you call him babe unknowingly [gif reaction]

a/n: i did this with my cousin, as i am usually calling her baobei haha. she was ranting to me and i had slipped out saying babe instead, and she caught onto it and LOLed, while i was like WHAT? only to realize that i had said that and we both started laughing together as well.

jin: because you were busy talking, you didn’t realize that the B word had slipped out when you called out to him. and it wasn’t any B word, but the word to which Jin least expect you to say. and soon enough, he’d tease you with it. “calling me babe now, huh?”

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yoongi: first yoongi would double take to see if he heard you right. you weren’t one to say nicknames and such, for you had made that clear to him. however, it had slipped out when he was ranting of his bad day, to which made him get all giddy inside. he’d give you that smug smile and tease you, wanting to hear you say it again. “call me babe one more time, will ya?”

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hoseok: you two have various nicknames for each other. from angel to happy virus, to gorgeous to sweetheart. but the moment you call out to hoseok after the list of nicknames because you were trying to get his attention, the B word slips out. Hoseok of course, would laugh and reply in return, “you got it, babe!”

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namjoon: with namjoon, he’d quietly sit down and listen to you ramble of your day until you had unforgettably mutter out babe to him. taking notice that you didn’t hear it yourself, namjoon would just give out a sly and teasing smile, and then say, “okay babe, i understand what you’re saying”, just to see if you noticed of calling him babe yourself.

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jimin: oh this kid. the gif says it all! the one thing he would hear coming from your mouth would be the B word, when you were explaining to him about whatever you both conversed of. He would smugly grin at you, letting you know that you had said the word, although you didn’t quite take notice. soon, you begin to blush and jimin would just say, “don’t be shy about it, babe.”

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taehyung: i see him of all sorts. he can be wild and calm collected altogether. a mixture of hobi, joon, and chimchim! Taehyung would be in shock at hearing you call him babe out of the blue, and stare at you for a long time to see if you noticed. but because you didn’t, he’d just give out a smile to himself until you catch him and ask of what’s so funny. He’d just give out a simple answer, “i don’t know. you tell me, babe.”

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jungkook“woah, woah, who you calling a baby?” his immediate response before you could process through with what you were saying.

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