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Today’s body-positive post from ‘Bangs & A Bun’ is a must read. 

Bangs is a longtime TFF of mine & fashion blogger turned bad ass runner. It’s been inspirational to read about her running journey from across the pond, and watching her progress over time has been a fittie treat. Along the way she inspired & put together a group of lovely ladies who tap into their inner super-hero’s and run to raise money for Refuge, a national charity for women. Check out their fund-raising page 'Bangs On The Run’.

In a powerful, but short, post, she sums up the message I try to promote here: fitness is worth it for it’s own sake & body love comes in all shapes & sizes. It’s true that every workout is different, and we might have different goals at different times. But working on improving your overall fitness, focusing on what your body can DO instead of what it looks like, and connecting with how exercise makes you feel instead of connecting with the superficial is the key to body happiness & true empowerment.

Read an excerpt below, click 'read more’ for the full post on the Bangs & A Bun blog.

Muirean’s the shit. (and if you don’t believe me, you HAVE to see her rap. NSFW).

Women, Fitness and The Myth

“If women are ever to get to grips with body image and acceptance, we must learn to think of it in terms of something other than weight. I never weigh myself, I couldn’t care less what I weigh. I’m a UK size 12, I’m 30 and I’m in the best shape of my life, fitter than probably a lot of women 10 years younger than me. A year and a half ago, I was a couch potato. What changed my attitude to fitness? Once I started getting into running and noticed the way it made me feel, I just wanted to chase that feeling forever. I preach it time and time again on this blog, but fitness for women should be all about the feeling.

I now think of my body completely differently. It’s a machine. I tell you what – run 13 miles and you soon won’t give a crap about the cellulite on your legs. You’ll just love your legs for the fact they carried you 13 miles. During my marathon, when my legs cursed me as I pushed them further than they’d ever gone, I praised their awesomeness, because my legs are awesome. And my glute muscles powered me up some spectacular hills, so I don’t care if my ass is a little flabby, I have a great ass! My arms can do 30 push ups at a time, my core muscles are strong – I am fit, I am healthy and I feel awesome. I love my body.”

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