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Boyfriend Suga

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  • dating yoongi would not be the most adventurous relationship lbr
  • he has his moments
  • like that time, for your anniversary he took you to (country you want to visit) where he surprised you by being responsible and bringing the first aid kit
  • and photographer yoongi came out
  • he snapped loads of pics of you, saying you were his muse and acting cute af
  • but 90% of the time, you two lay around
  • there’s a lot of napping
  • not much fighting either
  • (which is good)
  • the relationship is very mild and calm and relaxing
  • it’s as if you’ve both been together for 50+ years
  • the other bangtan boys call you their grandparents
  • “now, kids,” jimin will say, a smile already lighting up his face so you KNOW he’s gonna say something smart. “we have to keep quite. we don’t want to disturb our grandparents, do we?”
  • but yoongi doesn’t mind one bit. “yeah, that’s right. keep it down or else you’ll all be in trouble”
  • and he means it
  • grandpa yoongi don’t fuck around
  • you don’t know this (and he’ll never admit it) but yoongi puts a lot of thought into his appearance before seeing you. but not too much to where it’s obvious
  • he’ll spent maybe 20 mins in front of the bathroom mirror, fixing his hair, changing shirts, tilting his hat to the swaggest, sexiest degree
  • but if you compliment him he’s like “psssh, please, babe. I’m just naturally perfect. u jelly?”

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  • he might not be the most energetic boyfriend but he shows he cares in little ways
  • like “accidentally” leaving his clothes at your place, so that you’ll wear them and look so cute and precious in his baggy clothes
  • or kissing your forehead when you’re asleep
  • or running you a bath
  • (then joining in, so it’s more for him but still, you’re relaxed, right?)
  • don’t be surprised if he falls asleep on you during movie night
  • don’t be surprised if he falls asleep on you all the time, it’s just who he is
  • he still dreams of being a rock, you know
  • and sleeping is good practice for it
  • his skin is so warm, he’s like your personal heater
  • asking him to sing for you, even though he sounds like a dying cat, but he gets so passionate if it’s a song he loves (or wrote). and he tries his best to make you happy
  • even though you end up just laughing your ass off
  • he doesn’t like fighting, it requires too much energy
  • which means that if you’re genuinely mad about something, he’ll just sit there ignoring you, which riles you up even more
  • he only ever argues back if he feels like he’s right and you’re wrong
  • then you best hope there’s an empty plot waiting for you in the graveyard because min yoongi will destroy you, bury you and hold the damn ceremony himself
  • and after an hour of him sassing and fighting with you, there’s a timid knock on the door
  • “guys?” it’s taehyung’s voice. “are you two still fighting?”
  • he, more than any of the other boys, hates it when his “grandparents” fight
  • generally, suga doesn’t get jealous
  • and he dgaf about your past, like, you could have slept with everyone or no one and he doesn’t care. as long as he has you now and you love him, then what importance is your past?
  • he’s mainly just too lazy to get jealous more than anything
  • but if one of the boys is being too clingy (probably one of the younger ones) then he might get annoyed that you’re not spending more time with him, so he’ll have his judging face on
  • but if he does get jealous, then he’s like a volcano about to explode. he’ll try internalizing it (fighting is really so much effort) but he’ll do something risky to prove that you’re his
  • like rest his hand on your thigh, then slowly slide it up
  • don’t bother trying to stop him
  • when he has his mind on something, then min yoongi will do it and be the best at it
  • he’s very dedicated when he has a goal
  • yoongi likes when you play with his hair
  • and take care of it, like help him treat the damaged ends
  • or pull it when he’s going down on you
  • basically, he likes you touching his hair
  • genuinely cares more about personality than looks (and maybe gender, if that japan interview is anything to go by (I’ve heard the translations were wrong but whatever)) so if you’re self conscious about having small boobs, or stretch marks, or hairy arms, or bad acne, then this boy will be genuinely confused because
  • “jagi, you know I love you, right? so then why are you worrying about stupid things like that? if I gave a shit then I wouldn’t love you like I do, would I?”
  • he’s an ultimate d-boy and won’t let you forget it
  • so expect many trips to his hometown of Daegu, meeting his family and friends and hearing him brag 25/8 about being the most successful man from Daegu
  • he knows how to get his way with you, aegyo-ing himself into your good books
  • but don’t expect aegyo to work on him (he lives with flower boy seokjin and aegyo trash jimin, this boy is immune) so you’ll never convince him to let you listen to his mixtape before ARMY’s
  • he wants his mixtape to be 100000000% perfect
  • and even if the ARMY’s don’t know it, they mean a lot to him. and he would hate that his fans, the people who supported his talent and his career, that made him into the man he is today, wouldn’t be the first to hear his music
  • of course he loves you, don’t doubt that just because you hear his mixtape at the same time the rest of the world does
  • he just really appreciates his supporters and they’re never last place in his life
  • yoongi doesn’t talk much about his feelings though
  • but if you ask then he’s not afraid to show them, if that makes sense
  • like, while he’s not an open book, he also knows there’s nothing wrong with a man having emotions and talking about them
  • he also doesn’t care much about being caught doing sexual acts
  • like, he will go down on you on the kitchen table, giving no shits about his dongsaengs in the next room. but if, say, kookie walks in for some banana milk then r.i.p maknae because yoongi will make it seem like it’s all your fault and how dare you interrupt his meal gtfo or prepare to die
  • he’s also a hardcore cuddler
  • so while the relationship may not be like living on the edge, that’s not a bad thing
  • it’s obvious there’s so much love and care and at the end of the day, isn’t that what everyone wants?

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How would Vampire!Tae & Jiminie react when you tell them that you're ready for them to ~bite~ you even after they always say that its dangerous and stuff *~*

I love Vampire au’s <3 Okay so vampire bites are dangerous because the venom will cause your body to weaken and deteriorate unless you have vampire blood in you which would automatically turn you. Here’s a mini scenario following this au I wrote before :P

Taehyung had a queer way of entering your apartment, which was through your window. You often tell him that he needn’t make the effort and could just come right up to your door and knock like any other person would, but he would always just kiss you sweetly before saying, “What’s the fun in that? Where is your sense of romance, Y/N?”

And then he’d stay over the rest of the night, either watching you sleep or staying up with you as you watch episodes of your favorite series on your laptop; your body snuggled against his side. Despite his coldness, you felt the warmth against his strong hold and you weren’t sure if it was possible but it got a lot warmer the moment a particular steamy scene came up.

You fidgeted in your seat and Taehyung smirked, noticing your discomfort but his eyes remained focused on the passionate scene unfolding between the two characters of the episode you were watching. You bite your lip, and suddenly all you wanted was for Taehyung to just—

Before you could finish that thought, you felt his lips against the side of your head, trailing down to your earlobe and whispering, “You smell so good.”

“I bet I taste even better.” you challenge, unsure where that even came from but when you turned and looked at your boyfriend, he had a devilish glint in his eyes and his lips dived for yours hungrily in two seconds flat. As the kiss escalated, bodies flushed against each other and breaths coming in shallow pants, you felt a sense of deep affection overcome you at his gentle and searing touches, and you couldn’t be more sure right then that you were in love with this boy.

And that you wanted to be with him forever.

As he kissed down your neck, sensually licking and sucking, which you were slightly impressed at because to be quite frank you didn’t know many vampires who had that much amount of self-control, you wanted to say those three words to him but instead your lips uttered an altogether different set of words:

“Bite me.”

Taehyung stiffens at your words, lips hovering at the juncture where your throat and shoulders met. He jokes about these things sometimes; telling you that he’s so hungry he could just bite you and suck the blood out of you but those were jokes. Just jokes. He was never serious about it simply because he knew the dangers and consequences. So when you finally do say it, it makes him nervous. “W—what?”

You bit your lip, pulling at the lapels of his coat and said without a second thought, “Bite me, Taehyung. Make me yours.”

“You’re already mine.” Taehyung growled, forehead leaning against yours. “I don’t need to bite you…”

“I want us to be together forever—“

“You don’t know what you’re asking for. You’re not thinking straight…” he said and you bit down the panic rising in your throat when you felt him pull away.

“I am. I know what it means if you do.” you sat up, tone defiant as you pulled at his arm. “And I don’t care because I love you, Taehyung. I love you.”

Taehyung looks at you defeatedly, suddenly looking tired. He sighs and cups your cheeks, giving you one kiss before saying, “And I love you. So much, Y/N. Which is why I don’t think I can do it.”

“Why not?” you ask, slightly tearing up and Taehyung panics because if there’s one thing he hates, it’s seeing you cry.

“Because I want you…” Taehyung huffs, unsure of what word to use. “I want you to live a normal happy life—“

“I do have a happy life! I’m happy with you—“

“It’s not normal—“

“Screw normal!” you almost shout, which surprises him a bit (and turns him on to be honest). “Do you really think life itself is normal?”

Taehyung looks at you and smiles at your stubbornness. It was a pain sometimes but definitely one of the reasons why he fell in love with you.

“You’re tired.” he says and you weren’t sure if he was using charm speak on you but his words left an undeniable wave of exhaustion wash over you. “Let’s sleep, love.”

Once you were settled in his arms with your cheek resting on his chest, your question remained hanging and you asked, “But Taehyung—“

“I’ll think about it.” he murmurs, silencing your pleads and you could sense the sincerity in his tone. “Just give me time to think, love. I want this as much as you do but your safety is first and foremost my priority.”

At that you nod in understanding and kiss the underside of his jaw which causes him to smile and kiss the crown of your head in return. “I love you.” he mumbles against your hair and that was the last thing you heard before sleep took over you.


Jimin was never rough. He’s always so careful when he held you, making sure that he wouldn’t hurt you in any way.

But tonight, you had intentionally wore his favourite red dress which hugged you on all the right places and did remarkable things to him; making him lose control—at least for a little bit.

“You should’t be teasing me like that, Y/N.” he says as he pulled you into an empty room before pushing you against the door and caging you in his arms. “Do you have any idea what you do to me?” he whispers, lips barely brushing yours.

“Just kiss me already.” you half moan and Jimin needn’t be told twice before literally taking your breath away with a searing kiss.

As you two made out for God knows how long, the life of the party sounding in a soft hum against the closed door you were currently pressed upon, your heart swelled with love,; thinking how Jimin is everything you could ever want in this life.

Or any lifetime for that matter.

At the sudden realization, you pull your lips away from his and you almost laughed at how Jimin seemed to chase after them but you stopped him with a finger to his lips, making him look up at you in confusion.

“What is it, love?” he asked gently.

You open your mouth then close it again, unsure how to say it. But you figured there was literally no other way of saying it and so you just downright tell him: “I want you to bite me.”

Jimin’s eyes widened like dinner plates and it was almost comical if it weren’t for the serious atmosphere. “Wha—what?”

“I want you to bite me, Jimin.” you say as you brush your hair back to expose your neck. “Please.”

“Where is this coming from?” Jimin asks, stepping away slightly.

“I love you.” you say and Jimin’s gaze softened at your words. “And I…I want to be with you forever. I don’t want you to leave me—“

“I’m not going anywhere.” he cupped your cheeks, eyes serious. “I’ll always be here, Y/N.”

“But I won’t.” you whispered and at that he frowned, realizing the horrible truth. “You’re going to remain young and beautiful forever while I’m going to grow old and…” you gulp. “And die.”

Jimin’s eyes hardened at that and looked away, jaw clenching. “That’s not your concern—“

You look at him incredulously, unbelieving his words. “Not my… not my concern?! Don’t you want to be with me? Don’t you…love me?

Jimin turns back to you the moment he sense the hurt in your tone and immediately explained, “Y/N, I don’t mean it like that. You know I love you. You’re the only one I’ll ever love and I’d give away everything for you… but—“

“But?” you pressed.

“I can never ask you of this…” he looked at himself, sadly. “To turn you into a vampire and become…To become a monster—“

You silence him with a kiss, making sure you pour out all your feelings in that gesture. Once you let go, Jimin’s eyes were hooded, almost dazed.

“You are many things, Park Jimin.” you said, looking him straight in the eyes. “But you are not a monster.”

“But Y/N—“ he pleads. “I don’t want you to regret—“

“You’re not asking me to do this, Jimin. I’m asking you. I want this and it’s my choice. And I already know I won’t regret it. Not when it means I’ll be with you…forever.”

Jimin sighs and kisses your forehead and you felt his decision in that gesture. That night, you two talked and he agreed to do it on a certain number of conditions. He wanted time; time for you to finish school and time for him to prepare because turning you means drinking from each other’s blood and there’s also the fact that you will also have to die…

“Those are my conditions.” Jimin said and you nodded in agreement before sealing the deal with a kiss. He smiled into it with a sigh of contempt; and for the first time in the thousand years he’s lived, he couldn’t wait for forever…

Now that forever meant having you by his side. <3

I’M DYING… /tears/ you guys okay? :P Tell me what you think!

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BTS reaction: you tell them you are pregnant, but they are on tour

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Jin: His first reaction would be to want to get home to you. But he would within seconds realize that he’ll be home in a week, so he might as well finish the tour. So he’ll tell you how happy he is (and he is very happy) over the videochat, as well as telling you to take it easy and rest a lot until he gets back home. And then he’ll spend all of his free time for the rest of the week researching things he thinks he should know before he gets home again, like what you can and cannot eat etc.

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Suga: He would be quiet. Like, of course he’s happy. He is over the moon. But he needs to decide if he should finish the tour, or go home to you. On one hand, the last thing he wants is to disappoint the fans. But also, he wants to be there with and for you. In the end, you would have to tell him that you can manage on your  own for one week. Then he would decide to finish the tour. But he would be thinking of you constantly, and text you more often than he’s ever done. And the more he thinks about it, the more he’ll smile. Just because he’s so damn happy.

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J-Hope: It would take a while for the news to sink in properly for him. His first reaction would be to be super excited and sweet while the two of you were talking. He’s going to be a dad! But like ten minutes after you’d finished the videochat, it would sink in for real. He’s going to be a dad. That’s when he would text you and ask you if you can manage on your own until the tour is finished, or if you wanted him to come home. He would want to finish the tour because he feels like he owes his fans and members that. But if you wanted him to come home, he would drop everything in a second.

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Rap Monster: He wouldn’t even have to consider anything. He’s staying on tour. It’s his job as the leader, and he doesn’t want to disappoint fans. Plus, he knows that you can manage a week on your own. Especially when the pregnancy is at such an early stage. Instead, he would focus on showing you exactly how happy he is. Since he can’t hug or kiss you, ridiculous dances will have to suffice. 

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Jimin: He will be so happy. And he will ask you several times if you want him to come home. He will let you decide in this matter, as you are the one with a growing human in your belly. And he will ask you like 10 times if you’re sure it’s alright for you to be alone for a week. But once he’s sure, he’ll be fine with the decision, but text you any chance he gets to see how you’re doing. And to tell you how much he loves you. 

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V: He will be too excited and happy for words to describe omg. He’s going to be a dad! You’re carrying his child! And he will already be packing his bags as soon as the sentence has left your mouth. It will take a lot of convincing from both you and the members to make him stay, because ‘it’s only one goddamn week, Tae!’. After a long time, he’ll quite grumpily agree to stay. But instead, he would never stop texting you. And he’ll call you every night. And spend his free time buying gifts for both you and the baby.

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Jungkook: He will stay and reason like Namjoon. It’s only a week, and since it’s so early into the pregnancy, you can handle yourself. But also, I think he would like this chance to prepare himself mentally for facing you. Like, he would be very happy and excited of course. But this is still a huge change in your lives, and he knows that the next couple of months are going to be hard on both of you. So getting a week extra to think about how he should handle everything and best take care of you and the baby, that is just great in his mind.

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when u realize that yoongi’s mixtape is right around the corner, bts’ new album is in the working and is also coming soon, and that namjoon wants to kill us all because HIS FUCKING SECOND MIXTAPE IS COMING SOON.

[STARCAST] BTS, changes into ‘flower youngsters’ for Chuseok! Live broadcast of the behind story!

On the rainy night of the first day of September, we could see flower youngsters that were kidding around noisily when we went down the stairs to the practicing room at the basement. Those youngsters dressed in Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) having Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day) ahead were BTS! Live broadcast of ‘slightly dangerous Korean Thanksgiving Day’ which was prepared with STARCAST also went on. They seem to be noisy only by looking at the picture! We release ‘Live broadcast of the behind story’ now.

“Are you guys STARCAST? We’re BTS!”

The youngest of BTS, JUNG KOOK took in charge of the live broadcast VJ! He showed great emceeing skill in the ‘BANGTAN NEWS’ at the jacket album shooting, right? He has growing into an ‘indigenous VJ’ of BTS like this. Besides, September 1st was his 18th birthday. (We give you belated birthday greetings again!)

“18-year-old JUNG KOOK! Please grow like just like now~”

The future ‘indigenous VJ’ seems to be slightly nervous at the live broadcast. Other members that worried him keep on looking into the cue card gave strength to him by shouting out, “JUNG KOOK! Trust us!” But did I only feel that their voices were also trembling…?

“Are you nervous, the youngest? I’m also too”

"The youngest should emcee well…”

VJ JUNG KOOK brightly smiled as if he feels relaxed now. They are taking picture and warming up before shooting the live broadcast earnestly.

“When you laugh I’m also happy~”

“Welcome, it’s the first time seeing the live broadcast of ‘BTS flower youngsters’, right?”

V who kept on taking set-shots started to eat when the broadcast started. He kept on slurping in banana, peach and Songpyeon (Korean half-moon-shaped rice cake) that were prepared as props~

“The reason why I have both hands is to eat with them both!”

We prepared time to wish at the super moon at the broadcast this day. “Moon moon~ bright moon~” 

“Please wish when the full moon appears”

“♬Our wish is going on a vacation♬” V is crying out for the unforgettable vacation. PD Bang, are you seeing this? V performed awkward crying acting! It is said that producer Hitman Bang, gave BTS Chuseok holidays by getting touched by awkward V’s acting.

"Please give us holidays~ or I will keep on acting awkwardly~.”

The point of this live broadcast was ‘Danger’ choreography performed by dressed up in Hanbok! They performed ‘Danger’ choreography by fluttering their sleeves and trousers. They smartly finished the dance by giving a shout of concentration as if they were having hard time dressed up in layers of Hanbok. Please check the replay video those who have missed the live broadcast~

BTS burnt up the live broadcast whitely by performing ‘Danger’ choreography. They ended the live broadcast by making a deep bow to fans.

“Have a great Chuseok this year too~”

Chuseok has come back more early than ordinary years. Although the autumn atmosphere cannot be felt much, the weather has become much cooler. Have you all wished to the moon high up in the skies? BTS spent happy time with their families by getting holidays and wished to the moon. Please spend the rest of the holiday well, and let’s meet again at the next week’s STARCAST.

“Have a happy Chuseok~”

Wait a moment here! Can you remember the pledge which BTS promised during the live broadcast? They said they would give out the signed dolls they were hugging as presents~ If you leave comments about how you felt about BTS performing ‘Danger’ choreography dressed up in Hanboks, we will give them out to 2 people from draws! Please participate in the event!

cr: star cast