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Image from Episode 2

1. All The Things She Said - t.a.T.U.
2. Mistake The Getaway - Kevin MacLeod
3. Kiryuu Ga Kill {Satsuki’s theme} - Kiroyuki Sawano
4. Bad Reputation - Joan Jett
5. Head Bangya!! - Babymetal
6. Headstrong - Trapt
7. Misery Business - Paramore
8. Centuries - Fall Out Boy

anonymous asked:

Why do people hate foreign bangya when Japanese Vkei fans are just as bad if not worse?

I feel like foreign fans show more hate to the foreign side only cause “oh my god… Wtf are they doing. Stop making me look bad…: I hope I don’t come off like those assholes ”
Y know?
Each side has their praticular … Cringey ness.
小学生の妹がバンギャです(続編) on Twitter
My little sister goes to grade school and is a bangya When my little sister said "I wish the visual kei movement would rise and there’d be more bangyas" I tried making a video☆ Hoping that the bangyas all over the country will increase ♪ Q: Who is the person standing in Aoi-San’s hand? #nationwidebangyaproject

Video: What does Bangya mean…?
Bangya…are people who are fans of visual kei bands!!
let’s become bangyas together!!
The life of an active bangyaru gives you all the fun you can have
LIVES, in-store events, otsukare samba
tours, band battles, taking pictures with them at handshake events
let’s become bangyas and make some nooooise

Aoi: alright everyone, let’s think!
Aoi: k, here you go! 

Poll: Who is the person standing in Aoi-San’s hand?
results will be announced after 24 hours! ⇒】

  • Hoshiko-San (visualkei_oyaji)
  • Aoi-San
  • Akai-San
  • Avooooi!-San

visualkei_oyaji: hmmm, it’s difficult (^_^;)

  • Aoi: so, I hear...there’s a karaoke place in Hyogo prefecture that has a room called Bangya Room*?... and that it’s so busy that you can’t even make a reservation... you guys, your passion is incredible.
  • *Bangya (or Bangyaru, from band girl) basically means visual kei fangirl, but like a super fangirl who’s passionately in love with that band.