Just so everyone is fully aware..

my inbox gets really hectic sometimes. I’m not saying that to like sound popular or cool or whatever, it’s just the truth. Sometimes I miss mentions on twitter and sometimes asks don’t get sent to me on here. I have never purposely ignored someone unless they flat out ask me, “When are you updating?” in which case, I do and you all KNOW I do. I would never ignore somebody and its upsetting that people think I’m “selective” about who I speak to/what anons are answered. I answer every question I see. EVERY ONE. If I don’t answer it, something happened and I didn’t get it.

Also apparently, me talking about my sex life bothers you, but nobody is forcing you to read?? Which reminds me that I don’t even have a sex life, so you must be talking about me answering questions about contraception and how to feel confident in your skin during your first time and what to do when you masturbate or give a blow job, and you’re gonna judge me for teaching young girls to have safe and enjoyable sex when they ask me to?? Um okay. Mostly every girl on this site is younger than me and is like my little sister and for you to think I’m “addicted” to sex talk, because I answer their questions that they’re too embarrassed to ask anyone else, is really shitty of you. Sex is nothing to be ashamed of and there is nothing wrong with talking openly about it, hell, there’s nothing wrong with being private about it either. But don’t you dare look down on my choices, you are no better than I.

Ending this rant to say that I really love Becca and Leesh like they are my guardian angel warrior queens and I worship the ground they walk on amen

Throwback to AWOD when seeing Becca reviewed my new chapter made me fangirl. 

Hey Becca, remember the day we became friends because we were fangirling over the fact that we read each others stories. Good times. Good times.