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D A R T H   V A D E R

Model: Sara Jean Underwood

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With only 21 hours to go until the finale hits Crunchyroll, I want you to really think about something.

I want you to look at this boy. Really look.

And now I want you to imagine this: Victor has never been this vulnerable. We know now that he was actually far more reserved, romantic and ridiculous than we ever anticpated. We know now that he was cripplingly lonely and felt shackled to his life as a living legend.

Imagine this: he’s freshly showered, still wet enough to drip, emotionally open, lightly teasing Yuri about Minako and Celestino getting very likely incredibly shitfaced drunk that night. He’s in their shared room, undressed except for a fluffy robe, sitting as far as possible from the door. Yuri is between him and the world. His ring is on his finger, because obviously it is. You don’t take off wedding rings to shower.


Imagine Yuri breaking up with him.

Just imagine.

He literally has nowhere to run, no way to make a dignified retreat. It’s easily the worst position Yuri could possibly put him in for a conversation about ending anything that Victor wouldn’t want to end.

Just imagine.

You’re welcome.

This is your God

Some of you may know this already, but only realised today that these pieces of paper Seungri throws around in BigBang’s SOBER MV are a clear reference to John Carpenter’s movie They Live.

They Live is an American satirical science fiction action horror film released in 1988. The story is set in LA. The main character, John Nada, finds a box of sunglasses and keep one pair before hiding the box. When he puts the sunglasses, he discovers a black & white world revealing advertising and media actually hide subliminal messages (source: Wikipedia).

Nada sees through the sunglasses that most of wealthy people are actually aliens with skeleton face (gosh, those aliens are so creepy).

And now, about the reference in SOBER MV, it is actually what money looks like in the black & white world: pieces of paper with “THIS IS YOUR GOD” on it.

In SOBER MV, we can see that BigBang are in two worlds: a green natural environment, in which Seungri throws bank notes, and an empty white world, in which bank notes are substituted by the pieces of paper with “THIS IS YOUR GOD” on it.

Voilà, that’s pretty much what I noticed, I’m too lazy to make a deeper analysis. This is for those who didn’t know.

Why Mamamoo killed us with their performance at SBS Gayo Daejeon

1) They reference to EXO with the pretty smile during their first song ‘You’re the best’
2) “Hey mister handsome Big Bang” is how they reference to Big Bang
3) Wheein points to Solar saying “We also have a Kang Sunghoon in our team” referencing to the sechskies singer who is referred to having the best singing voice of the group
4) Moonbyul says bangtan time and then proceeds to say “welcome its your first time with mamamoo right?” Referencing with bts dope “welcome it’s your first time with bts right?”

Mamamoo came to flirt and have fun, and that’s why we love them

Video with the performance and subs


L U K E   S K Y W A L K E R

Model: Sara Jean Underwood

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