Buck-Tick in Manga, 003, Angel Sanctuary

by Yuki Kaori

She was a professional bangya, loved lots of bands ranging from the enormously popular ones to pretty weird and underground ones. She has draw a Buck-Tick doujinshi called “Die” with lots of BT references, it’s available on many manga sites.

But besides Die, BT made an appearance in her famous manga series Angel Sanctuary, vol. 4

I only found the online English one

the translator didn’t translate Yuki-san’s words, I don’t blame her/him, the writing is not very easy to read ↓

So basically what she said is, she was in love with a band, wanted to fill all pages with LOVE LOVE things, she only knew their very old songs before, but recently she heard their new songs and those songs were so cool! But she loved both old and new songs. Why didn’t she find out more about them before? She didn’t want to sound presumptuous to their old fans, so she would not say their name.

“I’m not the Yuki you know anymore!!”

“Yuki will never come back, please don’t look for her.”

(To Aku no Hana Imai) “I love ○○sama in this era.”

Then in vol. 5

She said many readers guessed wrong. 

Maybe because her readers are generally younger than the BT generation, maybe because in that era without internet, some people only know the black hair Acchan, plus the Acchan she drew is not that similar to the 3D one…

(The drawing on the right is Setsuna and Rosiel)

Japanese one ↓

The English translator didn’t translate things like the song that inspired Yuki-san was Dress, many people thought the band was Luna Sea, the person who said “Don’t write their name!” didn’t get the name of the band right, Yuki-san wrote a “すべて誤解”, I think it’s from “見えない物を見ようとする誤解全て誤解だ (Mienai Mono…)”, etc.

Also Yuki-san didn’t say the band members look androgynous, she just said “おキレイな兄ちゃん達” (pretty niichans), “男なのに、女なんかよりぜんぜんキレーっす” (They’re men, but they are a lot prettier than women), because even DEG and Pierrot are Androgynos, Hoshino HIdehiko has never…bad joke?

I personally find saying a man is “pretty than a woman” to be a bit weird, what exactly does it mean? Women don’t look the same.

Models of Angel Sanctuary characters is always a topic, Yuki Kaori didn’t make most of them clear, maybe many characters don’t have a certain model, she just took Visual Kei materials here and there, so I can’t be sure. Many people say Kira Sakuya/Lucifer is Acchan, Rosiel is Hyde, but when she began to do the character design of Angel Sanctuary, she wasn’t a BT fan, L’arc haven’t made their debut, so it’s a bit doubtful.

Anyway, later in the series, Kira Sakuya indeed resembles Acchan.

According to Wikipedia, model of Mad Hatter/Belial is Full, from Guniw Tools (singer, video editor, PV diretctor etc, I know lots of BT fans are more familiar with him than me) But perhaps Yuki-san borrowed some elements from Imai, like the black and white squares

It’s just my guess.

I need to confess, I’m not a big fan of Yuki-san, I don’t remember what Angel Sanctuary is about, so I could be wrong somewhere and probabaly there are others things to be find.

In the end, another thing, Yuki-san mentioned Issay in Angel Sanctuary too, vol.17:

She said Issay had a small face and was very beautiful, he was a fan of Angel Sanctuary, she got their signs and CD, was invited to their concert.

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Hello, would you consider take a look at this article?aibikinomori (tumblr) /image/ 160746905133? I went through some Japanese site and she said she was just friend but now "quite close relationship" Then they are dating or not lol

Mind you, this is a tabloids article, keep that in mind. This article (and others from other tabloids) are just fueling  up the gossip as tabloids usually do. They have no sources, no official statement from her or Dir en grey, just gossip and commenting it as in any western gossip magazine. 

Saying this, I read (or “read” because it was  hard to read with some other scans I got so I missed some parts)  this article says:

-You can read in big “The man of the date in Okinawa with Aiko Kaito was Toshiya, bassist of the extreme Vk band Dir en grey”

-The article assumes they are dating (no sources or statements from any of them)

-There is a brief introduction of Dir en grey ( and toshiya’s profile at right bottom)

-They talk about Aiko being a Bangya (bandgirl) and going to SID and Nightmare concerts so this is might how she got in contact with Toshiya (No sources, tabloids gossip style)

-Again, explains that Dir en grey had days off before a concert in Okinawa and that Toshiya and Aiko got “caught” in one of those days at this place in Okinawa together, taking pictures (basically, whay is being said already 100 times)

-There is a line like “They look so close, there is no doubts that they are in a relationship” (again, TABLOIDS TABLOIDS)

-In other part it says like, Toshiya is mad for all this scandal and quote him saying “It’s so hard.You can’t go out in some areas”
 (I think it means he  is complaining about not being able to go out without being spotted like this time. Again, no source where this line comes from or how they got toshiya’s comment so…..tabloids. Again it makes no sense because they were basically spotted for her, not cause people knew who Toshiya was)

So, there you go. In the end you can believe what you want as long as you respect them. Or, you can give no fucks because who cares about who is Toshiya dating, even more if he didn’t tell it himself?

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i feel like after yoongi said bangya bangya he was just thinking of a better translation for the rest of the interview until at the end he finally said "we will shoot you heart"