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BTS Takes Fans’ Breath Away with Solo Concert ‘2015 BTS Live Trilogy′

There was no fancy choreography. However, their carefree grooves and powerful beats heat up the stadium. The seven-member boy group BTS launched 2015 BTS Live Trilogy: Episode I, BTS Begins and caught the fans’ hearts with their various charms, presenting solo, unit and group performances, based on their strength of hip-hop.

On March 29, BTS launched 2015 BTS Live Trilogy: Episode I, BTS Begins at the Olympic Park Olympic Hall. A total of 6,500 fans gathered for the concert, which took over two days on March 28 and 29.

At around 5 p.m. (KST), the fans waited for the hip-hop group by holding the neon glow sticks. However, the BTS members did not make their appearance easily. Instead, a VCR clip greeted the fans first. The VCR clip showed the members meeting each other for the first time as BTS at a school, going along with the theme of the concert, ‘BTS Begins.’

Afterwards, BTS opened the stage by performing Jump wearing school uniforms. The stadium shined with the fans’ glow sticks as they enjoyed BTS’s concept costumes, the VCR clip and the members’ smooth rapping.

The members bowed their heads to thank the fans that filled up the concert site over two days. Rap Monster said, “We welcome all the fans who came to the last day of the concert. We will burn all of our energy through today’s concert. We will show the meaning behind everything, from the birth of BTS to red bullet.”

Then the members presented stages that proved their musical spectrum. From the songs with ballad melodies, such as Skool Luv, Affair + Luv in Skool, Like a Star and Too Much, to the songs with powerful rap beats, BTS performed music with various genres.

The choreography was far from being typical as well. The members freely let their body dance according to the rhythm during solo, unit and group performances. Jimin and J-Hope especially caught attention with their sexy dance moves. The members poured out their passion as they sang each song, to the point where their costumes got soaked in their sweat.

The group also presented their new songs for the first time. Rap Monster’s Converse High and Suga’s solo track were presented for the first time. The members also revealed the songs they wrote as trainees in the mix-tape style, staying focused on the theme of ‘BTS Begins.’

The concert was differentiated from that of the other idols in that everything, from the VCR clips to the costumes and songs, went along with the theme of ‘BTS Begins.’ The members presented a hit parade by singing Does That Make Sense, Hormone War, The Rise of Bangtan, Boy In Luv and more

The members shouted out, “Don’t stay seated in your seats any more” and the fans all stood up to dance, creating what looks like a club scene. The fans never sat back down, and BTS concluded the concert by singing Born Singer and Miss Right as the encore songs.


anonymous asked:

Gif reaction to when jhope suga rapmon jin found out that you have been pregnant but been hiding it cause you didnt want them to worry cause they are always busy with their schedule (dating of course):)

if ya can’t tell, i’m posting so much because i’m avoiding doing my physics hw lol so expect a lot of me today

Jin: *gets emotional* I’m so happy jagi, but I wish I would’ve known sooner, I want to help you, scheduling aside. 

Rap Monster: *mind blown* Are you serious?! You’re 10 weeks pregnant?! Why didn’t you tell me?!

J-Hope: *doesn’t even care about you not telling him earlier* *just happy to be a father* I’M A DADDY~!

Suga: *goofy smile* Oh my God…How were you able to keep this from your Suga for so long? I know a great name too—!

You: Yoongi, we’re not calling the baby Swag Jr.

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