The Bangus Capital of the Philippines (Dagupan City), celebrates THE BANGUS FESTIVAL 2013. :) And Yes, I was there! Hello First Timer. :D

These set of photos were taken last month, April 2013. During it’s celebration, different activities, parties and competitions were held. One of this is the Bangus Festival Street Dancing or also known as the Gilon Gilon ed Dalan. In this competition, every barangay participated. Each of them choreographed their own dance that represents their barangay but of course the theme or should I say the Bangus itself was prioritized. 

Going to the main event… Here goes the Kalutan ed Dalan, The Bangusan Street Party.Wherein a large number of grills were lined-up and ready for the unending ihawan! :))) This was a very fun experience and of course a sizzling HOT one. witweew! 

After the kainans, It’s time for some real Rock en’ Roll. :)

A lot of different Pinoy Bands were present that night. But the sad part is I only have to choose one band to watch. :( I need to choose from  Hale, Sandwhich, 6 Cyclemind, MYMP, and so much more. (As you can see on the sched, each band will be performing in different areas around Dagupan City. The reason why!)

After long thoughts, I guess I chose the right band. ROCKSTEDDY. <3 :)))))))