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- 36 colors
- HQ textures
- hat category

credits: @newseasims​, @cazycx​, @pooklet.

I do not own these meshes. I simply edited them out of hairs and made into “hats”. I don’t use any ads in my downloads so I’m not making money off of anyone else’s work. I wanted to write this just in case. And also if you intend to recolor/retexture it, I ask you to not attach any ads in your download . Thank you and enjoy!


here we have b.a.p answering some of the toughest wikihow articles out there. hope this is helpful to you. 


Expectation vs Reality - Ringa Linga 😂😂

Tossing all unknown context aside, as well as if it’s even possible given where the current canon is…

…the picture of Killian in his full pirate regalia AND his new shiny wedding band just makes me desperately want to see ALL of the characters in their full fairytale/original gear for the finale in Storybrooke. I don’t care how we get there. 

Gimme Charming on a horse and that fuckin fur and velvet cape (YOU KNOW THE ONE) riding down Main Street. 

Give me short-haired Snow in her bandit gear perched on the roof of the library firing arrows at some baddie as baby Neal coos in his carrier next to her and the dwarves stand guard below.

Gimme Regina in some ridiculous get up, fireball sparking in her hand and ready to roll.

And give me Emma in the OG Savior red leather jacket, walking up and lacing her left hand with her pirate husband’s right, their wedding bands bumping cozily as they get ready to finish this whole damn thing. 



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On today’s Comedy Bang Bang with Tatiana Maslany, Kristian Bruun, Mary Holland & Lauren Lapkus, the subject of the “CJ Does ‘The Jackal’” scene from “The West Wing” came up in conversation, so we watched the clip during a break. See if you can spot the people who had never seen it before.


My nephew is a bigger Kpop fan than me