BTS Reaction to G-Dragon always flirting with you-

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Jin watched silently as Jiyong was once again, flirting up a storm with you. ‘You’d think he have the decency to not do it while i’m literally standing right here.’ Jin thought before wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you closer beside him. Jiyong finally bid his goodbye, leaving an aggravated Jin and an amused you. “It’s not a big deal, you know I don’t feel anything towards him.” You said to Jin, leaning up to quickly press your lips against his cheek. He blushed before responding: “It’s still annoying and I don’t like it.” “You like me?” You asked, now standing in front of him, your hands on his chest. Jin smiled that drop dead gorgeous smile before pulling you closer to him and nodding. “Very much.”


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Yoongi asked you to be his date to a certain awards show BTS was attending and was excited at first. He watched with folded arms and a sour face at his table while Jiyong flirted with you directly in front of him. He could see you being polite and smiling along while Jiyong continued to talk but he wished you would just end the conversation and come back. A sense of relief washed over him as he could see you both finally bid eachother goodbye. “Took you long enough.” He commented softly, refusing to look at you. You smiled, loving how jealous Yoongi was. You looped both of your arms around his and rested your head on his shoulder. “You know you’re my favorite idol ever.” You said, staring up at him with big puppy dog eyes. Yoongi looked down with a light smile and scooted closer to you. “Better be.”


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Hoseok smile and remained polite in front of Jiyong but it was quite apparent that he wanted the conversation between the two of you to end already. He was being unbelievably flirtatious with you and Hoseok’s possessive side was beginning to show. Jiyong finally left the two of you, much to Hoseok’s relief. “Why were you rushing the conversation? He’s so nice!” You said turning to Hoseok. He only rolled his eyes and shook his head. “He was flirting with you!” “Well one up him then. Flirt with me harder!” You teased, watching his face break out in a gorgeous smile.


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Namjoon tried to distract himself with his phone but it wasn’t working. He could still clearly see Jiyong flirting with you. Again. “What are you looking at? Hoseok asked from beside him. “That.” Namjoon said, looking back over at a blushing you and a smiley Jiyong. Hoseok only shook his head before speaking. “Oooh Joonie’s mad?” Namjoon only rolled his eyes as Hoseok walked off, laughing. Once he turned his attention back to you, he saw you walking back to him. “What’d you two talk about? Your conversation lasted a long time.” He said. You could hear the irritation dripping from his voice. You decided to tease. “Oh he asked me to marry him and I accepted. I’m thinking Hawaii for our honeymoon, what do you think?” Namjoon couldn’t help but crack a smile and look down at you. “Hush.”


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Jimin’s face showed it all. He was angry and frustrated, watching Jiyong flirt with you. “Hurry. Up.” He said to himself quietly, tapping his foot on the floor. His anger reached its peak when he saw Jiyong’s hand on your arm as you both laughed at something. He kicked a chair over before crossing his arms and huffing before walking off. Little did he know that you’d just ended your conversation with Jiyong and were walking back to Jiminie. “Hey! Where are you going?!” You finally caught up to him and sighed when you noticed his angered posture and facial expression. “Don’t be like that, you know you’re my favorite right?” You asked, wrapping your arms around his neck. Jimin couldn’t help but let out a smile and a slight blush before wrapping his arms around your waist. and resting his forehead on yours. “Well I hope so.”


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Taehyung talked, laughed, and smiled along as Jiyong continued to flirt with you. Completely unbeknownst to him. When Jiyong finally walked away, you looked up at Taehyung for any signs of anger or irritation. “You’re good, babe?” “Of course! He’s so nice, I love that guy!” You laughed at your oblivious Taehyung and wrapped your arm around him before walking off.


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Jungkook watched in an amusement as Jiyong continued to flirt with a clearly uninterested you. He wondered if he should step in but decided against it. He watched with a light smile as you walked back to him. “What did you guys talk about?” Jungkook asked, throwing his arm around you. You shrugged. “Forgot already.” You said, causing Jungkook to smile even wider and press his lips against your cheek.

art for DCU Big Bang 2017: Toxic Red by Zillabird

Crown Prince Richard of Gotham is universally adored by his father’s kingdom. Well, except for his stunningly beautiful but not particularly personable stepmother. In the Queen’s eyes, no one deserves the throne more than her own son, Damian, and like a good mother she’ll do anything to give him the crown. Realizing her manipulations have not worked so far, Talia sends her huntsman, and Dick’s childhood best friend, Jason to dispose of Dick as the only one standing in the way of Damian’s reign on the throne. The battle for the kingdom is waged with blood and magic, and Dick must choose between his kingdom and the man he loves.