bangtan boys: j hope

bts members explained

for new armies:

jimin: smol (hands) and cute but don’t let him fool you he is low key twisted and enjoys others in pain.

j hope: the kind of person that makes you want to donate all your money to a puppy shelter. basically.

suga: giving shade is his religion and when he says something everyone listens. the type of person that would roast anything that breaths.

jin: the type of person to eat your whole fridge and still manage to have an appetite. the mom. likes recording himself eat.

rap monster: intimidating at first, but in reality he’s a sweetheart. too smart for his own good. sometimes he looks like an egg. still cute tho.

jungkook: the type of person that looks sweet and innocent but is hella weird. loves the “coconut head” hairdo. golden maknae.

v: literally an angel. boxy smile. voice does not match face. is good at being weird and cute at the same time. english pronunciation is on point.

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My bf has heard "Not Today" so many times that every time I ask him to do something he sings " No Not Today"
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