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THIS IS IMPORTANT: We always talk about “loving and caring about all the members” yet this should not be JUST talk but act too. Right ARMY? We gave loads of care to our beloved Jungkook’s birthday not too long ago. Rap Monster’s one is approaching too (September 12) so let’s do the same. Not all ARMYs can pay for a billboard in Times Square or give an expensive watch as a gift but I believe EVERYONE can stream his song “DO YOU” on Youtube. Can you accept it didn’t reach 10 million views yet???? There is already this project going on for streaming his songs. However, it feels like only Namjoon’s stans are talking about it when it should be ALL ARMYs

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Even if he is not your bias he takes care of your fav day and night. He thanks ARMYs first whenever BTS win (when other artists start by thanking their producers and company). For a man who loves you like crazy ARMY can you please at least show his work a tiny bit of regard?

  • Yoongi : Why did we change cypher to mic drop?
  • Namjoon : So that we don't have to make Taehyung a part of Cypher pt. V
  • Yoongi :
  • Namjoon :
  • Yoongi : That's the best fucking idea. I'm proud of you Joon.
  • Jin: Hey Jimin do you want to hear a joke?
  • Jimin: Sure.
  • Jin: What do you call an octopus with feet?
  • Jimin: What?
  • Jin: An OcTOEpus!
  • Jimin: That wasn't funny.
  • Jin: Oh...
  • Jimin: That was hilarious! *Launches himself across the room laughing*