banh chiao

Banh Xiao.
  • Me: Hello, can I speak to David?
  • His Mom: Oh, he went to your house. He take my car to go get the Banh Xiao from you. Tell your Mom I say thank you.
  • Me: Oh, okay.
  • HAHA. I just thought it was funny how she would let David take the car over here just to pick it up. I nearly live down the street and David isn't really allowed to touch her car. Oh... Vietnamese people and their Banh Xiao... hehehe.
  • Banh Xiao is the yellow taco thing that a lot of Khmer/Vietnamese people eat. In Khmer it's called Banh Chiao. It has meat, beansprouts and such.. (inside) and you eat it with lettuce and whatever else vegetable and you dip it with the sweet fish sauce. I'm not sure if it's a Vietnamese dish or not. Idk. Khmer/Vietnamese people eat a lot of the same things.