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1. how did you got into kpop?
Listened to Wonder Girls in 2009, then heard of SHINee and got into it. Then I was quickly getting to know more and more groups, and now I’m a proud V.I.P!

2. your favorite movie when you were little?
Hmmm, there was/is a lot. Home Alone and Home Alone 2! I don’t know what else…

3. OTP?
MilHyun, YG&Eunjoo, GeunShin…

4. favorite song right now?
Frank Ocean -Lost, Piramids… G-Dragon - Crayon.

5. one thing you love about your country?

6. what languages can you speak?
Polish, English, little of German&Korean.

7. what languages would you want to learn?
Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French.

8. tumblr crushes?

External image


9. if you could be an animal for a day, what would you be?
I don’t know. Hm, a tiger, an owl?

10. what have you done today?
Woke up, ate, talked to bestfriend, got mad because of two other friends, talked to people, studied history… Nothing much, lol.

11. what do you do when you’re very bored? (and don’t say tumblr)
I dance, read books… write some things in my note. Or just watch some shows? That kind of things.

My questions;

1. Your bias?
2. What’s your fave kpop girl group?
3. Your hobby?
4. Favorite drama character?
5. An animation you like?
6. Best song of all times?
7. Favorite non-korean singer?
8. Name you would like to have?
9. Your favorite korean drama?
10. Your favorite season?
11. A cute pic of your bias?