Bangs & Buns cute hairstyle :)

This is a cute little hairstyle I made :) It’s one of the first hairs I made, and it turned out pretty cute. I’m sorry that  the texture on the buns is a little bit weird because I’m terrible at UV-mapping, but it’s still cute!

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Stupid Genetic Mutation

Prompt Request: ‘Can you do a Peter Parker x reader where the reader is Tony Stark’s daughter and she has powers or whatever, and they team up with Michelle and cool stuff. With fluff.’ Requested by @iamaquackson

Peter Parker x Stark! Reader

Summary: While on a class trip, a masked figure attacks, leaving Spider-man and Michelle to swoop in and save the day; with a little help from daddy. (Stark) Reader is thrown into the mix when she follows the two outside in an attempt to offer help, forgetting that she’s far more fragile than she thinks. This is the first Reader is seeing of Michelle’s abilities. Reader’s feelings for Peter cause her to make some rash decisions. Peter’s feelings for reader get him in trouble with feisty Stark girl. Fluff included.

Peter and friends are now late into senior year.

Words: 3.6k

The menacing figure in the exoskeleton suit released another chilling cackle, hovering far above the smoking debris that lined the street. He had come out of nowhere, swooping in, crouched low on a high-tech hover board, a trail of exhaust in its wake, to drop a series of explosives in front of the New York Hall of Science. The line of buses just outside the entrance now lay in disarray and various stages of destruction; one had even managed an impressive aerial display, turning completely end over end several times before crashing down on the steps leading into the Science Hall. Said buses had been emptied of Midtown Highs students only moments before; the drivers hadn’t been so lucky.

Inside of the hall, the touring group of Midtown students crouched low, taking cover where ever they could in response to the attack; panic in their eyes, distress in the voices that filled the air. A few students and chaperones had been loitering around the entrance, the shock of the blast shattering the glass of the windows and doors, littering the atrium with glittering shards, leaving the unfortunate few with glistening wounds on their exposed skin.

Three students had  managed to make their way into the bulk of the exhibits, finding their way through to the rear entrance of the building and escaping out onto the street.

Three students who now huddled behind a couple of dumpsters, one of which was now furiously ripping clothing from his body to get at the red and blue suit underneath.

“Michelle, please take her back inside, Mr. Stark will kill me if something happens to her,” half of his words coming out slightly muffled as he worked to pull his mask over his face. To say you were a little miffed with Peter for talking about you like you weren’t standing right in front of him was an understatement, even with the current state of events.

“Why don’t you take her back inside, boy wonder,” Michelle spat back quickly, sounding irritated for an entirely different reason.

Peter threw both hands in the air at her, “Michelle, please, enough with the macho thing.”

“Hey, you make it easy for me,” she retorted, swinging her bag from her shoulder, flipping it open and rummaging through its contents.

Peter’s shoulders slumped and he threw his head back dramatically, “Why did I agree to this again?”

“Because you need my help and I’m smarter than you are.” She continued to rummage; Peter growing more antsy: he began to bounce back and forth on both feet.

“You are not smarter.” He looked at you then to back him up, looking away again quickly upon noticing the scowl on your face, the hands on your hips ready for his next comment on your ability to make decisions for yourself. He turned back to Michelle instead.

“You’re going to have to pick up the pace a bit,” he was practically vibrating with urgency and nerves, “buses burning, not sure if people are on them, crazy guy flying around in the sky in a creepy mask, can’t wait, you know, emergency.”

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Leading Suspects - Chapter 9

“Either you really don’t trust me with your baby or you actually took my advice and banged Sheriff Hot Buns.”

“Would you shut up for two seconds and listen to me? I’m in real trouble here, Jo,” I hiss and wave at Mary Jo Bristel across the parking lot. She shakes her head and returns the wave before climbing into her car.

“He was shitty, wasn’t he? Damn. It’s always the pretty ones who are all talk and no thrust.”

“I didn’t have sex with the Sheriff!” I shout and then cringe because Nelson Harris has halted on the stoop of his general goods store to gawk at me for a moment before he purses his lips and hurries back inside the building that’s in desperate need of a new coat of paint.

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💍 Accessory tags sims 4 💍

Here’s a quick list with the accessory tags, till I edit my theme and my menu. Over 100 pages of accessories. Happy simming xx

  1. Glasses All / Sunglasses
  2. Nails
  3. Hats
  4. Earrings
  5. Piercings
  6. Bracelets / Watches
  7. Rings
  8. Necklaces all / Chokers
  9. Stockings
  10. Socks
  11. Leggings
  12. Tights
  13. Scarves
  14. Gloves
  15. Accessory clothes all / tops / jackets / coats
  16. Bags  all / handbags / backpacks / shoulder bags / clutches
  17. Face accessories
  18. Hand accessories
  19. Accessories Misc
  20. Tattoos all / hand / foot / chest / arm / back / finger / belly / neck / head / leg / shoulder
  21. Head Accessories All / headband / crown / bow / ribbon / horns / ears / tiara / diadem / bandana / hair accessories / accessory hair all bangs / buns / masks / veils
  22. Wings
  23. Animal inspired accessories
{ H E A D C A N O N S } // Puberty with Armin

Requests: Headcanons about Armin after puberty hits him like a freight train and suddenly he’s Erwin 2.0?? - from anon
Warnings: Slightly NSFW for like two seconds at the end?
Author’s note: I’m trash for this please help.

❀ He hasn’t cut his hair since his cadet days, so his bangs are a little long. He always has to blow them out of his face.

❀ He gets frustrated when he puts his hair in a bun or ponytail but his bangs still fall out. Stupid bangs.

❀ He’s absolutely ripped.

❀ Buns of steel.

❀ Abs of steel.

❀ Everything is harder than steel.

❀ Can I say growth spurt? Like a full fifteen centimeters taller.

Broad shoulders.

❀ I feel like he would have just picked up Eren and tossed him over his shoulder on more than one occasion if Eren was being a little shit and needed to step away from the situation but wouldn’t.

❀ His voice gets so much lower? You wouldn’t even recognize it.

His moans are still super high though oops.