistance. Before purchasing the ticket, I had posed the question to the agent who accepted my payment whether or not aisle chairs would be made available during the flight. I was assured that they would be. 

Furthermore, I could not understand why this embarrassing in depth questioning about my bodily functions was not brought up before purchase and out of earshot from the public. 

I responded, ‘if you push me in an aisle chair and get me to the restroom, I can handle everything inside on my own.’ I presumed the worst: am I capable of getting inside the small cubicles? Am I capable of releasing waste from my body on my own?

She let me finish and proceeded to explain in detail, ‘How will you use the restroom inside the plane? The crew will not help you inside the restroom.’ I was mortified. What details did she expect from me? I told her, my eyes welling up with disgust, ‘it’s a two hour flight to Hong Kong! I’ll take care of everything beforehand! Just give me a boarding pass and I’ll handle the second leg when in Hong Kong.’

This episode did not end here. Ciara peered at her screen with a countenance of disbelief then left her post. Several minutes passed, the line behind me whizzed by and another agent approached me, introduced herself and posed the very similar question, ‘Sir, are you able to use the the restroom independently?’ At this point I was humiliated. I didn’t know if I was going to be allowed on this flight. I was no longer sure if should expect an aisle chair to be stowed inside the craft. Maybe I was misunderstood when I bought the ticket?

This repeated questioning was abhorrent and out of line. These women saw no resolution with my truthful answers. Nor did they allow me the dignity to lower their voices in the terminal or take me aside in private to discuss with me the details that they required. At this point I no longer had a clue how I should answer. All I knew was that despite their narrow minded image of disabled people and their obvious lack of contact with those of us who live with disabilities and travel independently, I was determined to say and do anything to get home for Christmas while forced to remain level-headed in the face of discrimination and ignorance lest my rude behaviour or inappropriate comments would keep me grounded that morning. And still, this episode doesn’t end there.

Ciara processes my boarding passes. I head to the gate with a couple hours to spare. I get comfortable in a seat and close my eyes. I’m exhausted from shame and disgrace.

Minutes before boarding, an agent comes to me and tags my wheelchair for a gate check. I transfer back into my chair and ask that agent (who I believe is Ciara again) in a polite and forgiving manner, ‘are we about ready to pre board? She nods and as I begin to push myself to the gate she asks me one more time, ‘are you sure you can use the restroom independently?’ I nod, bound and determined to get to San Francisco. At the gate again, I hand over my boarding pass and another agent approaches and asks, ‘we’d like to verify that you are able to use the restroom without assistance inside the plane?’ I scrape together my remaining dignity and muse, bored and tired of providing the same answer over and over again, and respond, ‘unless you intend to join me there..’ she giggles like a schoolgirl and backs off. then a male Cathay employee approaches me, and asked me one final time if I’ll need assistance with the bathrooms on board the plane. Exasperated I exclaim, ‘NO!’ ‘We just need to make sure,’ he flippantly responds, turns away and proceeds down the jetway. 

I follow him, second guessing myself, ‘did I make the right decision? Am I going to get stranded? Should I pee before I get on the plane?’

An aisle chair is brought to the plane door. The crew greets me but I don’t look at anyone in the face. I’m ashamed. I believe this crew has discussed my bowels and fears I cannot take care of myself.

I transfer from wheelchair to aisle chair to the plane’s chair without assistance - as I usually do. I’m feeling in my heart that this crew wants nothing to do with me. I hop over to my window seat, pull up my hoodie in humiliation and try to forget what went on the previous few hours. During the flight I did nothing, asked for nothing, didn’t look at anyone in the face. The incessant questioning left me feeling unwelcome and uncomfortable in the seat that I had purchased.

We land in Hong Kong. Members of the flight crew  bring the aisle chair from behind.  Surprised, I ask, ‘has that chair been on board the entire time?’ One woman says yes. ‘Then why would I be asked repeatedly in Manila whether or not I am able to use the restroom without assistance?’ Looking confused, one inquired, ‘who asked you?’ ‘Three different people in Manila,’ I responded, ‘and one of the flight crew from this flight.’ No answers were given. 

In the end i thought I could let this episode go. But it has haunted me throughout my vacation. My humanity has been dealt a grave disservice. My dignity burns every time I recall that experience. The story reeks of insensitivity, harassment and discrimination. And it is terribly disconcerting that the humiliating episode happened to a person with a disability with what is regarded as a world-class airline.

So you’re telling me #pitbulls are scary?

“There is no such thing as a bad breed. Pit bulls get a bad response from many people, but more often than not, they are the victims of irresponsible and abusive ownership.

Bull breeds score better on temperament tests than the general dog population.

In December 2010, the American Temperament Test Society showed the American pit bull terrier scored an overall temperament rating of 83.9%, compared to the 77% score of the general dog population.

Pit bulls are actually bred to be affectionate towards people. They have been bred for hundreds of years for strength, agility, high pain tolerance and absence of aggression toward humans. Pit bulls are extremely intelligent dogs and take their cues from the humans who raise them.

Only humans are capable of knowing the difference between “right and wrong,” and all dogs are bred, raised and trained to behave the way they do.


#pitbulladvotcate #ilovemypitbull #dontbullymybreed #banignorance

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NY -By @doggirl110 “By @kimberlywis_ "👆👆👆MEET CHYNA👆👆👆 11 months old 95 lbs of pure beauty! Unfortunately due to no fault of her own she will be homeless come Wednesday and unless we can find a temporary foster she will just become another angel claimed by the shelter! Please share far and wide and if you are able to foster contact or DM me directly! We need everyone to pull together so we can keep this sweet girl from meeting her fate in the disgusting shelters that’s no life for her so let’s not fail! She is not yet spayed so if you would like to donate towards her care you can go to the gofundme link in my bio!!! Thank you in advance -NarlyPup Rescue #narlypuprescue #jointherevolution #networkingsaveslives #fosteringsaveslives #foster #rescuingsaveslives #rescue #rescuedrescuer #bslisbs #voiceforthevoiceless #inherentlygood #banignorance #pits #pitbulls #pitbullgram #pitbullsarefamily #pitbullsofinstagram #dontbullymybreed #bullybreeds #adoptthecropped #adoptdontshop #advocate #adopt” via @PhotoRepost_app" via @PhotoRepost_app

Because this type of positivity will never make it to the world news. “These dogs aee vicious animals who have no aim but to fight.” They would rather blame the dog than to blame their ignorance. #Smh #BanIgnorance #BanBSL #BSLSucks #Pitbull #Positive #Truth #NotInTheNews #IgnoranceIsNotBliss #Love #Life #RealWomenLovePitbulls #ILovePitbulls #RealDogs #TheTruth #MyMission #Goal #Dreams #Advocate #BeTheirVoice