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MEANINGLESS PART 31 - Arguments 

(Kim Namjoon x Reader, Min Yoongi x Reader) 

Summary: You’re a famous rapper who has taken the music industry by storm, but what happens when two of the seven biggest heartthrobs in the industry develop feelings for you? I’ll tell you one thing: it’s not pretty.

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(A/N: Meaningless is gonna be over in 10 parts give or take :<< lowkey sad about it, but dw folks I have another sm au in store right after!!

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Piano Notes

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Title: Piano Notes
Author: Haru.
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Prompt: “The melody floated throughout the room, caressing each crack and crevice within it. A warmth crept over my heart as I closed my eyes and let it wash over me, losing all previous worry. At this moment, there would be nothing but the music and me.”
Synopsis: 1st-year freshman has a crush on the musical genius 3rd year.

There was something about the prestige private school that attracted the elementary girl to it as she stood in front of the edifice, staring up at the metal sign that read: “Bangtan Academy.” in beautiful hangul letters. She squeezed the straps of her elephant shaped handbag as her mind reeled with the thought of attending there when she came of age.

“(Y/N)!” One of her friends, Jaea, screamed as she barreled toward her, knocking her out of her trance as both girls toppled onto the grass near the entrance walls of the academy. “We’re going to be late if you keep daydreaming!”

“I’m going to attend that school when I’m older even if it kills me!”

“You’re not even graduating yet, maknae,” Another one of her friends, one who’s a couple years older than her, her unnie, Kaede, remarked, ruffling the younger girl’s hair, messing it up. “You’re still in fourth grade, and besides, that school,” The elder pointed a finger at it, making a little face at the stuck-up, rich-kid school, “Only accepts kids who have been playing instruments, singing, acting or dancing since they were born. I don’t think you’ve been playing piano for that long, eh?”

The younger girl pouted as she started to fix her hair and place it back into the pigtails she had arranged it to earlier, fixing her yellow school uniform headband to sit at the top of her head. “I’ve been doing it for a couple of years-”

“I believe this is your second year.”

“-And if I practice hard enough, I think I’ll get in!”

“And if you skip school you’ll never get in! These types of schools require perfect attendance records!” The elder of the trio grabbed the youngers by the ear and dragged them both to their elementary school, despite the maknaes still squabbling at each other.

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Distant Connection

( 4 / ? )

Jungkook and Jimin have been dating since high school. Jimin begins falling for their neighbor across the street; and Jungkook begins falling for his new gamer friend online. And Taehyung is a straight man who may have caught feelings for both of these new people in his life and doesn’t know what to do. What happens when they find out they all know each other?

Someone: *watches my phone’s screen* what are you doing?

Me: *writing fanfiction* writing…

Someone: Really? Are you a writer? Can I read it?



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Title: Shhh…

Word Count: 2.7k+

Rating: NSFW

Genre: Smut or PWP

Warnings: Unprotected Sex, Vaginal Fingering, Double Penetration, Cream Pies, Group Sex, Dirty Talk, Sloppy Seconds (kind of), Slight Voyeur Kink, Hint of Dubious Consent

Pairings: Kim Taehyung x Reader x Jeon Jungkook

Summary:  “Shhh sweetheart, you gotta be quiet. You don’t wanna wake up anyone, do you?”

Written by: Admin B

Sequel: Can be found here: Please

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Another Rant

No, this one is not BTS related, but I can’t help myself from making this one.

I think I’m PMSing and about to start my period and that’s why I’ve been so annoyed and making rants lately.

Now, I know things can’t be 100% accurate, and I’m not directing this towards any one specific person except Stephanie Meyer since this pet peeve started with Twilight

If you are going to write about a certain topic, or include something in your writing, please do at least a minimal amount of research.

The amount of people who will write about something they know nothing about, and refuse to google it saddens me.

This goes for multiple topics.


As a child development major, this irks me more than it does most people, and as I said, I know things can’t be 100% accurate, and that since not everyone studies child development, there are things they can’t know, but there are somethings that’s just common sense.

Like it’s common sense that a 4 year old will not still be teething.

It’s common sense that a 2 month old will not be sitting up on their own.

It’s common sense that a 1 and a half year old will not be speaking in full grammatically correct sentences.

Onto pregnancy, why does everyone seem to think that you find out the sex of the baby on the first doctor’s appointment? Like, no. The genitalia begin to form at 6 weeks and aren’t finished until 14 weeks. The majority of people have their first appointment during that time frame, meaning it’s impossible to know anyway.

Also, morning sickness does not only happen in the morning, it’s just more common. The amount of times I’ve seen people writing fics about pregnancy, only for something to be wrong with the girl, and when someone questions her she says it’s just morning sickness, “but it’s not the morning”, please stop that.

Also, people will write about a bump at 2 months. If it’s the first pregnancy, like how it is in most fics, a bump usually won’t form until the 2nd trimester, which is 4 or 5 months. Maybe 3 months in some women, but not 2 months.


Okay, say it with me: the butt hole is not a vagina

The amount of gay smut where they talk about how “wet” the hole is getting when there is no lube or saliva involved, or the amount that says it’s painless without any lubrication. I’m a heterosexual female and even I know that’s not how it works.

Second, girls do not orgasm the same way guys do

A female orgasm is an overwhelming feeling of pleasure followed by sensitivity. There is no “flow of juices” and certainly no “white substance dripping down her thighs”. When “juices” do come out of her, that is called squirting, and only happens very rarely, some women never being able to at all. And after a women squirts, she can be very dehydrated and exhausted, and definitely not ready to go a second round, like described in quite a few fics. There are some women who can squirt quite often, however, they are in the vast minority, and therefore it should not be included in every. single. fanfic. Rarely do I see a fic that accurately describes a female orgasm.

Mental Health

This one really hits home to me, and quite a few others, as I suffer from mental illness, and have for years.

I would really appreciate if the people who don’t have a mental illness, but choose to write about it would do adequate research about the mental illness they have chosen.

I could go on about all the mistakes people have made about many mental illnesses, but I’ll focus on anxiety right now as that’s what I have and is the most common mental illness since it comes in many varieties.

The one that I notice the most is the misrepresentation of Social Anxiety.

In most of the fics I have read that have incorporated Social Anxiety, they always describe it as feeling uncomfortable around strangers, but it is way more than that.

Social Anxiety is:

constantly feeling like everyone in the room is watching you and scrutinizing your every movement

not being able to eat at someone’s house or at a party because your stomach hurts so much that the thought of food makes you want to throw up

wanting to cry when you’re forced to sit close to people you don’t know

being almost 20 years old and not being able to order for yourself at a restaurant

thinking that sitting alone in the car is a better option than having to go inside a place you’ve never been

It is so much more than being uncomfortable around people you don’t know. The feeling I get can’t even be described using the word “uncomfortable”. If you are not actually having anxiety over the situation, it is not anxiety.

Another thing that people don’t research with this is how you get diagnosed. I always see it described as they went to their normal doctor the second they started to have issues, told them they had it, and they automatically get a prescription for medication, and they’re done in 10 minutes. That is not how it happens.

I had been living with anxiety for at least 5 years before ever even going to be formally diagnosed. I didn’t bother with telling my mom I thought I needed more help than just her, who also has anxiety, until after I was tempted to remove the blades from my razor and slit my wrist to where they couldn’t sew it back up.

I had to have suicidal thoughts before realizing “woah I need help”. After that, my mom had to make an appointment at a psychological assessment center, not my regular doctor. That first appointment, it was me, my mom, and a therapist. There was no official diagnosis of that. All it was was the three of us talking, with me and my mom telling her about the struggles I had been having, how long it had been happening, how it gradually got worse, and so on. Then she gave my mom a questionnaire to fill out about what she has observed about me, and gave me one to give to one of my teachers at school to fill out.

A week later, I went back and spent two hours being tested in different ways. They varied from “what do you see when you look at this picture” to testing my memory skills. Two hours. And that wasn’t even the day I was diagnosed.

My mom and I went back a week after that to meet with the therapist, and that’s where she gave me the official diagnosis, the degree it was to, and then discussed treatment options. Then she had to send my regular doctor the results so that she could write a prescription.

It was two more weeks before my doctor got around to it and I was able to start on medication.

It is way more than “oh I’ve been feeling this way”, “okay, here’s some pills to pop”.

If you’re going to write about a mental illness without having it, then at least have the courtesy to research it.

Then comes to the idea that it can be cured and one day they won’t have it anymore. I don’t know how many fics I’ve read where it ends with a completely happy ending in the main character no longer has the mental illness.

That is complete and utter bullshit. Mental illnesses are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, and those can’t be fixed easily. There is no “cure”, you just get to the point where you can handle it better. There are people with depression who can go years without and episode, then wake up one day with no motivation to even roll over in bed. My mom has some of the worst social anxiety, yet she’s a hair stylist, meaning she has to constantly be around and talk to people she doesn’t know. She has overcome her illness enough that it doesn’t get in the way of her job, but she’s still on medication and she almost had a panic attack when she had to walk me up on stage for the Senior Walk at my final orchestra concert.

Mental illnesses do not have a cure. You just get better at being able to live without them getting in your way.

There are a few authors and works out there that do a great job of trying to be accurate in the topics they write about, but they are sadly outnumbered by the people who just do not care.

So please, if you read this and want to write a fanfic or regular fic about a topic you’re not to sure about, please do at least a minimal amount of research before rather than bullshitting it like Stephanie Meyer did when she decided to write about vampires.

Handyman: Part 1

Handyman (m)

Word count: 9.4k

Genre/Warnings: smut, angst, sub!Jimin, dirty talk

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Summary: Jimin is your landlord’s son. After one stressful day he comes to fix your shower for you. You find yourself constantly thinking about him. Could he be the perfect submissive? (here’s some lovely Jimin moans for the occasion: credit to owner)

I’ve been working on this for forever so i’m excited about it! :)

Parts:  one | two | three 

You had gotten home from a long day. The only thing you wanted was a long hot shower. You loved being a co-owner of a booming business but the last thing you wanted was to have to come in on your Saturdays off to fix some problems that the accountant and your stupid interns made.

You were at work from nine until seven. You were exhausted, going through every little tedious details because if there was one mistake you were done for. You and your business partner, Namjoon, were deciding to merge with another bigger company. There had already been a ton of mistakes because of your incompetent staff. You didn’t need anymore. You didn’t need any more embarrassment for your name or company.

“As soon as this merger happens, we’re getting actual professionals,”

you cursed.

Namjoon smiled, looking through the documents. “I’m way ahead of you. I mean how is it that even the person we hired to look over all of this is fucking stupid? I mean I was getting him to read that shit out loud to me and I think his reading level is about third grade.”

He sighed, exasperated and you laughed. “Joon, i’m fucking tired of this. My eyes and crossing.” You leaned back in your chair, head hanging back.

“Mh, late night with Taehyung?” Namjoon smirked.

Your head shot up, “Shut your mouth.”

“You really shouldn’t be fucking our secretary. No matter how much he wants to be a quote, ‘good boy’ for you.”

You pushed Namjoon, “Firstly, fuck you and no. He got himself a little girlfriend.” You said bitterly.

“I see you’re not so pleased.” he sat back.

“She’ll never give him what he needs. I mean he loved being dominated. He liked the dominant role but Jesus, Joonie. You should have seen him. One night even, I was doing my make up in the bathroom and he was sitting on his knees behind me, eating me ou-”

“Y/N! I have to look at this poor kid every day. I don’t want to think about you fucking spanking him and putting him on a leash. He is both of our secretary.”

“Well you’re missing out.” You shrugged.

“Plus we’re not getting rid of him. He’s the best and nicest secretary ever. Also he can put up with your temper so… he’s a keeper.”

You walked into your apartment. You were so tired from this day. You figured a hot shower and a glass of wine and your vibrator would do the trick. Although you wished you could call Taehyung. Not only was he cute but he fucked you just like you liked, needy and hard.

You had seen his new girlfriend. She was about as big around as your pinky. You figured fucking her was like fucking a tree branch, with a high-pitched voice. You rolled your eyes at yourself. You just needed to be fucked and you needed to get over the whole ordeal. You really wanted someone on their knees in front of you, eating you out as you watched TV.

You figured tonight you were only getting your hand or your trusty vibrator anyway. Hoseok, your best friend since middle school, had sent you some porn parody of Captain America. Telling you he knew a certain part with Steve and Bucky going at it hard you’d very much enjoy. You rolled your eyes at the thought but then laughed, thinking of your straight best friend sending you gay porn because your secretary found someone else. It wasn’t that you were in love with Taehyung or anything but you were happy to find someone who wanted to be dominated like you liked. It was hard to find someone like this without being on sites.

You sighed, thinking of that one night before work was over, Taehyung came into your office, with his soft sweet face, telling you he’d met a ‘nice girl’ and was going to pursue it and he hoped you would understand. Of course you played it off way too cool. Regretting it later, thinking you could have probably talked him out of the relationship and persuade him to stay with you. You wanted him to be happy, he deserved it. He didn’t need to be around your tempered, problem self.

You grabbed a towel, setting it on the counter as you got undressed. You dropped your clothes on the floor, remembering to put them in the hamper later.

You went to turn on the shower, seeing the water pressure was not normal. You shrugged and got into the shower, the water was freezing. “What the fuc- are you kidding me?” You turned the water off, making sure that you had turned it on hot, wondering what was wrong with your shower. You knew it was a small thing but it seemed like the last straw. Why couldn’t anything all right for you?

You grabbed your towel in anger. Walking down the three flights of stairs to get to your landlord’s door. You knocked hard, the sweet old woman opening the door, smiling until she saw it was you. Her face changed in slight fear. She didn’t hate you but you want her favorite tenant. You had only been there for three months you already had a reputation, known as the girl who had resting bitch face and really loud sex.

“Ms. Y/L/N… how are you?”

“Just Y/N,” you said, trying to calm down. You did not want to get kicked out or be the person who yelled at the little old lady in your towel, being slightly wet. “Mrs. Park, my shower is only cold water and there is about zero water pressure.” You stood there, freezing while clutching your towel to your chest. You should have grabbed your damn robe at least. It was barely spring and you could feel the crisp afternoon air as you stood near the front door.

“Ms. Y/L/N- I mean Y/N. I’m so sorry. This happened to my son’s shower on the fifth floor. We’re just cooking in here, let me see if he’ll look at it for you.”

You sighed as she quickly walked away, “Thank you,” you said looking around as you heard a low conversation and shuffling. Suddenly you were face-to-face with a shortish dark haired man with a soothing smile. His hair was straight and he was in black trousers and a big sweater. He looked so young and sweet. His mother was the nicest woman ever so you were sure he took after her, you could tell in his features. You were always just rude. “Hi there, if you’ll give me about five minutes, I’ll be up with my toolbox. I just need to run and get it.”

He looks so cute and almost shy as you looked him up and down. When he caught you checking him out, he blushed. “I’m on the third floor, C3.”

“Yes, ma'am.” He said quickly, closing the door and you smiled to yourself. Ma'am, you thought. You liked the way it rolled off his tongue. You strutted away upstairs in your towel. You wanted to be bad and keep it on but to make him more comfortable you decided to put on your robe. It was thin and silky and might have just shown more than your towel but you didn’t care.

You tried to fix up your place quickly while a knock came softly at your door. You smiled to yourself as you ran over to the hallway where your front door was and slowly walked, “Coming,” you purred. You fixed your hair before you opened the door, the young boy was standing there in a new outfit with his toolbox in hand. “Come in. I’ll take you to my bathroom.”

“I don’t think it should take me long so don’t worry.” The small boy smiled at you and you took a look at him while walking into your bathroom. He had changed into a dirty white shirt and some tight holy jeans. “Oh good,” you said as you showed him the room and he walked in. “I’m in need of a good shower”

“I understand,” he chuckled as he looked on the bathroom floor and stopped abruptly. You looked to see what was wrong as he coughed and moved over to the shower. You looked down, seeing your clothes still on the floor with your thong right on top.

You weren’t even going to apologize for that. “So what’s your name, cutie?”

You heard him suppress a giggle. “Um, it’s Jimin.”

“Jimin,” you purred again. “I like that.” You leaned against the counter with your robe becoming slightly more open. “How old are you?”

You watched his face concentrate as he worked on your shower, looking at you out of the corner of his eye. “I just turned 20 a couple of months ago.” You made a hum in understanding. He wasn’t as young as you thought he was but you were glad. Although you knew you shouldn’t be flirting with your landlord’s son, especially when she was not the biggest fan of you.

It was slightly hot in your apartment so Jimin was getting sweaty as he wiped his forehead with his arm. His body ripple the under his shirt. “You’re in pretty good shape, sweetheart.” You bit your lip and he smiled brightly.

You wondered how quickly someone could go from being so sexy to so cute in less than half a second. “I’m a dancer,” he said and your eyes went wide.

“My little handyman is a dancer? I bet you’re good. Is that what you’re in school for?” You asked and he nodded, staring at you for a moment.

You had never been aching to fuck someone this fast. You figured a part of you wanted him because you missed Taehyung or because you were horny. “I need to run down to the basement and check the pipes, I’ll be back.”

He started to walk out and you followed. “Oh, alright handyman. I’ll be waiting.”

You sat on your couch for a minute, just thinking how this was literally the beginning of a porno. A sexy young guy comes over to fix your plumbing as you were wearing the most revealing thing. Hoseok was going to freak when you told him this, saying, ‘everything hot always happens to you.’

Everything meaning, that one time you fucked the cute little young pizza boy, Baekhyun. He was the first submissive you’d ever had. You would get pizza just so you could see him. Until one night you kissed him and he confessed how much he wanted and needed you. You realized your want for a submissive when you started to see him all the time. Sadly after a while, Baekhyun was moving away to go to school in California and when he told you and asked you to come with him you told him no. You remember holding him as he cried, not expecting you to deny coming with him.

You did miss him but you weren’t going to pick up and move for someone you only saw as a submissive. You had never really had anything in common with him and you are far from in love with him. It sounded cold but the two of you would not have lasted if you had moved.

Another reason being, every once in awhile you enjoyed being dominated. Baekhyun would just laugh, thinking it was role-play as he did it. Taehyung on the other hand, he was dominant. He knew exactly how to fuck you and how you liked it. He was rough, calling you degrading names, making you scream. Most everything you did to him as your submissive.

You felt yourself getting wet when there was a knock on your door. You jumped up, answering it, finding a very sweaty and slightly dirty Jimin. “Sorry that took so long.” He walked in, “It was fucking hot down there. Oh, excuse my language.” He said as he walked into your bathroom.

You chuckled at his words, thinking about your wet heat being, ‘hot down there.’ You slowly walked to the door, seeing him use the bottom of his shirt to wipe his face of sweat and you held a gasp. His body was basically perfect to you. He was thicker and more manly than Taehyung. With thighs you could ride all night. He had a toned stomach that you wanted to watch tighten as you’re denied him of his orgasm and those pretty pouting lips you wanted wrapped around your clit, that made such a beautiful smile.

Yeah, you wanted to sit on that smile and ride him like the world was ending. Jesus, you were horny. Just then there was another knock at your door. You sighed with a smile as Jimin looked at you curiously. You walked to your door, tightening your robe. You knew you shouldn’t be thinking about fucking your landlord’s son, you told yourself. Especially when he apparently lived in the same building.

You opened the door, finding Bambam. Your eyes widened, “What the fuck are you doing here?” You looked out the hallway before pulling him inside.

“Y/N,” he whined, “I’ve missed you.”

You sighed, “Shut up, Bam. You need to go home. Your mother is probably upstairs right now, worrying about where you are.”

“But Y/N, please. I told her I was visiting a friend. I thought I could come stay with you for the night… mommy. I want to be a good boy for you tonight.”

Your breath shuddered at his words. This was exactly the reason you shouldn’t sleep with people in your building, especially when they were 18 and still living with their mom. To be fair, he had told you he was living with a friend but of course you found out the truth when his mother was sending him off to school one morning. He was long and lanky. He had blonde hair and the plumpest lips you had ever seen on a male. It had only happened twice between the two of you. The first time when you were meet at the mailboxes and the second when he showed up at your door again. The second time you felt like you shouldn’t have done it but he had eaten you out the best you had ever had. Of course your hormones took over before you could make a conscious decision.

“I told you, not again. It was a mistake the first two times.”

“Don’t say that. Y/N, please. I just want to please you. I can’t stop thinking about you. My dick has been hard just thinking about being inside of you.”

“Absolutely not. Go find a girlfriend or a sugar mama because it’s never happening again. You’re a cute kid, it’s not going to be hard to find someone else.”

Bambam wanted to argue but suddenly you heard Jimin, “Y/N?” He walked out and just his jeans, shirt crumbled up in his hand. He was sweaty and dirty and you couldn’t help but want both boys bowing down, respecting your every wish.

“Oh, well I see you’ve found someone else. Really? I mean, what the fuck? Have fun Y/N!” Bambam stormed out, slamming your own door. You rolled your eyes as you looked over to Jimin. “Is it fixed?” You asked. You were now exhausted and too tired of this day. You just needed this damn shower and to masturbate and go to bed.

“Yeah, you’re all good.” He said, taking his shirt and rubbing it across his abs, ridding himself of the sweat.

You cursed god and everyone alive for making this Park Jimin look this way right now in your apartment. “Great, thank you.”

You started to walk to your bathroom before he stopped you. You looked up at him and he bit his lip shyly. “Do I need to tip you or something?” you asked. He looks surprised at your words and you inwardly cursed yourself for being rude. “What is it, pet?”

Jimin smiled to himself before he got shy again, “Did he call you mommy?”

You should’ve been embarrassed, anyone would have. But it sounded so good coming out of his mouth. You enjoyed being a sexual person, it was who you were. “He did. All my sub’s have had a different name for me.”

“Subs?” He asked, looking at you and then the ground.

Damn he looked good, you thought, almost like innocent prey. “Submissive’s.”

He looked up at you quickly, “Oh?”

“Yeah, I mean I’m no Christian Grey or whatever. I just enjoy being dominant and also dominated sometimes.” Jimin nodded and it was silent for a minute before he surprised you, “What are some of the names your submissive’s have called you?”

You stared at him for a second, wondering if you had heard him correctly. He swallowed hard, still biting that damn lip. “Well, Bambam was mommy. Baekhyun was goddess and Taehyung called me Princess - that one works well when he was dominant with me too.

Jimin nodded again and looked down at your body. “Is there any name you really want to be called but haven’t gotten to be?”

You looked at him for a moment, thinking about the question. “There is actually. No one has ever called me by it before.”

Jimin’s breve got heavy, “Well, what is it?”

“Duchess,” you said in a slight whisper, making his skin get goosebumps. You started to move closer to him. He sat there still as he watched you, your breath ghosting over his face. “You think you can be a good boy for me? You think you can given into my demands?”

Jimin nodded slightly as he stared at you.


“I will be a good boy for you. I want to do what you tell me, duchess. Please.”

“Please?” You didn’t understand why he was begging you when you thought at first you were begging him. You really were ready for some relief. The thought of this beautiful boy in front of you, wanting you more than you thought, was making your skin hot.

“Take me,” Jimin said in a whiny tone.

“Fuck me,” you couldn’t help but say out loud. You could physically see how much he wanted you to take him.

“Is that what you want me to do? I’ll be more than happy to.”

You couldn’t help but stand back and chuckle for a moment. He was so… innocently sinnful. Then again he probably knew his way around a woman. He just kept looking up at you with these puppy dog eyes. His lips swollen from biting them. “I want you to do a lot to me but I’m too turned on to do all of them at the moment. I need some relief.”

“Duchess, I want to make you come. I want you to come in my mouth so I can taste you. That way I can dream about it later. I want to worship your body like no one ever has.” Jimin said and suddenly he was slowly taking off his shirt, holding eye contact with you as he threw it across the room.

“I don’t like things to be dirty. I want the rest of your clothes taken off and folded properly. That way when we’re done you can put them back on and go.”

“Yes ma'am. Would you like me to take them off for you now?”

“You want to strip for me?” You have been so used to giving with Taehyung. There really wasn’t much foreplay unless you were role-playing. Jimin seemed to be the type that wanted to please you in all aspects. Taehyung always a reptile of his clothes and put it in a pile before asking you what you wanted to do to him. You liked this, it really had been along time since someone was so adamant about following your every request.

Jimin took your hand as he spoke, “Will you take me to your bedroom?”

You looked over his smooth chest, thinking about all the biting and sucking you wanted to do to it. Your eyes made their way up to his face, locking eyes with him. “Follow me, pet.”

You took him into your room before closing and locking the door. He was still holding your hand the entire time and you realize what an actual good little boy he was. He took you over to your bed, silently asking you to sit as he stood in front of you. At first you were curious about what he was doing until you realized he was going to take his clothes off in front of you. He glided his hands against his chest before moving down to his belt buckle, undoing it.

You watched in anticipation, feeling the fire between your legs as the young man in front of you pushed down his pants after he kicked off his shoes. He put them to the side, folding his pants and throwing his socks on top. It was very domestic and you could tell that he must’ve been a very clean person. You were sure that his apartment was as tidy as yours. He moved back in front of you before he turned around showing his underwear clad ass.

“Mh,” you made a noise and appreciation. “I always love a good ass.”

“Do you, duchess?” He looked over his shoulder for your word.

You nodded, “I do, baby boy. Why don’t you show it to me? Then I can tell you how much I want to bite into it.”

You could see his eyes filled with lust in that one moment. Jimin suddenly looked away as his thumbs went inside of the fabric, helping to slowly pull it down. He bent over as to fully push them down his legs before taking them off, folding them and throwing them on top of his other clothes.

You watched him in all of his glory as you open your legs, exposing yourself to his backside. You couldn’t help but to sneak your hand down to your wet cunt as you watched Jimin stand there in all his glory. “Slap it.”

“What?” Jimin quickly turned around to you just to see if he had heard you correctly. It was much to his surprise that you were touching yourself. His eyes went wide as he turned back around.

You chuckled to yourself, “I want to see you slap it for me. Then spread your ass cheeks apart.” You said as you rubbed your clit.

Jimin looked over his shoulder, slightly. Just enough to see you out of his peripheral vision. “Shit,” he whispered before speaking louder, “Yes ma'am,” and suddenly his ass was spanked hard by his own hand. He was then, grabbing his ass cheeks for you before spreading himself apart, bending over in the slightest just so you could get a better view.

“Good boy…” you couldn’t help but dip a finger into yourself. “Turn around for me.” Jimin obliged very quickly as he turned and watch what you were doing. You bit your lip as you tried to suppress a smirk. “Jimin, you are such a good little boy for me.” You said, making him blush and you watched his thick cock fully harden. You had already been able to see it when he was in his underwear but now it was at it’s full attention. “Wow, nice little ass and a thick cock. I think I hit the jackpot with you.” Jimin didn’t speak, he couldn’t. He just watched you as you figured yourself open right in front of him.


“Yes, my pet?” You moaned at his newfound name for you.

“I want to taste you.”

You were so close already just by his innocence. “As much as I want those thick plump lips to be on my wetness, I need you to badly.” He whined at your words and you smiled. “Fuck, I love how needy you are.”

“Of course I am. I’ve wanted you since you’ve moved in. My mom loves to complain about you, especially how loud you are during, ‘sexual activities.’” Jimin spoke, looking at the ground almost bashfully.

“I am loud. I like to fuck and be fucked. If you fuck me nice and good, you’ll get to hear me… but I want to hear you too. I definitely get off on my partners being loud as well.”

“I’m very loud, duchess. I will let you know how good I feel, especially getting to be inside of you.”

You took your finger out of yourself, as you stood up, slowly walking over to him. “Such a good little boy,” you said seductively as you pushed the finger inside of his mouth. Jimin closed his eyes as he swirled his skilful tongue around your digit. He basically was sucking the life out of you because it felt so good you felt your knees going weak.

“Jimin,” you said, trying to keep your composure.

He slowly let your finger come out of his mouth. “Yes, duchess?”

“I want you to bend me over this bed and take me, got it?”

“Yes ma'am,” he nodded as you opened up your rope. He watched you intently as you spoke again.  

“But… I want you to do it with a butt plug inside of you.” You said as your robe dropped to the floor. “Pick that up and hang it on the door for me while I go get your toy.”

Jimin nodded intently as he grabbed it and walked over to your door as you went into your special drawer and found the new butt plug you had originally gotten for Taehyung. You pushed those thoughts aside of him as you got out your lube as well. Jimin was already by your bed waiting for further instruction. “Get on the bed.” Jimin was quick with your instruction as he watched you and waited for more. “Bend over so I can get you ready.”

“Thank you, duchess.” Jimin said as he bend over, exposing himself. You could feel yourself dripping down your thighs at the sight of the young man. He looked like he was made to be a submissive. You smiled to yourself just before you took your hand and gave his delicious looking, velvety ass one hard smack.

“Ah! Fuck duchess, i’m not going to last long at this rate. Just you looking at e is enough to make me come, just for you.”

It was like he knew exactly what you liked to hear. “I probably won’t either, pet. Then again we have all night.” You said as you lubed up two fingers with the cold liquid, circling it around the Jimin’s tight hole. Pressing one finger inside of him. You didn’t know if this was a normal thing for him, luckily the plug you had bought was on the smaller side.

You worked your finger in and out of him, curling it inside. He was very right, he was loud and it was only making you more and more turned on which was making you crazy now. You were more than ready to have him inside of you at this point. The thought of him pumping his thick cock inside of you was making you go mad with every passing moment.

Jimin was clawing at the bed as you pushed the second finger in. “Duchess, yes! Fuck right there please!”

He was constantly screaming out for you and you couldn’t help the evil smirk that was growing on your face. “Do you think that I can make you come without even touching your pretty little cock?”

Jimin’s eyes were screwed shut as he whimpered at your question with a fistful of the sheets in each hand. His dark hair was hanging in front of his eyes as he opened them. “I know you can, duchess. I feel like as soon as you put that plug inside of me I’m going to burst right across my stomach.”

“No, I want you to come with my fingers still inside of you. I want to feel you tighten around my fingers. What do you think? Do you think if I curl them inside of you and tell you what a good little boy you are for me, you’ll come?”

His breath hitched, “Oh god, fuck. I do, duchess. If you call me anything I’ll come. I’m so close already.”

You enjoyed when you’re submissive’s came for you without you even touching where they wanted it the most. So you curled your fingers inside of Jimin, bending down so you could whisper in his ear as you put your hand around his neck, choking him slightly and pulling him into you. “You’re a good little submissive slut aren’t you?”

Jimin’s groans send vibrations across your body. “Yes, I am. I’m such a slutty boy for you. I want to be good for you,” he cried.

“Why don’t you come and show me what a good slutty little boy I have here.”

Jimin buried his head into the duvet as he came all over himself. You took the moment while he was panting and moaning to slip in the butt plug, turning it on a low volume. Quickly enough Jimin’s head popped right back up with a loud grunt. You pulled him up before placing a small kiss on his mouth. It was so soft and so timid at first. You could hear his breath catch in his throat as you moved back but suddenly he frowned. “Will you kiss me again?”

You smiled, giving him his answer as you pulled his mouth onto yours. You bit his bottom lip, making him moan as his hands grazed your body, trying to pull you as close to him as possible. His tongue slowly entered your mouth as you moved yours against him.

After a minute you pulled away, to breathe but his mouth was all over you. “No marks,” you said. “I only get to leave those on you.”

“Yes ma'am,” he said excitedly before you licked a long stripe up his neck. You turned around, pressing your ass against him as he cursed.

“Pet,” You moved your head back and to the side, letting him pepper kisses all down your neck. You grinded your ass into him, feeling his member start to harden once again. “I can’t wait to have you inside of me, fucking me hard against the of the bed. I need it so badly, baby boy.”

“Well, i’m going to give it to you duchess. I promise,” He kissed your neck one last time before, biting your ear, whispering. “Please, tell me how much you want me.”

You smirked, a boy who feeds off compliments and your wants, you thought. “Jimin I need you inside me. I was thinking today how much I needed a good strong young man and look what I got, huh? You’re so much better than anything I could have imagined. I want you more than you know. My body is going insane with need right now. I’m just aching to have you be inside me.”

He moaned, kissing down your back. “I’ve never gotten so hard again this quickly, duchess.”

“You want me, don’t you?” You didn’t say it with need, you were just genuinely interested if he wanted you do as much as you thought.

“Yes, yes I do. More than you even know.” He whimpered as you felt him brush his hard member against your wet pink pussy. You moaned in response as he pushed inside of you rather quickly. He breathed out as he pushed in all the way. “Oh god, shit. Duchess, you’re so tight. You feel so so good around me.”

That was very true, at least for you. He felt amazing inside of you. He was just long enough with the perfect amount of girth to stretch your walls. You reached a hand around to his back, grabbing his ass, pushing him into you. “Move, baby boy.”

“Yes ma'am,” he whispered as one hand grabbed your hip as the other moved to your front, grazing over your bundle of nerves. You were happy he wasn’t moving at a slow pace. You figured he knew you could take it. He kissed down your neck and your back, playing with your pussy as you closed your eyes.

“Yes, mhm. Come on big boy. That’s right, that feels so good.” You were being thrusted in faster and faster. You were being fucked into the side of the bed and you loved that feeling. What was making it even harder was Jimin moaning behind you in contentment that he was doing a good job. “So good Jimin, duchess feels so good having you big cock open her up.”

Jimin whined, “Harder, do you want it harder, duchess?”

“Give it to me as hard as you can.” You said as you were already bouncing on his cock, grabbing onto your duvet.

“Yes ma'am, as you wish.” He said as he removed his hand from your front, placing it on your other hip before planting his feet on the ground and steadily thrusting his hips. You jolted forward as you screamed for him in pleasure. “Oh, oh yes!”

“Duchess, you’re so loud. I love it.”

“I’m loud for you, my pet. You’re making me this loud.” You could barely get out as you were being pounded, you could feel how hard Jimin was holding onto you just so you wouldn’t slip out of his grip.

You couldn’t even speak. He was fucking you at the quickest pace. His strong thighs were in a stance as he thrusted at a quick fire pace. No wonder his body was so defined. He really knew how to use it. “Mhhh, yes! That’s it Jimin, right there. Goddamn!” Your body was shaking and you couldn’t help but laugh because your body was full of adrenaline and emotion. You had never been fucked that good, especially it being the first time with the person. Normally you had to get used to their quirks and their body. For some reason Jimin was just right.

You felt like this was the quickest you had ever been ready to come. Then again, it was definitely worth it. Having Jimin behind you, whispering in your ear how much he wanted you and how much he needed to taste you was fucking riveting. You had never felt so wanted in your life. “May I come inside you? Please let me, I’m so close. I’ve never come this quickly twice in my life. Do you see what you’re doing to me, duchess? I just want to be the best good boy possible for you. Please, please.” He cried, holding onto your hips so tightly.

“Fuck, yes. Come inside of me. I want you to come, now. Duchess needs you to show her how much you need this.” You said as you ground your hips back into him and he couldn’t help but let his hands wander all over your body with excitement.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Jimin grunted as he suddenly filled your tight pussy as he was crying out a mix between your name and his name he was supposed to call you. Either way you could not get mad because it all sounded so sweet leaving his lips. You wished that you could see him come for you again. You wanted to see his face scrunched up in pleasure as his mouth was open, barely uttering a sound. The thought of that was sending you over the edge. Then suddenly Jimin pulled out of you as his knees hit the floor. Suddenly his mouth was on your most sensitive area. “Duchess, please come for me. I’m ready to taste you.”

“Oh my god,” you took a deep breath and as his tongue started to fuck you, making your eyes widen,his hand came around and his fingers played with your clit. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” You shouted as his tongue lick to your folds clean while you were coming. “Jimin, yes! Good boy, just like that.” You reached around, grabbing a handful of his hair, pushing him in more to take you for everything you were giving him.

Suddenly your body collapsed onto the bed and you couldn’t help but laugh. “That felt so fucking good, my pet. Such a good fucking boy, making duchess feel that way. I can’t express that enough.”

Jimin smiled small as he picked you up, placing you up on the actual bed. “You taste so perfect. Beyond compare from what I imagined.”

“I’m so tired I can’t even open my eyes. You really know how to please.” You crawled up into the bed, getting under your messy blankets.

“Thank you, duchess. Thank you for making me feel so fucking good.” His lips were on yours for just a moment before you felt the weight of sleep wash over you.

You woke up the next morning alone. You kind of liked it that way although, you thought Jimin would be the type to stay and cuddle until you woke up. You were just excited to spend Sunday at home and not at work, fixing other peoples mistakes.

You thought about the fact that all of the subs you had slightly became obsessed. You didn’t think it was with you, you thought I was just about the new opening of a sexual experience. You figured that Jimin would probably be back soon just like everyone else.

You couldn’t help that part of you loved them wanting more. Part of the attraction to Bambam the second time was that he was begging for you without even you asking. He had just gotten on his knees in the middle of the hallway and begged you to fuck him. He was one of the ones that straight away wanted you to peg him. You did enjoy that a lot. Of course the next day he was gone but that was only because he had school and when you walked downstairs to leave for work you found him with his mother.

That still give you shivers to this day. Baekhyun loved to be fucked too, he whined like a little bitch every time you were inside of him. Taehyung was your favorite though. He had the manliest sounds come out of his body but even though they were manly they were still very wanting. You remember one Friday after work you brought him home and that night and all Saturday you just fucked.

Switching roles and positions. Doing so many different things, especially role-play, which was his favorite. You just thought that he was the one you would be keeping. You hated the fact that you were hung up over this one boy. You just figured you would keep yourself in the game and meet some other people to help forget about him.

You knew you had to work with him but you still got to be dominant over him which helped. You figured it wouldn’t be too long until you were wrapped up and someone else, in more ways than one.

Hoseok came over around 1:30 in the afternoon. He had your favorite Chinese food and beer. He was ready to tell you about this woman he had met last night when suddenly he saw a dirty white shirt bundled up on the floor. “Whose is that?” He pointed to it as he opened up the food and put it on your coffee table.

“Just some dirty clothes. Don’t worry about it.”

“You’ve been fucking,” he smiled brightly at you. “Who was it? Did Tae break up with his little girlfriend?”

“No, it was someone else. It won’t happen again though because he lives in the building and we all know how well that worked out for me the last time.”

“Well, the only way that could get worse was if he was underage or was like your landlord’s kid or something…” Hoseok sat down next to you as you picked up some food quietly. He looked over at you to see why you weren’t saying anything. “Y/N, you okay?” You nodded before he realized why you had been quiet. “Oh my god, how old was he Y/N?”

“Jesus, he was 20. Okay, that’s not it.”

“Did you check his ID?”

You stared at him hard. “Fuck you, okay? It was my landlord’s son. He came and fixed my shower and then we started talking about submissiveness and he called me Duchess and he fucked me long and hard. Is that what you want to hear, alright?”

“Why is your life so perfect?”

You rolled your eyes and made an exasperated sigh, “My life is not perfect. He lives like on the fifth floor or something. I’m sure I’ll have to see him around. If he doesn’t come begging on my door soon enough.”

“Maybe you should break something else and see if he’ll come fix it? But this time film it for me.” Hoseok chuckled as you smacked his chest while he ate. “What, I’m just saying.” He was still laughing with a mouth is full of food.

“So tell me everything.” Hoseok said as he kicked off his shoes.

“I don’t have to share every little detail with you.” You grabbed your food and sat with your legs folded, finding the remote.

Hoseok quickly took it, throwing it on a chair nearby. “What are we, ‘normal?’ We’re not watching TV. Tell me about fucking, was he needy? Did he tell you what a bad boy he was?” Hoseok smirked and you rolled your eyes with a smile.

“You remember that girl who is basically your friends with benefits, the one that called you daddy?”

“Yeah, she was needy and the best way. So shy but was so slutty… the best combination.”

“Yeah, that but in boy form.” You said you’re taking a bite.

“Fuck,” he nudged you. “I’m like jealous right now, honestly.”

“He asked me to come in his mouth so he would taste how sweet I am and so he could dream about it.”

“Christ, Y/N. That’s hot. Fuck you and your perfect life.” He said as he shoved a fork full of food and his mouth.

“You don’t even know the half of it.”  You ate your orange chicken and picked at the vegetables.

“Are you going to see him again though? I mean, come on.” Hoseok asked as he picked out a piece of your food.

“I don’t know, I’m being cocky I’m just saying yes now.”

“Well, I hope so. I mean he’s in the building. I’m sure you can do something to get him to come back.” Hoseok said before going on about his next conquest, making you laugh and forget about Jimin and Taehyung.

It had been almost a week and you hadn’t seen Jimin at all. You thought you caught him in the hall but it was just some random guy. Then yesterday, there was a knock on your door and you got overly excited, smiling wide as you ran to the door. Unbuttoning your shirt a little to show some cleavage and swinging the door open, only to find Bambam on his knees in forgiveness yet again.

You told him you would tell his mother he was trying to sleep with you if he ever came back because you know she would be all over him like a flea on a dog if she was suspicious. Then he wouldn’t be allowed to go anywhere.

Now it was Saturday and luckily you didn’t have to go into work but you were going stir crazy with your thoughts. Specifically the new little girlfriend of Taehyung. She now came every day for his lunch break and every time you left your office to get food you would see her. She would sit on his desk and try to feed him while giggling and he just sweetly smiled at her. You were nauseated by the sight.

Plus it didn’t help he would come into your office and look so innocent. Bringing your papers and bending over your desk as he smiled and chuckled at everything you said. You would compliment him or his outfit and he would ask you in a quiet voice, ‘do I look like a good boy?’ The way he said it sent shivers down your entire body and you knew he was toying with you. He loved to do that. He wanted to know you needed him. But he was with someone else and you respected that no matter how much you wanted to throw him onto your desk spank him for teasing you.

You couldn’t believe you were so hung up on someone. It also didn’t help that you hadn’t heard from Jimin. You thought at least he would be back for more by now even though he shouldn’t. You just needed to do something, you felt weak. You’re needy and wanted to have someone around. You wanted Jimin. You wanted to see him in your bed, tangled in the sheets, moaning for you like he was a week ago. He didn’t mouth off like Taehyung did sometimes to egg you on. Then again it only was one time…

You sat there for a second and debated before you took a deep breath and walked into your kitchen. You found a roasted chicken that you were going to eat tonight but you need other things first. You walked over to your sink with the chicken, laughing at how high school you felt. “I can’t believe I’m fucking doing this.” You said before opening the container and taking the chicken out. You cut up some of it before you initially decided to stuff it in your sink.

You turned on the garbage disposal, making sure that some of the chicken went down but got clogged in the sink. You put the rest of the evidence away as you found your landlord’s number after you had finished the deed. You wanted to just sleep, feeling ashamed but then again you needed him.

The phone trilled in your ear as you tapped your foot, waiting for an answer. “Hello, Ms. Y/L/N?”

“Y/N, please.”

“Y/N,” Mrs. Park said in a sweet tone. “What can I help you with?”

“My uh- drain. My kitchen sink drain is clogged. I was wondering if you might could send your son to help me with it? He was just so helpful the first time.”  You closed your eyes, cursing yourself. You should’ve practiced before you called.

“Sure, I will. He is out at the store for me but I will send him up to you later if that’s all right?”

“Later is fine,” you smiled, thinking about an out to wear. “I appreciate it. Thank you.” You said before hanging up and running to your closet.

Later turned out to be in the next two hours. There was a knock on your door and you jumped up from where you were watching TV. Running to the hallway, you stood in front of the door for a couple of seconds, fixing your hair before opening it.

Once you did open it, Jimin was standing there and a black T-shirt and black pants. “Jimin, hi. Thanks for coming… to look at my sink.”

“Sure,” he smiled curtly as he walked in with his box of tools. You followed him to the kitchen to show him the culprit.

“I just think it’s a little clogged. I tried using some drano but I think it might be some food.” You shrugged.

Jimin eyed you for a moment. “Well, sure… let me take a look.”

“Great, thank you.” You smiled, putting a hand on his arm. You could tell he stiffened at first but something about it made him feel comfortable. You were both staring at each other and you wanted to move in for a kiss but suddenly your phone rang.

Your jaw tightened as you tried to smile. “If you’ll excuse me for a moment.”

“Of course,” Jimin nodded. “I’m gonna go ahead and look at this bad boy.”

Bad boy, those words shot to your core as you were walking to find your phone. “Jesus, Y/N, get it together.” You found your phone and picked it up, seeing Hoseok’s name pop up.

“What?” You whisper yelled into your phone.

“Hello to you too, lovely.” Hoseok laughed.

“Bad timing,” you spoke softly.

“Why, do you have someone over? Is it your little handyman?”

“As a matter of fact.”

“Okay, I won’t keep you long. I was just wondering if you wanted to go to a club opening with me next week? It’s apparently super exclusive but I figured you could use a night out.”

“Sure, I guess that sounds good.”

“Awesome then. It will be just like old times. If you want, maybe you can bring your little plaything.”

“It’s not like that.”

“That doesn’t mean that you don’t want it to be.”

“It’s only been one time. It’s not like I know him well.”

“Yeah, like you really knew Taehyung.” You could hear Hoseok roll his eyes.

“It’s not- I know I didn’t know him well enough either but he does work for me. I got to know him in that setting.”

“Wait, what’s this guy doing over?”

“Fixing something…” You said before you heard Hoseok giggle.



“Did you deliberately break something to get him to come over?”

It was silent for a moment. You didn’t want to admit your defeat. “Text me about the details for the club opening.” Suddenly Hoseok broke out into abrupt laughter. So you rolled your eyes again and ended the conversation, hanging up on him. You threw your phone on the coffee table before walking back into the kitchen.

You saw Jimin right side up, looking at the sink from inside the cabinet. You saw the slightest bit of his stomach creeping out from under his shirt. You swallowed hard as you did everything in your being to stop yourself from climbing onto his lap. Damn him and his thighs.


You shook your head, you liked the way your name sounded coming from his lips. Then again that wasn’t the name you wanted to be called at the moment. “Yeah, what’s up pet?”

“You know, if you wanted to see me you could’ve just asked instead of plunging chicken down your sink.”

You couldn’t see his face but you figured it was very smug. You stood there shocked for a moment before you chuckled to yourself. “That’s cute, Jimin.”

“Am I wrong?” He spoke as he got out from under the sink and situated himself and his tools. “All done.”

“That’s it?” You said a little too quickly.

His eyes opened wide in a playful way, “Have you missed me?”

“Don’t be so full of yourself. It’s unattractive.”

Jimin smirked and laughed to himself. “I don’t know, I think you’re pretty full of yourself and it’s sexy.”

“Well, well, well. What happened to the shy little boy I saw last week?”

“He was fucked by you and didn’t seem to want to be so shy anymore.”

“I liked him shy.”

“I can be shy… but I can also tell you how much I want you in a more physical manner.”

“Well when you’re shy, you beg. I like that in a man.”

“I’m just a little more confident today because you stuffed chicken and you’re saying to get me to come here.”

“Maybe I did. You fixed it though, you could leave.”

“Is that what you want me to do?” He asked, biting his lip slightly as you stayed silent. “Duchess,” he said in a low sultry voice.

“Maybe,” you said, coming out as a whisper.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about you.” You just kept staring at him. “I’ve been thinking about you riding my thighs. You had told me before that you enjoyed that.”

“I do, Jimin. Are you going to be a good boy and let me ride them tonight?”


“Please what?”

“Please, duchess. Ride me.” He said in a needy yet confident manner.

“Sit on the couch, now.”

“Yes, ma'am.” He said, sitting as you quickly jumped a the opportunity to sit on his lap. You slowly moved onto his lap as you sat on his thigh. Jimin’s breath hitched as he watched you and pulled your body onto his. “I’ve missed you, duchess.” He gripped your ass as your ground into his pulsating thigh muscle.

“Don’t lie to me,” You bent down, lips brushing his.

“I’m not- I wouldn’t. Not to you, duchess.” His breath got caught in his throat as you slowly moved and circled your hips.

“Why didn’t you come and see me, after the first night baby boy?”

He groaned, head falling back. “I didn’t know if you wanted to see me again.”

You looked at him for a moment, pouting at him. “Awe, pet.” You took his chin in your hands. “Tell me how much you want me?” you thrusted your wet heat against him.

“Fuck, duchess. How could I not want you? You so beautiful. You make me feel so good, oh-” He groaned. “You make me want to be such a good boy for you. You make me want to please you in anyway possible.” You could feel his hard on pressed against your leg as you kept riding his thigh.

“Jimin,” you felt breathless.

“Please, duchess. Please come for me, i’m so close just watching you. I was hard as soon as I knocked on your door.” His hands were all over you and you took them, holding his hands over his head. “Wait, no. Let me touch you, please.” He begged.

“This is what you get for not coming to me sooner. You better make me come, i’m close.”

Jimin’s head flew back, “Jesus christ, I can feel your wetness on my leg. You’re driving me crazy.”

“You’re driving me crazy,” you thrusted. “I’ve been waiting for you to come see me again. Making me fucking stuff chicken in my sink just to get you here.” Jimin was staring at you with his mouth open. “That’s right, my prince.”

“Please call me that, I want to be your prince.” His hands were fighting against you, you knew that he wanted to touch you and you fed of of that. “Come for me, my slutty little prince. Come in your tight little jeans for me.” You started to move your hips faster and faster. “Duchess, please.”

“That’s it, my pet come.” You felt his legs twitch as you smiled down at him, biting his lips as he shouted out for you, coming just like you told him to. “Good boy,” you watched him come undone. He was panting, looking up a you for approval.

“Are you close? Please come for me, come all over me. I need it, I need you to so badly.”

“Fuck,” you said as you watched him. You grabbed onto him as he was quick to grab your hips, grinding you into him. It wasn’t long until you were coming as Jimin had his hands all over you. “Yes, duchess, thank you. Thank you,” he kissed all over your neck. It was a weird sensation but you enjoyed it. You moved your neck to the side, letting him hold onto you as you sat there on his thigh. You felt so tired but you held onto him.

“You want me to take you to bed?”

You nodded, “I’m tired.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Jimin kissed you once as he picked you up, taking you into your room. Your eyes fluttered closed while Jimin laid you on your bed, putting you under the blankets. “May I stay, duchess?” You nodded, slightly. “Thank you,” he said quietly and you heard him take off his pants and shirt before slipping into bed with you. “Goodnight, my prince.”

“Goodnight, duchess. Sleep well.” He said quietly as you drifted off to sleep as Jimin moved closer to you.

Free The Animal

Word Count: 6k

Genre: Smut, Angst (will I ever stop being emo?)

Author’s Note: You ever forget that you’re a fanfic writer then you write a fic so bad you remember how much of a hack you are? Yeah welcome to my fic :’D

dom!jungkook- fuckboi!jungkook- fuckbuddy relationship- dirty talk- thigh riding mention because damn even I am not immune to his thighs- inspired by Sia’s song and part of the song drabble game. You can find links to the rest of them on my masterlist

Loving You To Death (Sequel)

There he was with his hands up some girl’s skirt, grinding on her like he was trying to fuck her through their clothes, the fucking pig. You huff and turn to your friend who gives you an exasperated look, “___, just go and grab him by the dick and tell him he can’t fucking do that.”

“He can do whatever the fuck he wants to do, even if that is a bleach blonde bitch with a tan that makes her look like an Oompa Loompa.” That was pretty low, you admit. It wasn’t the girl’s fault that Jungkook had chosen her for the night. But seriously, there was a limit to tanning, this was just harmful to the eyes.

“No, he can’t because you’re together.” Your friend, Hwasa, sounds pretty fed up with you.

“No, we’re not. We’re just fuck buddies and we agreed that we’re not exclusive right from the start.” Why wasn’t she understanding this? You’d explained it to her a thousand times.

“I don’t care what bullshit you told each other. All I care about is what I see, and that is two idiots constantly doing all they can to piss each other off because they can’t communicate like adults.”

“What are you even talking about? Jungkook is not trying to piss me off. He’s just being himself. Which is admittedly annoying in and of itself but you know…”

“Then why did he do nothing the past three days but play video games while you were off galavanting with Jin, only to start making out with some girl the minute you make an appearance?”

“He did?” You asked surprised, only to check yourself back and shrug it off. “I don’t know, he must have just not felt like it.”

“Oh my god, save me from these two idiots.” Hwasa cries then takes you by the shoulder and starts shaking you, “He’s fucking jealous because you took Jin to meet your family and not him so he’s trying to piss you off. Why? Because he likes you. And you’re pissed off. Why? Because you like him. Now can you get that through your thick skull or do I have to beat it into you?”

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lavender hues (m)

fantasy au (reposted)

pairing: jimin | reader
genre: angst and fluff
word count: 13.094
warnings: sexual content 
author’s note: previously named ‘if these wings could fly’ in my old blog. I’m just reposting it with a new name. :)

Beauty. If someone asked you to define it, your mouth would probably go dry and your heart would flutter yearningly, freezing as the words turn heavy in your mind and dissolve in the tip of your tongue.

Beauty is short-lived but ubiquitous, a transparent but shimmering liquid running in rivulets through hidden alleyways and veiled landscapes that the eyes don’t notice unless they look twice. Beauty is found in the unexpected, in the withheld words of the timid poets, in longing stares and authentic, carefree laughs. Beauty is found in what the eyes can see, in what the ears can hear, in the deep reverie of the colorful minds and in the dreams held close to the heart.

Beauty is fleeting and you’re unable to grasp it. All your life you’ve chased it, extended your hands towards it, longed to touch it with your fingertips. But your steps are slow and your hands are ungifted, and you can only imagine what it would be like to create beauty, to have the hands of those that are able to reflect love and joy and pain in books and paintings.

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Suga Daddy: Part 7

Suga Daddy: Part 7

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Words: 9.6k

Genre: Smut, angst, dirty talk, dom!Yoongi

There is another gif in the story that describes the moment I was portraying. Ignore Namjoon’s name on it, lol. Anyway, enjoy :) 

Parts:  one | two | three | four | five | six 

You had never been more excited to get out of dance practice. Yugyeom had been making fun of you the entire time because you were so out of it. You were trying to hide that from Jane because you were slightly messing up. “Shut up,” you pushed Yugyeom with a laugh, “Some of us are trying to focus.”

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Blackjack (X)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jungkook

Rating: 18+ (explicit violence)

Warnings: action / violence (including guns/knives)

Word Count: 15,024

Summary: Bangtan is one of the most vicious mafias on the west coast. Only six members are known by name though, with a mysterious seventh member dubbed only as ‘the shadow.’ When you become indebted to the worst of the worst – how, exactly can you find a way out?

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