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I was tagged by: fapziall (you’re tacky)

Her Questions

  1. favorite tv show? The office (U.S)
  2. do you feel constipated rn? nooope
  3. are you scared about your future? very much so
  4. who’s your celebrity girl crush? Zoey Deschanel
  5. look to your left what do you see? a barren wall
  6. something you’re proud of? My Brothers
  7. what size shoe are you? like a 9 LOL
  8. is there one thing you always wear like a ring or a necklace or something? nah
  9. are your nails painted rn? if so what color? aqua green 
  10. favorite curse word? FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKEDYFUCKFUCK
  11. one thing you want to learn to do? play ukulele 

MY Questions

  •  What’s your favorite color?
  •  Do you like debating?
  •  Real crushes name?
  •  What are you worried about rn?
  •  One thing you wish you could do?
  •  Pepsi or Coke?
  •  Favorite song as of now?
  •  Are you involved with your school?
  •  Do you have any phoalibias?
  •  Favorite swear?
  •  Do you have any siblings? If so how many?

bangnarry said: it hasnt been set a date yet. me too. i mean, i wanna see a finn & rae kiss. what if we never will. what if in the second season they’re not together :o

omg ikr i really want to see they together. i wish they set the date omg