~Celebrate Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month~

featuring a Bangledeshi, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Fijian sim(s).

(SN: I type this as I sip on Thai iced tea and listen to Studio Ghibli piano music, lol.  anywho, I decided to make a mini showcase for this “History/Heritage” month because, seriously, almost all my sims are inspired by the faces, people, and cultures from these regions, especially southeast Asian and southern India. just look at my theme and page music. Even my gaming self-insert character is indeginous Hawaiian. As much as I enjoy the “look” of these areas, it’s important for me to remeber that they’re more than just pretty faces and locations, but as nuanced as my own culture. thus here’s my mini attempt to show them a lil respect. these sims were made after I finished creating USA diversity lessons about defining the word “Asian”  [aka Asian =/ Chinese] and the US Appropiatoin of Hawaii for my Eastern European students.)


living in nyc and going to a largely bangledeshi/indian school i dont witness a lot of hate from white people on brown culture but i see something just as bad honestly. a lot of brown people who embrace their culture get ridiculed by other brown people, get called fobs, get made fun of by the people who they should be most comfortable with
being mixed indian, when i was little i felt like i needed to repress my indian culture because all my friends were white. now when i do embrace my indian culture and try to express it as much as possible i get comments like “you look so white though” and “i always forget youre half brown!” people dont WANT me to embrace my culture now
dont feel ashamed of being brown!! love urself!! reclaimthebindi!!!